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BREAKING NEWS - Iran Reports Missile Test, Drawing Sharp U.S. Response

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posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 11:36 AM

One day after threatening to strike Tel Aviv and United States interests if attacked, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards were reported on Wednesday to have test-fired nine missiles, including one which the government in Tehran says has the range to reach Israel.

State-run media said the missiles were long- and medium-range weapons, among them a new version of the Shahab-3, which Tehran maintains is able to hit targets 1,250 miles away from its firing position. Parts of western Iran are within 650 miles of Tel Aviv.

At this point it seems like the Global War Machine is not only running, but determined to go the distance. It is as if it is all being staged; all the players have thier parts, and are committied to their roles of nuclear war in the Middle East. The question to me is who is the director?

There is so much contradiction between US-Iran official posturing and what their actions are in reality. (See The thread I posted yesterday about US exports top Iraq increasing ten-fold under the Bush admin; ) that I am almost ready to think it is all by design... (sigh) I know I sound a little crazy, but I am going to go look for more threads like the one above as I know I have been seeing the same type of thing again and again.

PS - I looked on 3 boards to see if this is already up, was surprised not to see it, but if already there, MOD can you take this down and U2U me so I can post in the proper/first thread?

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 01:33 PM
What exactly is the sharp US response? Ive been reading the healdines on all the major news sources but i havent really seen anything about what we are going to do about it. I did see that the US has told Iran not to conduct any more tests, but what if they do? I dont think anything is going to be done about it.

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 03:18 PM
reply to post by princeofpeace

I am operating on the basis that Cheney's public statement about needing to bomb Iran before they leave office is an agenda with a top priority in the White House.

I also think Russia also has to be considered in the timing of these tests, meaning it's no accident to Iran chose today launch those missles, one day after we announced securing a deal with Poland to put up the 'missile defence shield'.

Russia has said in no uncertain terms that a strike on Iran would move them to 'act' -- we move our war ships in striking distance of Iran, begin military manouevers, announce the basic sealing of the deal with Poland all of which adds up to tremendous goading and pressure. Iran (w/Russia's sanction IMO) seemingly takes the bait and we're off to the races. The end of which looks bleak to me.

I can't yet bring myself to turn on the talking heads, for fear that they are all piling onto the 'strike Iran' war-wagon as a response to the missile test and it's too early in my time-zone to fortify with liquid-courage

If you, or anyone out there, has a sense of how this is breaking in TV Land feel free to illuminate me as I'd rather read it here than have to start drinking so early in the day...

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 03:23 PM
all of this reminds me of those muscle bound tiny wiener guys flexing their muscles to scare off the other muscle bound tiny wiener guys.

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