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Something has changed, timeline?

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posted on May, 2 2009 @ 11:27 AM
reply to post by LastStandingMan

HAHA You're RIGHT! that's incredible why the hell is is so far up north. I remember it being MUCH MUCH further to the south. and also I don't remember that spike at the top of Aussie either.

posted on May, 2 2009 @ 08:26 PM
I miss this epic thread. This was one of the highlights of my boring summer as a PR Director in 2008.

posted on May, 2 2009 @ 08:50 PM
Going off of the Australia/New Zealand thing, is there anyone else that thinks that Japan is WAY more North than it used to be? Or is it just me? Same thing with Bermuda, it's a lot more East and out in the middle of the Atlantic than I remember.

I'd be more than willing to admit that I'm off in this, but I've always been someone who knew where most of the countries of the world are, so it just struck me so odd when I saw a map of both Japan and Bermuda.

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 02:53 AM

Originally posted by Pellevoisin

My hope is that some time travellers are working like mad to help us avoid disaster. Sometimes a hope is all one has to go on.

If it's indeed our future self, wouldn't their presence alone imply that this disaster has already been averted? But then again maybe our future selves are merely the remaining survivors of the impact attempting to edit the future course of human history.

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 11:08 AM
reply to post by riddle6

er yeah I remember japan being around where Taiwan is now. I always remembered China being north east of Japan

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 12:01 PM

Originally posted by LastStandingMan
Perhaps, we have here a live example of changing timelines during a broadcast:

BBC Reports Collapse of WTC Building 7 Early-- TWICE

BBC World reports the collapse of the Salomon Brothers Building (WTC 7) while it is clearly still standing outside the window behind the reporter (tall building on the right). They also give a time reference that is 23 minutes before the actual collapse.

In the BBC's explanation for their 23 minute advance warning of the Salomon Brothers Building (7 WT) collapse, they said that they cannot make any determinations regarding the broadcast because they have "lost" the footage.


I had to get back to this video as something really interesting just happended to me.

I was watching a live stream of men's ice hockey championships (which are now being held in Switzerland) on last Saturday (2.5.2009) on my computer when something surprising happened. As soon as the match (Belarus - Finland) started the feed was mystically cut off for a couple of seconds (black screen and some odd noise, never happended before) until it returned to normal. The match didn't continue from the point where it was cut off (as usually with streams) but it just skipped a few seconds.

Well, I would have forgotten this incident and thought of it as one of those normal problems with technology if I hadn't have read a newspaper today at lunch. There was a one-page story of a strange incident happended to one person who, for some reason, got the result of an ice hockey game in advance on teletext, a lot before the game ended. Even the name of the player who scored the winning goal was mentioned on teletext.

And guess what was the game? It was the same game I watched. The same game whose feed was cut off at the very beginning of the game.
If you check out that BBC video clip you will see that a similar thing happens during a broadcast, the feed is mystically cut off.

Was the feed cut off because of a time shift? I don't know, but I am beginning to feel that the more I'm getting into this subject the more I am starting to see strange things and definitely I am not a schizophrenic. But what can you do if the truth behind all of this is so exaggerated? I am not surprised why goverments want to keep this secret: who could handle the truth which reminds of the world of a schizophrenic.

At the moment it looks like we are going to need a lot of psychological and mental strength and skills in order to survive from what is coming to us in future.

Originally posted by CeltAngel
Yes. All three of us need medical attention because we saw and talked to someone as they walked outside, got in their car, drove away, and disappeared only to be back in the office where she proved she never left.

This was a scary story. A foretaste of future? I am with you on this one if you're speaking truth.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:06 PM
For me it has been a shift in vision. I see things with more clarity.

I see things as they really are without the hype. It is not apathy. It is just a better understanding of what is and how I relate to it.

I can sense my connectivity rising and falling like waves. I can sense a stronger pull toward negativity but the ability to break the pull has become much easier.

Thoughts are being processed faster and understanding is coming quicker.

Priorities are shifting. Clutter is more annoying and simplicity and basics are more appealing.

Focus is more purpose directed and a mild sense of urgency is growing.

I also have noticed a marked increase in the number of people showing up in the ER with just the complaint of dizziness.

Nothing else; they just are being struck with a sudden onset of dizziness so severe that they fear something is wrong. So far nothing has been.

We have run a lot of expensive test on a lot of people with the same complaints,. They all have come back negative and we have to send them home without answers for their symptoms.

So something just might be happening.

posted on May, 6 2009 @ 09:21 AM
I read Dom Deluis died yesterday at 75 but I remember him dying several years back because I just love his sons and remember stating how much they look like him and act like him that at least a part of him will continue on. His sense of humor did not die with him.

