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Ignorance is hard-wired

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posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 09:24 PM
Before I start on this new thread, I have a prerequisite for readers that want to look at this thread. This is only to have people get the full meaning of what I am saying.

You must have belief that the Illuminati is in, and has had control of this earth for a long time. That is it. Now, to continue on with the thread proper.


Ignorance is being fought to be denied here on ATS. This is a given fact.

Most people here are going to believe in the existence and acknowledge the control of the Illuminati. They will also acknowledge that they are fighting to try to inform the public about what is going on.

But has this forum been created to only forge ignorance and not banish it?

Think about it. I know you have heard this before, but think about it.

Here. Let me explain

There are thousands and thousands of topics here on ATS. Some varying from the proven to the crazy. Also these thousands of topics have been either looked upon and very popular, or some have not been posted on at all. What if one of those topics that have not been posted on contained anti-ignorance. The stuff a conspiracy theorist's dreams are made of, but are just a little too out-there, or a little too bleak, or a little too discomforting. Some may know it's true, but they do not want to set their eyes upon it only because it makes them feel insecure. So they just go away. Or how some people will start a big argument because the OP is just plain wrong. He is just
wrong and you have to let everyone know that he is wrong, or that your opinion is better than his, but when all is done and the s*** hits the fan both are still just an opinion.

Take in consideration to this too. Let's think of ATS as being a huge, huge carnival, with so many different booths that are promising that their answer is the right one for their question, or their question is right for your answer, or that their thread is the best in the world. When someone has an argument though people start to crowd, they start to talk violently, and before you know it a fist-fight has started. In the other corner of the fair, people are finding the right answers, but then are called over to the fight because they were either hurt, or because they know somebody on one of the sides, so they end their enlightenment in return for brutality to others. This is the true nature of ATS.

In reality, ATS is just a massive riot of opinion that could break out into a posting battle at any time. Just because we are working to Deny Ignorance doesn't mean that we will never cause it. It's just group mentality. Ignorance is the only thing that comes out of group mentality. So, in this way, Ignorance is hard wired into our being. Arising whenever it seems fit.

Let us take into consideration this video.

I know I enjoyed it, and it's message. But can you see how this relates to this? Can you see how we are all ignorant and evil inside and ATS is just another way to exercise evil and ignorance?

For the final nail in the coffin I present to you exhibit A. The Illuminati. The conspiracy theorist's main enemy and sometimes scapegoat. They have the world wrapped around their finger. So many have bought into their clever lies and so many have taken the bait handed to them under a sheep's skin. But who decided to take the bait? Who decided to not believe that something as preposterous as the Illuminati had control, or better yet, existed? Who was the person who swallowed the lies, the conceit, the hatred, betrayal, dishonor, prejudice, pain, violonce? You did. I did. We did.

We made the Illuminati what it was today, and there is none to blame but ourselves. So, stop being afraid of the darkness that is in your mind. Talk to it, and if you want it to leave, then make it leave. If you don't want it there, but you don't do anything about it, what is it then? A tumor? A cancer? That's what it is, because a cancer is a part of your body that turns against itself. I hope you find a cure for your own cancer in time; but I can't do any more to help you.

I have a cancer of my own, and it is just as real as yours.

Ignorance is hard-wired.

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 01:31 AM
So, what do you have to say? Agree or disagree? True or false? Is this thread not accepted by the group mentality? Does it make you feel insecure?

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 07:39 PM
Well the question is a little fuzzy but I pretty much get the picture of what your saying. And I agree with you and believe most of wat you say to be true. I think its obvious there is some one or a particular group of people pulling all the strings here, and have been for hundreds or several hundreds of years. I think there's little physical evidence, but if you pay attention and put all the little pieces together, you start to see the big picture.

How it seems no matter what president is elected the same thing is going to happen, how everything is already planned out.

Most of us are so disillusioned and misinformed by the main stream media and television, (which I believe is controled by those select few to keep people in check) we don't know what to believe any more. And like sheep we usually follow the bigger crowd. So in a way they are like the sheep hearder. But every now and then there are a few sheep who stray away from the heard. But the problem is that is all they do is stray away, in turn there is a bunch of free thinking sheep all roaming around doing nothing, well except conversing with one another. What they probably need is guidence or a sheep hearder of thier own if you will, to take action. (sorry if I'm rambleing on, I hope I'm staying on topic and making sence) I mean they obviously don't want us thinking freely.

So yes I took the bait and believed what I was told and it's hard not to.

My question to you is what are you going to do about it? What can you do about it? What can we do about it as a society?

People have tried to go public about some of the misleading info and just get shut down or no journalist runs with the story!

So what can we do to debunk the debunkers? Or take over our suposed FREE THINKING SOCIETY!?

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 12:20 AM
reply to post by massiveffect

I can see why you are questioning what I have been doing. In fact, I have been doing much.

I have been preparing myself mentally, spiritually and physically for when the Illuminati show their ultimate game to everyone. So when they do decieve billions, there will be some that I will be able to talk to, some I will be able to save.

Right now on ATS I have been fighting. I have been fighting the Debunkers in a passive form by making threads that they know are true, but they just look at it, and pray that no one will ever find it. ATS really is the front lines of the psychological war before the big war. This is the place where people's lives are saved or doomed forever, where a person's fate is on a tightrope. I make threads like this so that some will know what is going on. The resistance will be small, but that doesn't matter. The resistance will win, only because we are resisting, that in itself has already changed the course of history. We have already defeated the Illuminati, now we have to just figure out how.

If you want to find out why I think this way, please U2U me, and I will tell you a few secrets.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 03:11 PM
Ok i dont know if my opinion would count, but after a while of being on this site anonymously, I dont believe for one moment that ATS would encourage you to deny ignorance. From what i have been reading over the last few months most of the moderators are quick to the point but are usually in favor of the posts they believe in most.

For example

Post A = good post for moderators they seem to support, Someone come's along to debunk. WHAM stay on topic please.

Post B = Bad post, Moderators dont like or may not believe, A huge long story why you should not believe and why you should not reply.

I have noticed this on many occasions, to me this is favouritism and not denying ignorance far from it.

So in summary, If a website forum can create and take that much control surely something as powerful as the illuminati can decieve and control whatever/whoever the please.

I hope nobody takes offence to post, Is just an observation which i am sure may only apply to a small percentage of moderators.


posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 12:03 AM
reply to post by HorrorIsScaredOfMe

Yes. That is part of why ATS is such a riot. The admins, the people with power are always going to have an opinion, and power is always corrupted by opinion. Power is something that exists in an idea, but is never practiced in life because a man is not an idea.

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