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The street drug/bad word conspiracies

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posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 05:13 PM
This thread has two joint interconnected topics...

If you thought about it there wouldnt be a street drug deemed illegal if there was no name given to it.

Plus, how is it that it's assumed that you know a particular street drug when it's in your possession found out by a law enforcement officer? I mean, there was no way to assume you had taken a school class on what drugs look like and what they do. Plus, just who is giving drugs names? The street or some scientists or the law enforcment agencies?

It's sort of like words deems as bad words in society... How and where do ppl get to learn what are societies deemed bad words? They dont teach anyone in school these so-called bad words. So like how can, say, a person get mad at you for using one society deemed bad word without saying where and how they got to learn the word was bad? And if you got beat up for saying a so-called particular word, then how that look with you taking it out on someone else as if you basically learned a bad behavior (to punish or hurt someone for saying a certain word)?

Society is flat out acting like it picked up a bad behavior. I'd rather know someone can say any and every word than realize them get subjected to bad behavior becausse of a word they said. Which is worse? A bad word or a bad behavior? What ever happened to 'sticks and stone may break my bones, but word may never hurt me'? Good behaving ppl such the saying sticks in to this day.

If you got society basically teaching you that it's OK to act to punish someone when that someone says a certain word to you, then what's that say about society's behavior? So right now ppl are involved in a conspiracy to corrupt the world by bringing about bad behavior as if it's what is acceptable. With all due respect, "F" that! Lets help society gets it's behavior right.

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 06:59 PM
I might of completely missed your point here (it is really late) I dont know what way the legal system works where you are from but where im from - Ignorance to the fact that you are doing something illegal will not excuse you... unless you can prove that it was accidental.
So if you are carrying any illegal substance, you can be charged with possession... unless it was in the pocket of a jacket you stole or something... then you would just be done for theft

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