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The Middle Eastern (Arab) Coalition - A function towards globalisation or rebellion?

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posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 07:20 PM
I was just on Janes (I say that like it is a regular thing but it is actually my first time on there). Janes is a well known website for military news. It has lots of interesting material to read.

However, one particular story really caught my eye and made me think of my brothers and sisters here at ATS.

Note to mods:- Story posted in NWO and not under Gov/Mil because the people here will receive it better and therefore make a better thread and more enjoyable discussion for all of us.

The following story in full, can be found at:

Joint training and enhanced co-operation are two steps Arab armed forces have agreed to take in the coming months to support an eventual regional force, according to decisions reached at a meeting of military officials that ended on 26 June at the Arab League headquarters, participants told Jane's.

Directors of training from 18 countries and their deputies also committed to working more closely for the eventual training and deployment of a regional force that would respond to emergencies and crises within the region, with an eye towards possible deployment outside North Africa and the Middle East.

Now you've read the story, what do you think?

I would like to raise with you a few points:

1. This is similar to many multi-national government ideas and forces. Take for example; the British Defence Forces, the North American Union, the UN, the EU (the list goes on).

2. Israel aren't part of this.

3. They would consider deployments outside of North Africa and the Middle East (Yes, there are some Arab nations in North Africa - Egypt and Libya for example).

4. They would respond to regional crises (would this involve what seems to be the inevitable war with Iran?)

One might also be wondering if the Arab nations of the middle east are puppeteered or if this is a stark warning to Israel and it's Western allies.

If you like this thread give it a star, if you think it is important flag it.

Thank you.

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