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Self Defence - advice wanted in regards to knife armed attackers

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posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 01:19 PM

Where were the UK citizens when this went on?

The UK has gone to poop.

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 01:19 PM
I would just like to point out that according to UK law ANYTHING you have that could be deemed to be used as a weapon (sock of coins, stick, umbrella, large bolt etc) you are for liable for arrest and prosecution! This means that if you carry anything that can be used as self defence then you are liable for prosecution if the police search you. This power gives the police their discretion to screw you or grant you forgiveness.

Yes, honest people in the UK are being screwed by criminals from the front and the government from the rear.

Isn't it great to live with rights in the UK!

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posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 01:25 PM

Originally posted by Illahee

Where were the UK citizens when this went on?

The UK has gone to poop.

After millions of people marched for stopping the war in Iraq came to nothing people in UK knew they have no say or right to determine what goes on in their country. People are suffering from withdrawal symptoms, no more willpower etc because they know they can't do anything.

So now we have petrol prices at £1.30, crazy laws, loss of human rights, persecution, recession looming, financial turmoil and nobody has the heart to do ANYTHING ANYMORE!

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posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 01:28 PM
If you are a sincere and dedicated martial artist you eventually evolve to a point where you realize that the strongest muscle in your body is your brain.

The founder of aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, said words to the effect that the purpose of martial arts was to avoid hurting anyone. Thoughts like that come from a martial artist who is transcending the physical aspect of martial arts and moving into the mental martial arts. A great mental martial artist never has to lift a finger and knows when his enemies are coming for him the moment the thought enters their minds.

These sorts of thoughts and skills come after a lifetime of focus on martial arts issues, from your bullied childhood to your confident maturity. But what can a beginner do now to jump start the process.

Number one, toss all your movie heroes and those phony movie situations into the garbage. Number two, always be polite and professional, no matter how outrageous the other person might be. Number three, never cop an "attitude". Be the beginner. Be the dumb guy. Let the bad guy be the teacher. Number four, never take a person's dignity away from them. Number five, never corner an animal. Always leave them an escape route. Number six, be meek and receptive on the inside but confident and relaxed on the outside.

These are distillations of many years of experience. If you cultivate these mental attitudes they will carry you a long way. If you combine them with a decent martial arts program, anyone who tangles with you will think they bumped their head on the Queen Mary.

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 02:12 PM
You might want to check out this guy's program. It works not with any one standard martial arts but is based on Gross Motor Skills and Reactionary Conflict. I have three of his courses and none required the tactical skills of years of training in a martial arts course.

It truly works. I have only had to use it once and that was enough to convince me to continue to purchase his products. I was confronted by a guy who got a bit agressive in a bar and I literally dropped the guy without even thinking about it. The program works on Gross Motor Skills which are reactionary so there is little training involved.

I have three of his courses now. I started with the ABC's (Accelerated Battlefield Combatives and then followed up with the Advanced ABC's. Then purchased the 15 Minutes in Hell fitness program. I haven't had the chance to purchase any more (money's tight).

He used to train Military personnel for the US. You can hear his story on line.

Check him out here:

Best of luck !!

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 04:06 PM
The thing about violent situations is that everyone reacts differently so unless you have been in quite a few incidents it is almost impossible to know how you’ll react. Will you freeze, run, scream, fight, cry, shake, pee yourself, go nuts?

I’ve been in many situations before but never a knife incident (Sorry, I lie: when a teenager, I was confronted by a ‘street-kid’ with a knife who was angry at me for approaching him about stealing an item from a friend of mine. In perhaps my stupidity, the way I reacted was to out-psyche the guy by getting into some sort of martial arts stance and circling the guy like I was some sort of crack commando in the special forces who would easily tear him a new one. He soon backed down. I’m not recommending you do this but it was how I reacted naturally and it did indeed work perhaps simply because I had belief in myself and never doubted I would lose. The ‘attacker’ certainly believed it.).

There are different techniques about how to deal with a knife attack specifically, but there are so many variations about how a knife is used (slash, lunge, over, under, stab etc) it is nearly pointless going through any here.
-If you are being attacked try to protect your vital organs and throat though even if it means you will be cut/stabbed/slashed etc in a non vital area (eg arms crossed over at wrists to avoid lunge attack).
- Avoid the knife by keeping a good distance (as opposed to say a baseball bat where you want to get in close)
- use whatever weapon you can find deter/strike the attacker with.
- Force the attacker drop the knife (usually through a defensive/attacking maneuver)
- attack sensitive areas (eyes, throat, groin, knees), head or break offending limb/wrist using a practiced technique.
- run
- alert authorities/passers by..
- out-psyche them!