Anyone else remember him passing away about 3-5 years ago?

posted on May, 6 2009 @ 01:31 PM
OMG this is totally crazy two days ago I applied to belong to ATS it was the only way the reply to post would come up for me, instead it was another site that sent a link to verify my registration
something called DIgg I never even heard of. anyway since three days Ago I have been reading these posts and wanting to reply. Last month I had an instance where I was driving down the highway, it was April Fools day I remember very vividly. I was thinking my head is so close to the open window(my car is very small mitsubishi) that if it were to be hit and roll the whole left side of my face/head would be mutilated, but more than A thought I actually saw this happen IN MY HEAD like what a psychic would call a vision...well needless to say I slowed down completely and became more aware of my surroundings to avoid any collision that may occur. What's the most awful is since that day (It started about 9pm that evening) I started getting excrutiating pains in the left teeth and Jaw area. I started to treat myself for an abcess with herbs/ home remedies, but the pain hit my temple on the left side, that was maybe an hour later. It was very sever I mean something that was untangible pain like I never ever felt before And I bore three children!!!! Anyway, progressing every single night it finally began to hurt in the ear canal so thinking the abcess had been there but now relocated to the ear I used methods of hoem remedies for an ear infection, but the pain in the temple and teeth and jaw and even feeling it on the chin (But outside on the chin, like a road or rug burn would feel) Also I started having blurred vision, vertigo, dizziness and floaters in my left eye only. Finally I could not stand the pain anymore and fearing I had a tumor or an anuerysm in my brain I got myself to a hospital. They said it was a sinus infection and gave me a script for zithromax, I now have only three days left of medicine, but the pain still remains and if I don't take aspirin, It will be just as intense as in the start of the problem. So yeah I am thinking I need an MRI or something until I came across this thread and somebody said they had a vibratory feeling in the brain...this had just happened to me FOUR days ago, One day before I found this website. So now I am not so sure it is a tumor or anuerysm. Also, the fatigue I have experienced this for far longer than the aching side of my head and also waking up at odd hours even before the pain started some days feeling like I had popped some happy pill and other days felt like UGGGGH and just decide to sleep the whole day away. I am strongly against narcotics and too poor to afford any if you are thinking that I am taking drugs, and I am very much too poor to afford alcohol as I don't work, and I have three children, my Husband works but he is in construction and he isn't getting much work with the way the economy is, so we barely scrape just to get can see why I say this cos I know a bunch of you will be thinking what are you taking hmmmm?
But seriously, this is true all of it. I ahve also felt this sense of being out of balance with the world/universe/creators...and I am wiccan I usually am very in tune with my surroundings, but lately just been feeling like that somehting was off kilter. Also I am rarely ever very sick and have no history of migraines or mental issues. Anyway this other event still has been baffling me; as I sat on the couch a few days ago, I put my left arm down on the armrest to lay my pounding head on the hand(sometimes the pressure will stop the pain) when suddenly, I got a JOLT through my entire left arm, Anyone whose ever been shocked by electricity will know it's a very distinct feeling and nothing in the world feels like that, but that! Well I swore to my husband that I had been indeed electrocuted I knew there must be a chewed plug laying from the outlet behind the chair next to the couch. Continue in following post.

posted on May, 6 2009 @ 01:41 PM
My dog is little and she likes to hide under that specific couch and she will chew cords. Well there was NOTHING in the outlet not a dang thing...I was like WTF to say the very least. Also I remember Mandela being dead. The UK being only known as England as far back as I have been living (In history I recal being taught that the UK was termed prior, but that some reason or Other they just dropped it at some point) Also On my maps it's landlocked now today I saw it looked like an island.
Also, there is no mention of incidents of bombings I know had happened in Ireland Because the protestants and catholics were always fighting... anyone else know about these things? I feel like I must be mistaken. It's odd. IDK. Whatever it is I hope that the headaches will pass soon...I am a big giant baby when it comes to pain

posted on May, 10 2009 @ 09:20 PM
I has just happened to me. My cousin messed up his hand real bad a few years back. His finger did not grow back right and looked odd and he could not open his hand full out flat. It was the first thing you noticed when you seen his hands. Well I say was because it has changed. Saturday I seen him at the gas station. He was in his truck and I went up to talk to him. He was smoking a cigarette and that is when I seen his hand. It was not messed up. It was just 100% fine. It really scared me. Either me or he has slipped and I do not know which one. When did it happen? I do not dare ask him about it. Now this is getting bad and hitting close to home. I think it is getting worse with these time line changes. I half expect to come here to ATS one day and find this thread gone to never have been. Speaking of changes on the net I have noticed a lot of home pages of site I go to have changed over the last week. Now I know home pages change all the time but that many that soon I have not seen before. That bit with my cousin's hand is really bothering me.

posted on May, 10 2009 @ 10:11 PM
I placed this post on another thread but it looks like it might belong here instead.

