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The Matrix of the World

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posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 03:41 AM
When I as in my 20's, around 1999, I went to see a film called The Matrix. It was the most amazing film I had seen, though I had no expectations going in. Sure the fighting was goofy, but it was the themes, the nature of reality and artificial intelligence and how real the world was that had me and my friends endlessly debating at the time.

Fast forward to a few months ago. Now I had heard conspiracy theories about groups taking over the world most my adult life, like most other people, but had always written them off as mildly interesting, good entertainment, but no real facts backing them up. The a few months ago I decided to teach myself about the economy. It had always been a mystery to me, and I think most people, how it really worked, but I thought of financial stuff as boring and just could never be bothered researching it.

One day, I found I had a few days at work where I would have nothing to do. I'd heard the rumours of a big recession and was confused as to how this could come about so soon after the last one. I decided to learn the system, how money was created, etc to find out once and for all. I was expecting to find an innocent explanation, but after 3 days of research I was barely any closer to finding out and very frustrated. I left it with intentions to come back, but coincidentally a friend of mine overseas had been doing the same thing and found the Money As Debt video. Well, I know it wasn't completely accurate but it lead me to The Money Masters video.

Now after watching this, I truly did feel like Neo. It was like an explosion in my brain, like there was this whole section of history that was hidden from society. It was like coming across forbidden information. I truly woke up then and have been searching for the truth in this world ever since. There really is a world beneath the world we know, the world full of lies that we are told is truth.

Has anyone else been though a similar experience? Do you feel like it has changed your life and radically altered your view on society as much as mine? And how do you deal with it? All comments appreciated. Thanks.

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 04:51 AM
Yes if you like to read. There is a couple of books out there I suggest you have a look at;
The Holographic Universe by Matthew Talbot,
The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary R Renard

as these books will almost certainly also blow the lid of your mind (As it did with my own.)with more in depth details .
They are science based as well.
You can do a Yube Tube Search on the Holograhic Universe Paradigm and you will also perceive and understand the Red pill of Truth.

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