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America's 'Ultra Black' Programs:Part Two

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posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 09:48 PM
Hello everyone,I feel it is necessary to continue to post everything I have been told by my source I call X.I realize a lot of what I said in my last thread America's 'Ultra Black' Reversed Engineered Projects was sensational and radical,but I assure you that I am only repeating what I was told by a source who showed me his CIA badge,with clearance level Ultra 5.As I said in the first thread I don't know if what he said was disinformation,BS,or true,however I saw things(mentioned in first thread) that made me believe much more so.I am only presenting this as information to be judged as factual or not.I already know some will ask "why didn't you post this in the last thread,or right away after joining?"Well it is simple really;if I posted ALL the information I received in one post it is simply to much and when you have a lot of information to present at once,and that information is considered 'speculative' then many will disregard everything.As for why not posting this right away,well I figured one;many on ATS already were not ignorant to these possibilites.Two;I would be flamed and disregarded as a common hoax.But now as a member who as gained some respect(I hope) and contributed to ATS I hope my words won't go unheeded and that members at least give my statements a chance and remain open minded.I will present a lot more information in this thread than the last,some more 'fringe' than others.It is important to note that I will now present this in a 'research paper' format.I will insert my opinion at certain points as well to help shed light on certain revalations.For those of you who will say"Well if this is true,than why does the government let you say it?"The answer is what you are probably thinking right now-"This is BS,not true,etc."They know I have no physical evidence,so therefor they KNOW that likely many will not take me serioussly.I feel however regardless of that fact it is my duty as a member of the federation of conspiracy theorists(ATS) to put this information in the 'databanks' of ATS for all to read.I honestly don't know what is going to happen in the future(2012,etc) as regards to disclosure,et's,etc.All I know is I feel it is the right of every sentient life form to know the goings on of their OWN PLANET.Whatever is going on be assured there are forces on our side,it is not all evil as some would lead you to believe.How do I know that?One;I know what my source told me.Two;I 'feel' it.Three; There just to be good civilizations with a conscious that wont or cant allow interference of a ignorant civilization.The following is a 'chapter summary' of the things I will be disclosing.

----------America's Ultra Black Programs----------

1.Project 'Blank Slate'
2.Jovian and Saturnian Bases
3.Extent of Earth's Underground Network
4.Sub-Oceanic Bases
5."Time Bases"

I.Project 'Blank Slate'

BTS technology is possibly the most advanced and sought after technology in the known Universe.What it does is allow anyone who posses it to go back to certain 'points of time',or "casual energy points" to redirect a timeline.I will send you here for more information.Apparently this technology was given to 'us' by aliens.It is unclear and not commented on as far as who gave us this technology.It is possible that we were given it by the Greys who did not expect us to discover how to alter their time travel technology.It is believed however that this was given to us by a benevolent race as a 'passive way' of defeating the Greys.From what I understood from my source and from recent further research there are things called "event strings" that make up a focus of energy towards a singular event in a time stream(time line),and it is possible to go back and change the outcome of a certain event string.It is really all advanced mathematics from what I was told.We are led to believe that FTL and time travel are more difficult then it really is.We have been doing this since AT LEAST the 50's.There is no way to know if our time stream has been altered as according to quantum mechanics we would be oblivious to changes as they are effected almost instantaniously.From what 'X' told me this 'Blank Slate' technology has been used sparingly before.The only mentions my source made to remembrance were the "Cuban Missile Crisis" and a comet aversion in 99-00,in which an et race used a contained black hole to 'suck in the comet'.The is great consequences to using 'BST' from what I was told.You can only go back and change a time stream so many times,and even then the outcome might be impossible to change .There is a potential to do severe and irreconcilable damage ending in a immediate "time line termination".I liken that to being "blinked out of existence",so obviously the responsible use of this technology is required.Also it is important to say that any of the current conspiracy theories,even if true may be a mute point due to this technology being able to change events without knowledge.I will close this with the example of "what if WE changed the outcome of WWII?"Isn't it funny how it seems improbably Hitler made fatal mistakes for no apparent reason in regards to WWII?!

