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The Rise and Fall of Haliburton

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posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 09:08 PM
the following are Hal's gross revenue and placement stats from '95 through half of '08, found on links of the site link below.
A commentary of opinion of what is real, and what proportions are plausible when compared to similar fortune 500 companies (monetarily speaking).
Haliburton = fortune 500 #167 in 2008 $15,264,000,000 (so far)
Haliburton = fortune 500 #100 in 2007 $22,576,000,000
Haliburton = fortune 500 #103 in 2006 $20,994,000,000
Haliburton = fortune 500 #101 in 2005 $20,466,000,000 Haliburton = fortune 500 #122 in 2004 $16,271,000,000
Haliburton = fortune 500 #194 in 2003 $ 9,431,000,000
Haliburton = fortune 500 #206 in 2002 $ 9,430,400,000
Haliburton = fortune 500 #148 in 2001 $13,344,000,000
Haliburton = fortune 500 #115 in 2000 $14,898,000,000
Haliburton = fortune 500 # 85 in 1999 $17,353,100,000
Haliburton = fortune 500 #177 in 1998 $ 8,818,600,000
Haliburton = fortune 500 #193 in 1997 $ 7,385,100,000
Haliburton = fortune 500 #218 in 1996 $ 5,951,300,000
Haliburton = fortune 500 #205 in 1995 $ 5,740,500,000
(Please notice the "profit column and compare with similar top companies in this gross revenue range if viewing the linked site above)
As you can see, when Cheney stepped down to be vice pres, Things went
from almost 100% annual growth, to some of the worst revenues Hal has
seen since spawning from '95-'98. Obviously, even with no bid contracts
the current administration turned such a blind eye, ...(ironic that it is said
that Justice is blind as well), There was just not enough financial stream
trickling through Afghanistan. Fortunately, with the Taliban shooed off and
the pipeline again inching toward port, the plan to burst the dam was now
imminent. The "dam" (i.e. Iraq's Border) soon would be accessible with the
ominous danger of nuclear warheads heading across the Atlantic into the
"Motherland". With the crumbling of the dam border wall came a torrent
that swelled the stream into a mighty river, eventually into an ocean of
financial profit, so vast, that facing all four directions, land was invisible to
the horizon, and more. That was the boost Hal needed to stay in the top
100's fortune companies. But again, alas...Such impressive amounts of
funds flowing from this newly formed sea, except that when the tally was
completed at the end of the day, the profits were only a fraction of the
gross....Why, even this first 2 quarters of 2008, the impressive revenues in
excess of 15 billion had only reaped a mere $3, 499,000,000 in actual
profits. That may be 2 to 3 times as much profit as some other fortune 500
companies that are grossing in the 15-16 Billion so far this year, but with o
trivial 300+million to a sad 1.2 to middle billions in actual 2008 profits. So,
either the Hal bookkeeping wizards are the elite cream of the crop, or, some
data entry personnel inadvertently jumped a decimal, more than once, OR, The 15 + billion Gross claimed is such a paperwork pile of biblical proportions, logistically speaking, that the figure is permanently skewed and the actual tally could be much much higher.By the time the Pentagon figures out what in the world has been billed, The entire Bush Regime and all the oil companies will be wallowing in untold riches that would drown most common folk, lest they be suffocated in such an overwhelming forest of dollars, for, if you ain't used to that kind of wealth, you could catch a might nasty case of Shock and Awe. Since the Airline, Bank bailouts. Oil cost-an old Jewish coin. Shoot, can't even sacrifice an unblemished lamb or pay a Pope in advance to forgive sins you haven't chalked up yet. Ah, the good ol' days. It's OK, with 99yrs to pay off wars. War on drugs,terror,sovereign lands ('long as it ain't Texas, The Vatican, District of Columbia, or that other place with a phallus shaped monument.
It's like apples and oranges. A P220 has no favorites.

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