I am a little confused.

Did someone else make this movie?

I saw this movie before and no I am not talking about the DaVinci Code.

I am talking about Angels and Demons. I saw this movie it didn't have Tom Hanks but just about the rest of the stuff in the trailer is pretty close.

It was on a DVD and I watched it at the home of co-worker's friend.

Did anyone else see this movie or a movie very much like it?

I read the book so I know that it "was" Angels and Demons we even talked about how much it was like the book and how it deviated in places.

I didn't dream it and I am not going crazy. Am I?

previous post:

posted on May, 12 2009 @ 11:27 PM
well could it be a loss? i think i know wat ur talking about.. i felt a change the morning my brother died.. and also my mother.. but the thing is nobody had told me they died til later

posted on May, 12 2009 @ 11:34 PM
reply to post by grey580


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posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 11:15 PM
reply to post by ldyserenity

(gah I had to retype this)

i was deeply moved by your case. I too have experienced pain related to this but not to the same degree you speak of. (then again I handle pain unusually well so I guess I wouldn't know) There are three possibilites: your mind is so strong that you were able to leave such a strong imprint on yourself with the thought of having your face mutilated on one side that it stuck with you.

Then it's polar opposite: You actually had that crash and then some how there was a dimensional shift. You remember that crash happening and it's pain, however it never happened so there is no physical evidence of it. However is it not your mind that causes you to feel pain? Is it not possible to turn someones pain switch on using a weapon? there is a military weapon like this and I have felt that pain in my left arm from time to time. I could feel the nerve endings in my hand as if they had been exposed to acid or like my hand was on fire. I assume this is the extent of human pain however I don't intend to find out. The point is where your pain is coming from. You are fine yes but your mind keeps going PAIN PAIN PAIN on the left side of your face. Would you not have also broken your left arm in such a roll?

The third option may sound dumb and infact it's not one. On my way back from seeing the Dark Knight (after seeing Two-Face) I was thinking about the left side of my face as it was next to the window. I thought about it as if it had been burnt off and it felt odd for a few days. I don't think this is your case at all seeing how that movie came out last year but I just thought I would mention it.

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posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 01:04 PM

Originally posted by anglodemonicmatrix
reply to post by grey580

I honestly have not been on internet forums since late 2001 when they all went mad any anyone with half a brain was driven off the web,two weeks ago I got this funny feeling that something is different or changed the disturbing thing is whether its for better or worse I don't know .

So Im currently back on line doing reconnaisance to figure out what it is,perhaps its economic perhaps something else but my gut says there has been some sort of shift.

I can't believe I found this thread! What a coincidence. My father had been in ICU for two weeks before he died on 6-6-08. On the way home from the hospital I had the exact feeling that something inexplicable had just changed. It was more than the death of my father which was very sad. The feeling that something had changed was the most prominent, powerful feeling I ever had. Then a year later I find this thread talking about it. Amazing.

I still don't know what changed or how it did, but the feeling was so strong, it hasn't faded.

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 01:28 PM
ok that thing with Australia is very spooky
After catching up on the thread I went and checked the location of Australia on goggle earth , now this is very spooky , I can swear Australia is not supposed to be so close to any other land mass . It is supposed to be in the middle of the ocean surrounded just by water!

I know this as I had a huge argument with a friend once about if a lone boat could get to Australia on its own (me saying it could not as it has way to much water to cross) . Now from the looks of it I could get to Australia with a darn kayak !

OK now I don't know what to think ... either goggle earth has a major glitch , or the earth is shrinking or that continent decided to swim north to have some company with other land masses.

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 05:43 PM
reply to post by Aron1138

All of those are good possibilities except the last, I've never seen that movie ever, but I think I may check it out now. I was also thinking that maybe I did get into an accident or well, at least my double on a parallel earth did, and somehow I connected with that double for that instant. Some of my memories are different, too. So I don't know, maybe the dead double merged with me?

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 08:16 PM

3) John Goodman died of a heart attack several years ago yet is still alive.

He did die. I remember hearing it on the news.

I remember Johnny Depp dying sometime around 1995, then suddenly up he popped in Pirates of the Caribbean. I even remember saying to my brother, 'but he died years ago'.

I distinctly remember falling into a swimming pool with a plastic cover over it when I was a small child, an event both my parents deny ever happened. It's not like that's something they would forget.

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 08:40 PM
I dont know if this has been posted on this thread previously, or if I am just a loon
but I also thought Mickey Rooney was dead, and next thing he is appearing in movies and celebrating some sort of mile stone????
Please tell me someone else remembers this??

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