II.Jovian and Saturnian Bases

My source informed me that not only did we have multiple bases on the Moon and Mars,but also on moons of Jupiter and Saturn!Obviously I was 'taken back' by this announcement,but listened.As any are aware I spoke in the first part of this thread(America's Ultra Black Reversed Engineered Projects) of "massive space craft stretching hundreds of yards in size".I also mentioned that these crafts materials are mined from space,well they are.These craft HAVE to be made from certain materials to be able to withstand the massive forces of fast space travel,and apparently these elements and minerals only exist outside of Earth in signifigant amounts.Element 115 is one of them,but is not alone as there are MANY other important elements we discovered are necessary for any realistic space faring that are OUTSIDE OF EARTH ONLY.I was not given names of moons of Jupiter and Saturn but was told at least two on Jupiter and one on Saturn.In addition to mining and construction facilities these are also 'first warning and first shot' defense outposts that use highly advanced detection and deep space scanning technology to detect and assess threats.Apparently we were able(in 2000) to detect and assess threats entering our solar system within a multi-light year radius.So in essence in addition to spacecruser production stations these are a defense outpost to protect from et threats.I want to also state that a lot of this technology was given by BOTH sides of et influence,also after "the Dulce Wars" some of the factions of Earth decided to side with the so called "light forces",that is why and how we have been allowed to build up this kind of defense.But either side will not,as of yet openly declare war on the other.Why?Because of the non-interference policy of the "light side" and the reluctance to go to ar AGAIN with the light side by the "Grey controlled side".The Greys believe that they can control the heads of Earths government,thus overriding any types of defenses put in place compliments of the "light races".My source told me that these two sides have "on and off been at war for MANY MILINIA BEFORE MODERN HUMANS EXISTED.The "light side"(called Pleadians,etc) have been maintaining a "over seeing rule for many thousands of years,tensions are apparently high but niether side wants to declare war on the other".So instead both sides opperate in "covert warfare",Similar to the US in Iraq and Afghanistan.My source informed me that "you must understand that the Greys are a reduntantly dying race and prefer NOT to go to full scale war WITH ANY RACE.My source also told me that regardless of what is rumored the Greys have AS MUCH PULL as the Reptoids(which he really didnt mention much).The Greys ARE NOT in a situation as is told online a lot,they and the Reptoids are both euqal partners and in an alliance,and have been for thousands of years.My source informed me that evolutionarly the Greys are based on a Cetacean design;aka similar to Earth dolphins,etc.The Reptoids obviosly are Reptillian in design,which my source confirmed is the most prolific species in the galaxy(reptillians).

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posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 09:53 PM
III.Extent of Earth's Underground Network
As is commonly mentioned on the internet Earth has MANY underground bases and networks,which all are necessary and economical(will explain).Dulce IS REAL,and was first told to me from my source as "a base underground,sperate from area 51 that works directly with et's."YES there is an underground network crisscrossing the world.I was told it was the perfect spot to conduct "experiments outside prying eyes".A lot of the tunnels(as reported) were already there,we just added on to them.Apparently there is this world,and then theres 'the real world'.The real world meaning the underground rapid transit system and bases co-op'ted by aliens.This thread explains the transit system.There is apparently MANY 'points of entrance' to the 'underground highway' throughout the US,some in locations you WOULD NEVER GUESS!Area 51,please!There are so many more,deeper level bases THORUGH OUT THE GLOBE.Don't get me wrong,area 51 IS A MAJOR PLAYER,but there are A LOT more bases UNKNOWN.The Aleutian Island for example contain a et base.So trust me the PTB have MANY locations to run to.As I have said before we don't know 1% of 1% of the truth!As far as further bases and rumors my source would only say that as far as who won WWII was concerned that "History is wrong".He would not comment further,so I refer you all to Branton's Omega Files.Read Branton's works,that is all I will say.

