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Hopeful confusion in the DMT threads

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posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 12:45 AM
This is a serious subject, and I think that it deserves a little bit of dedication. I have never taken '___' from an external source, but it does occur in one's brain - dumped, in fact, whilst we dream. I think getting hung up on whether it is a good drug or a bad drug is peripheral to a much more important question.

Many people seem to have an idea about how the brain works, and what cognitive function is all about, that has really been inherited from sources apart from self-directed research and understanding. The answer to fundamental questions such as what is the "other" in psychological terms are not forthcoming. If you have done your homework and have come up to the point of talking about the "mysterious other", then I congratulate you - but you aren't finished. None of us are. The idea that we even have firm answers to fundamental questions regarding the nature of reality is really just a function of comfort.

I'm ready to talk about the language game vis a vis Wittgenstein, the "Hard Problem" vis a vis Chalmers, the possibility of merkabah being mistaken for UFOs, or of Remote Viewing being an echo of the composite animals called cherubim as a symbol that indicates we share a distributed consciousness and can see through the eyes of other animals, but I am not going to let negations and denials that are based on nothing but the personal inability to face dangerous truths reign unchallenged.

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