As suggested carrying around some very hot pepper powder (such as cayenne) may be a good idea. There are two reasons for this. It could be used in self defense by temporarily blinding someone and messing around with their other senses.
The second reason is that cayenne pepper apparently has the ability to stop/slow bleeding quite quickly so in case you were cut/stabbed, it could be used on the wound before applying pressure. I’ve never tried it but from what I have read recently, it does work. Apparently it is also good for the circulation and for heart attack, not to mention the bowels!

If you are that worried, I would enroll in a self defense course that deals with weapons (such as jujitsu) and practice, practice, practice.

I’d still take you though…

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 04:35 PM
You could also put on a pair of heavy boots when you know you have to walk through dodgy parts, dont have to be steel toe capped but it helps!

The side of the knee is a weak point on the body or if your feeling flexible just kick your attackers hand! The shins are also places to hit as a secondary target, those footballers don't put on shin gards for nothing! Believe me if you hit the nerve point it really hurts! I would mention kicking other parts of the body but i'm a gentleman, although a bit of scum population control would be good if you catch my drift!

I know its tempting, but dont foot stomp your attacker if you manage to bring him/her down, just get out of there and find safety in a public place, remember the law can turn against you if you use more violence than is necessary.

The most natural of survival instincs are also the most effective
As Geoff Thompson put it, learn to hit really hard! (or words to that effect).

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 06:35 PM

Your concern is warranted sir, BUT, your worry is what will betray you. If you walk around worried about getting in a confrontation ONE WILL HAPPEN!
Solution!: Become confident!
Do this by attending a GOOD martial arts class at least twice a week.
I suggest studying something like aikido, kenjutsu, iado, or some other traditional japanese martial art with an emphasis on awareness. All you need to do is be aware, train your hand, eye, foot coordination and be CONFIDENT!
if you wanted to go balls out you could practice judo, muay thai, kyokushin karate or something with full contact sparring...

THE POINT HERE is that you don't have to be badass...just TRAINED(you have to practice this stuff) in awareness so that you can AVOID these situations. you will be surprised how much different you feel after a few months of practice.

I suggest the book "autumn lightning" to pique your interest. it is an interesting read. or "the book of five rings" by miyamoto musashi.

good luck!

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 08:31 AM
reply to post by ImaginaryReality1984

I know plenty of ways to disarm someone. Yes it can be done. But any intelligent instructor would tell you that those are last chance techniques. If you are going to get shot or stabbed, you pull them. If you can get out of it by running or handing over your wallet, you do. If you have been in this kind of situation for real, pulled your technique and didn't get cut, sure you got skill, but also a fair amount of luck.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 03:08 PM
Geez, you guys can't use pepper spray!

Well I guess you could go medieval and wear some armour, carry a steel shield and a big ole club, stick or something and just bonk people that get near you..... hmmm... I'll bet functional armour is also illegal in the UK too.

Geez, your country is more screwed up then ours.


Originally posted by -Klaus-
Long time reader of the forums (nearly two years) and now I need some advice.

I lived in London last year in quite a nice area, but now I'm moving elsewhere same city but unfortunately a stabbing occurred quite near to where I shall be living. So I'm looking for some general awareness/confrontation techniques in case someone placed me into a sticky situation. The likelihood of ever being involved in something like this is as I know very small but I'd much rather be prepared if it ever did happen than dead. (and I hope it never does.)

I've done a little research myself and was considering buying pepper spray but it's illegal to posses it in the UK, but I won't let this deter me from being able to defend myself. So all and any advice will help, but I wouldn't ever consider carrying a knife or other "offensive" weapon myself.

Thanks in advance -Klaus-

posted on Jul, 23 2008 @ 02:45 PM
Here is the best advice concerning edged encounters...

I speak with some experience simply cause I have two knife wounds from when I was in the military.

1) you will get cut or stabbed in a edged encounter

2) if you do not want to get cut or stabbed then don't get into an edged encounter.

However, as one of the post on here put it... What if you are backed into a corner...

Attacking first will only get you killed. PERIOD!!!

Force your attacker to come after you, force that person to off balance... only then will you have any advantage. take some self defense classes and learn what you can and can not do....

I have two knife wounds, both by the same person in the same incendent, I walked away bloody, he did not walk away at all....

Be prepared to do what ever is nessecary for your survival...

As for having a weapon...everything is a weapon.... A garbage can lid, a shoe, a chair, dirt on the street. Look around you and if you are walking some place make a mental note of what is around you to help defend yourself....

This is my advice...take it for what it is....

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