IV.Sub-Oceanic Bases
As sure as there are subterranean bases YES there ARE "submerged bases".Bases locals can range from the bottom of some of the deeper lakes(submerged space port)to the deepest ocean(Mariana Trench).Some are extraterrestrial,others are man made with et technology.For any members who are familiar in the Marine biologist discipline,YES we do have a base in the Challenger Deep,better known as the Mariana Trench,the lowest depression on Earth with waters reaching a staggering depth of 37000 feet,or over seven miles!There was an et base at the bottom of the trench for an unknown amount of time.Now there is a human/alien(?) base at the bottom of the trench.Apparently,according to my source we (the US)discovered this base in the 60's(the decade when we publically went down to the bottom in the Trieste Bathysphere and laid a plaque to commemorate our presence.)From what I was told we found a base at the bottom(with countless giant sized marine life not yet publically disclosed for tourist reasons).Eventually we set up our own base there,which is connected to the UTS(underground transit system).Why?Well for secrecy one,and two to research technology at great depths.Other then that my source (X) gave me no reason as to why we had a base there.Every ocean in the world has AT LEAST one base at its bottom according to my source.The majority of the cavern systems already were there,all we really had to was put things in there.On aside note about the marine life at the oceans greatest depths;my source informed me that "there are fish as big as ocean liners down there"-that IS WORD FOR WORD.So I thought I would bring that up for any Cryptozoologist out there.

V."Time Bases"
Some of the most shocking revelations IMO was the fact that we have a "time base" in the year around 100,000,000 BC!Apparently this was one of the first technologies we used and one of the first bases we set up from et technology.Your probably wondering "How could we set up a time base and not leave evidence behind?"Good question,I asked the same thing.X told me that the base itself is "encompassed in a dimensional 'phase bubble',as well the staff.So when going out to explore there is not footprints,nor evidence of an outpost.In essence the base and personal are 'out of phase',so anything they do(besides observe) does NOT AFFECT the outside primordial world.Apparently we have learned A LOT by that base,and it is one of our 'flagship'bases.He said (my source)that we learnt of ancient et presence on Earth and how dinosaurs behaved.He also touched on the "untold evolution of the dinosaurs",apparently like some sites state(Branton,etc) a 'primitive bi-pedal saurian species' was at a "high evolutionary stage" around 100,000,000 BC.To me that verifies stories of "Underground Reptoids and empires".Any one remember the story of a "footprint found in the American west that carbon dated back past 100 million BC???
Guess what,that was a mistake by US.My source said that possibly the 'footprint' was a test to see if actions taken many millenia in the past actually take instantaneous effect in the present".My source further told me that "dinosaurs are report ably MUCH more vicious and 'primitively aggressive' than even Spielberg can imagine."We also found out through this 'time base' that et's have been on Earth FOR A LONG TIME,at least since before 100 million BC.Also a quick mention on a religious note;The Greys tried to tell us that THEY made Jesus and was behind his "divine powers",I have heard from BOTH my source and other non-physical source that the Greys "showed us a recording of Jesus in the years of his existence(0-35AD).Well we have been told (according to my source)that YES the Greys have the technology to 'record historic events',BUT that they IN NO WAY had ANYTHING to do with Jesus Christ.They simply tried using another of their EXCELLENT maniplulative skills to convince us that they are what we call God.This is not true(according to my source),other,benlevent beings and other non affiliated Greys have told us that YES indeed Jesus exsisted,BUT HE WAS NOT from the Greys,they simply have the technology to view and record the timeline.Jesus DID exist and APPARENTLY was really the physical manifestation of God,sent to "push the human race" further in evolution.Apparently their(and this is one of the strongest things that stick with me that he told me) has been "Jesus like" beings on EVERY planet known throught the Universe,it is just a 'stage' when God manifests himself to his corpreal creations to 'awaken them'.Finally my source told me that yes,humans AND dinosuars co-existed for a time.a brief time before the remaining dinosaurs died,and YES it was a meteor that caused the ELE around 65,000,000 BC.

