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Who are the people that finance the Taliban?

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posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 05:53 AM
I would love to know if any one here on ATS has enough knowledge about this issue below:
Don’t you all found this bizarre:
Is what Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff said about the Taliban:
“"I am, and have been for some time now, deeply troubled by the increasing violence there," he said. "The Taliban and their supporters have, without question, grown more effective and more aggressive in recent weeks, and as the casualty figures clearly demonstrate."

After 7 years of war in Afghanistan, we have not been able to cut their financial influx that drives this war.

Who are the people behind the Taliban?
Who are the people that finance them?
Is it like some people have said, Saudi Arabia with the money from petrol (primarily American)?
Or is it the same as Al Quaida was financed through Oussama Benn Laden billions via Clearstream?

Instead of spending billions in an afghan war wouldn’t it be more logical to bomb some offshore fiscal paradises banks?

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 06:01 AM
Pure speculation on my part...but..
I believe the war is being funded by the very ones claiming they have reason to be there fighting.
There is much money to be made in a war. Especially when you have fields of
"DRUGS" (So as not to break the T&C), that you are harvesting and shipping back to your own country and selling it to your own people.
The only thing this war is about is MONEY.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 06:11 AM
Well, aside from the links to Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan is a major, if not the lead, exporter of the world's supply of poppy/opium/heroin, therefore it would be relatively safe to say that the Taliban is probably supported by some drug cartels, and possibly even the pharmacuitical industry.

I wouldn't be surprised if the CIA also funded them somewhere along the line..afterall, the CIA funded the Mujahadeen, which is afiliated, somewhat, with the Taliban, as well as Osama bin Laden...

...but we'll never know until someone within the organisation itself shows up with the "books."

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 06:16 AM
reply to post by madhatr137

Yes you are right; I have forgotten to pinpoint also the drug cartel.
Now, with all the international military forces in Afghanistan how the hell they get the drug out of the country?
Maybe you will say that the CIA is behind the drug shipping, but if true then where are the whistleblower?

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 06:41 AM
Oh My,
well what a question. It is very important to have a understanding of this to understand the current wars and future geo politicl structures being built.

The scope truly is not able to be covered in a spread.

Really a lot of reading is needed, I would advise you buy some books and get your head down. many have come out over the last few years showing the links.

For a quick historical perspective.

Bin Laden (before taliban) employs bush (jnr)
Bin laden money from family and saudi radicals.
Bin Laden money from ties from Warlords Afghanistan Opium.
Bin laden money from CIA in payment for most of the Opium (fact)

Russia involvement in Afghanistan.
Cia more money $1million dollars in used notes once a week for a short while dropped with spies into afghan area.
Radicals (oil middle east) increase funding to support brothers being attacked by infedels.
CIA and now MI5 weapons/supplies and money to Laden first freedom fighters in Afghan.

A meeting of 3 people is held in London. one is part of british intel MI5. One from the CIA one from one of bin Ladens Allies.
from the above over tea and afternoon tea on the thames darling, the name "al Queada" is createdwith the organisational paramiters and strategy.

A working consensus is agreed, youdont support israel and us involvement, you dont like US, we dont like you links to the palestinians and the Islamic state wanted, we dont like the drugs you make (unless we can ship and sell them!) but hey we will ignore you if you ignore us on these key issues and just kill some more Commies pleas!

The aim being, hey radical heroin dealing guys, kill all the mad communists (aka russians) and we will fund you, arm you, support you, give you mney and allow us to make huge amounts in black money selling your heroin and shipping it back to the USA.

But lets never talk about our apparent diametrical veiws.

A long war ensues with the "taliban" (just afghan population who are now after the above meeting, under control of al quaeda and Laden) against the Russains.

Whilst this war continues the funding increases, the heroin production goes up and the supply on the streets around the world increases. The supplies increase and Al Qeada is left alone, infact they are now(historicaly then) being trained by the Seals rangers and eventually the SAS gets involved too.

