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Free fruit and vegetables in EU schoolchildren's lunch packs... or...

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posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 03:52 PM
Herald Tribune

Now this could be an interesting discussion for the European ATS'ers.
I will admit that I'm against a grand EU state, so my post is biased by that alone.

We have here what could be an advocate for the value of decent nutrition, which truly has become an issue not only amongst kids but also grown ups.
Setting the mind to, from the young years, appreciate fruit and vegetables.

But if we turn on the conspiracy view. Could this be the grooming of the next generation to become true subjects of the regime of the all great EU state? A form of mindsetting through poisoned fruit? We could even dub this suggested plan "Snow white".

For me it becomes interesting that this plan comes at a time where it will be the first of many in the new state that will arise either by the start of next year, or shortly after that since they are having problems getting all the leaders to buy their scheme.

It's also interesting because we're no longer dealing with voting grownups here that should have at least a little resistance to mind control, but with kids who we know are deeply susceptive to being programmed.

We always tell our kids not to accept anything from strangers... well, I consider "EU" a stranger, one that I even try to reject. What would you do?


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