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posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 09:57 PM
It is simple really according to my source,X.The human race WAS NOT,AND STILL IS NOT ready to know these things.Our government(rightly so)decided long ago that REGARDLESS of the et contact(good or bad) that it would be DESATOROUS to tell the general punlic,apparently the worlds major realigons(Catholisim,Muslim) agreed.They did set a TENATIVE date,along with a 'gradual disclosure plan'(GDP),the date was in the early to mid 21st century,with gradual 'trickle down' disclosure through primary media sources to proceed this for AT LEAST 20-30 years.Our WORLDS government knew that EVENTUALLY this HAD to be told,it was just simply impossible to conceal this forever,and morally wrong.A conference was apparently called by Eisenhower in the early to mid 50's between the allied nations,as well the defeated axis powers(only major nations),with the consensus being to do a "gradual disclosure followed by a FULL disclosure,possibly with a mass landing type scnerio".Although more likely a tv documentary with a press conference would be more plausable.Obviously the KNOWN HISTORYchanged drastically at that point.Like many sources point out,the US and USSR,as well other major countries(oblivious to most of the countries main diplomats) became secretly engaged in a secret Earth space program and 'mass contact' with many et races."Apparently due to pressures at the time by the 'white world',as well as real predisposed stereotypes the worlds "et government" choose unwisely to make allegiances to not the best of et groups.(Greys,posibly reptoids,although it is believed[from my source]that the Reps were 'brought in' AFTER we made a treaty with the Greys,who DID NOT mention this other,commanding species!]Anyways it became apparent around the late 60's to early 80's that we made the wrong descisionand that the Greys had there OWN AGENDA and that we could do nothing short of total disclosure to stop them.Apparently a group of the 'shadow government'(really formed to what it is considered today in the late 70s to early 80s) broke off and decided to side with the benevolent forces.The Dulce Wars and the Battle of Area 51 was mainly caused by this(and other smaller factors;such as non sharing of technology,desent between groups,etc).After these battles,which was decidedly won by the "dark"(seems fitting to call them that,it is MY OWN WORD I MADE UP) forces the world was secretly split in two.Apparently however the "light" forces had already been involved and saw this as an opportunity to make a strong pact with the "good" forces of Earth.They showed us how to use technology given to us BY THE DARK FORCES against them,as well hinting at more advanced secrets(apparently always staying clear of DIRECT INTERFERENCE,but they thought since the Greys already interfered that it was only fair they "evened out the playing field").Today(July 5th,2008) we have the product of these past events,we have two split sides of world government(it is only still "country by country" for monetary reasons and 'traditions'),we have two opposing alien factions.....each reluctant to strike on a full scale,although I was told that all it will take is one side to initiate a public conflict and it will become public and widespread(intergalactic)From what I have been told by X,Branton,and other resources is that soon(this was in 2000,and 2004 when I was told this)the et forces are going to force full disclosure,and force us to make a descision.With new information I gather this could be anytime from tonight to 2012,if something does not happen by 2020 I will be SHOCKED.Come on people,you can see it all around you,UFOs getting massive media attention,world public openly believing in et's,more science/religious hybrid beliefs.You think this is coincidence?NO,we have been being conditioned for this for 50 years.I present this information tonight to you to attempt to inform you of what I have been told.I believe it truthful,even if you don't it at least lets us 'weed out another hoax' right?I regret to say I wont be online for the next 3 months(at most) after Tuesday(July 8th),so I feel I must get as much out as I can.When I get back I will continue to to pursue the truth,until then I hope you all take this information and remain objective(as I know some is hard to believe) and at least be aware of this possible information.I will answer any questions you all have to the best of my ability(although I WONT REVEAL SOURCE),I can't provide physical evidence so don't ask.I will be happy to answer any other questions the best I can.It is my attempt to get all information out,true or not(I don't know for sure) so NO ONE is in the dark when the time arises when the truth is exposed..Because if I don't reveal this and it is true,or even if it isn't I will feel like a traitor for not telling my fellow race this potentially Earth shattering information.I would like to quote what my source said when I asked him "Why are you telling us this?",He said;"Because no one will believe you anyways,and if they did and asked me I will deny ever knowing you."

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 10:16 PM
Hot [snip] on a stick......

That is a brain bender and a half.

I just am at a loss as what to say.You got some mental recounts of some amazing hot dammit gear going down behind the scenes...