Russia withdraws, the end of the cold war. The Taliban expect support from the West now, funding, partnerships etc, We have bidded them to fight a war for years with lots of promises.

REALITY CIA/SAS/MI5 withdraw all funding and support almost immediately.

RESULT a smashed and mentally disturbed (after years and years of fighting and poverty) nation is left like it was in the dark ages.

America attaks Iraq (st time) really pissing off laden (as mad ole saddam had before the war converted to Islam, he didnt mind the americans helping him, but they should not lay foot on a islam state without being asked first).

Afghanistan poverty, No governance, full of drugs and guns, no infrastructure (levelled by the russians) stumbles about trying to find its place in the world after fighting for years with one superpower, and being dropped by the other.

Anti islamic sentiment rises as terrorism increases. The Taliban start to take over large parts of Afghan as no opposition and ripe area for radicallisation after all of above.

Laden gets moe radical and starts getting back at the infidels, lows up various embassies

Bush and Co and PNAC is written, the worlds Oil co realise they need Afghanistan again to have there OIL/Gas pipe line. Its critical.

During this time he gets more radical, blowing up embassies and the US Cole etc, limited response from the west, the Opium is still bought and allowed through, total Totalitarism is spreading in Afghan, it is observed and allowed.

Taliban Al qeada grow in confidence and strength, use Afghan as a training ground and centre of operations.

As the attacks increase funding from "sympathetic" leaders in the middle east incraeses to.

Plans start to invade iraq, iran and afghanistan.

Neocons wait for the right time.

9/11 happens - 1 day later bin laden is reported to have been "suprised" by the attacks but spins it immediately and takes responsibility infamy etc.

His entire family also are the only planes allowed to fly the day after in the USA to safe places, as he is "suprised" at 9/11 his family are being flown back in US planes sanctioned by the white house to safety.

To today, the country is occupied by coalition forces and Opium production is rising again this year! I wonder how it all gets out to the west? (read mr nice for info on CIA smuggling globaly)

etc etc, mm before you look at this though you do know right that george bush grandfather , beyond any doubt at all, no conspiracy theory here, was a freind of the Nazis and funded a lot of the german war fighting machine, both prior to and after the war started?

You do know that Bush jnr first company was paid for by the Bin Laden Family? they invested in him when no one else would as he had failed in business so many times?

If you do know these facts, and facts they are historically archived and totally provable documented facts, well then you start to not worry about any lies being told about funding now, they are all linked in each others pockets and creating the world they want with our money, blood, and resources.

Kind regards


PS sorry about spelling gramah, in a rush for work, hope easy to read!

a good reading list

Weinmawr the economic road to hitlers berlin

Black Gold


Dark Deceptions the truth about the financial system.

The Modern Opium Wars


all of chomsky!

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 07:15 AM
reply to post by MischeviousElf

Thank you for your input, long read but very interesting.
I have known about the chronology of the event prior to afghan war and also read some books about the financial links to global terrorism and local terrorism.
We all know that the US was arming and training the Mujaheddin when Afghanistan was invaded by Russian troupes. We clearly see who was benefiting and how was behind. Back then the cold war was in a sense very simple. American had to help the Muslim extremist because the Russian where advising.
Now the world has learned that doing business with Taliban is doing bad business. Russia and USA a like knows the difficulty to do business with this kind of people, hence the invasion of Afghanistan.
I have read Michael Scheuer’s book “Marching Toward Hell: America and Islam After Iraq”.
It is after reading this book that I have concluded that some other player are behind all this and the financial help that the Taliban are enjoying have to be the best guarded secret because it was known before that USA was helping them but now it is not as clear.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 07:43 AM
I can't remember the exact details but I know that Cheney transfered a

substantial amount of money to the taliban about 10 days before

Afganistan was invaded
Hmmm I wonder what that could have been


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