I just am stumped - even if only a fraction of this is true its world changing - if its all true - well slap ketchup on the dog and roast it.

Mind boggling.

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posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 10:18 PM
reply to post by Dan Tanna

Appreciate it,yea I just retold what I was told.Yes it is world shaking,but if it is the truth you cant expect it to be how you want it.As a quote goes"The Universe isn't only stranger than we imagine,it is stranger than WE CAN imagine".

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 10:22 PM
after what happend the other night in my house, I am not going to be disbelieving much at all any time soon.

Weird damn weird freak on in my house the other night, so why cannot other beings do what these did ??

Amazing universe out there, and its opened my eyes WIDE!

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 10:36 PM
reply to post by Dan Tanna

What happened?

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 12:26 AM
reply to post by Dan Tanna

yea what happened, you cant give us a wee tickler like that and not reveal your story

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 12:30 AM
So what is your take on my statements I made on this thread?

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 01:20 AM
Great post, thanks for sharing the info. Reading your post does not suprise me, not after reading the Terra papers. The only bit I have a had time swallowing is the time travel sections, probably because my little brain cant grasp it yet

You mentioned the Aleutian Islands, do you know which one?
Adak has some interesting buildings considering the military left in 97 (apparently)

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 01:38 AM
Im not sure what island,and yes time travel is kinda hard to wrap around.I assure you all of what I wrote was what I was told,if true then indeed truth is stranger than fiction.

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 02:00 AM
Are you trying to spread disinformation?

Do you really think anything that vital is just going to make it onto an online message board.

Keep up whatever dillusions are pushing you to do this if it makes you feel good I guess, but I wouldn't take it for much.

Yes, I'm a government agent, disinformation agent, misinformation agent, what else is there?

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 02:01 AM

Originally posted by jkrog08
Any one remember the story of a "footprint found in the American west that carbon dated back past 100 million BC???
Guess what,that was a mistake by US.My source said that possibly the 'footprint' was a test to see if actions taken many millenia in the past actually take instantaneous effect in the present".

Sure. So they simply made the mistake of not wearing shoes?

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 02:21 AM
The problem with this guy and everything he claims is that it lacks substantial proof.

"A guy with a badges told me.... "

A viewer can approach this sort of thing with tolerance but it's been done before so many times, just with slight here and there changes to make it sound more interesting to those who are new to it.

It's the same thing though.

The truth is, for those who honestly want it, that you won't ever find out the truth unless you're directly involved. I don't care what this guy tries to sell as whatever he feels is righteous.

Time travel? Ha - not yet.

It's like a sad repeat, just a different writer/sponsor. Sign up with project camelot man, I'm sure they need more writers for their B.S.

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 02:23 AM
Actually it was a shoe print.

Also if you dont believe then fine,I am just putting this out there.

This print was carbon dated to the Triassic era(over 150 million years or minus some milliom).Oddly enough around the same time my source mentioned the base was.

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posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 06:14 AM
reply to post by jkrog08

Carbon dating is only good for 50,000 years - so it can't have been used to date something to 150 million years ago.

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 11:46 AM
It was found it the Triassic layer of rock,so I dont know how else it woulda' got there...............Yea sorry about that carbon dating,I thought I saw that on there.

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 11:54 AM
If anyone works for a top secret government agency, the first thing they do is sign a form to keep it secret or face prison time. The bases on Saturn and Jupiter is where your friend crossed the unbelievable line.
On the "footprint", yes it is 150 million years old, but it could be a natural formation. I have heard of the 600 million year old footprint that is supposedly a sandal.

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posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 12:20 PM
So if they'res bases below the ocean I guess that would tye in with the idea of USO's right.. the submerged crafts that rise out of the water and take off into the sky... reported by even navy officials and other people around the world...

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by jkrog08

the fact that we have a "time base" in the year around 100,000,000 BC!

Well since earth is only 4.7 billion years old and the Universe itself is only approx. 13.5 billion years old, we couldn't have a time base that was 100 billion years old.

Also, the footprint thing has been explained away quite a few years ago.

In my humble opinion, I would have to call HOAX on this fun mess

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