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Identification V's Freedom

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posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 08:14 PM
Just read a thread about a guywho has been arrested and charge for the felony of selling his vote.

He has basically given away one of his freedoms defined by that particular countries set of rules.

So, here we all are, trying to find ways to break free from being micr chipped, scanned, DNA recorded, monitored aand controlled in many other ways and it seems that none of us have actually made any progress.

Then I had an idea. If this kid has the right (though apparently illegal) to sell a freedom, then why not sell of the identity that came with your birth certificate.

You can't physically sell yourself (not that anyone would want to) but maybe you can sell all the information that is in the system that gives you an individual identity whithin that system.

You would sell;
1. Your name (not so important, many thousands have the same name)
2. Your date of birth (again, many share the same date)
3. Social security number (now we're getting somewhere)
4. Driving licence number
5. Birth certificate number
6. National insurance number (for UK residents)
7. Passport number
8. Mothers maiden name

Selling of these details would do quite a bit of damage IMO.
Who would you correctly chip if 500 people shared the exact same details?
What identiy would you be left with, if any? Have you now broken free from the controlling system? You can walk away from it and be who ever you so wish..proving who you are is a bit awkward, but who do you have to prove it to if you don't have an identity and don't wish to be a part f any particular controlled group?

Your ability to vote will also have been passed along with these details. The identity becomes multiple (if people used it) and in the system that identity is allowed a vote. But you can only vote once.

What is the legality of selling data that has been allocated/given to you as an individual. It is, after all, your details, only you can use them so why can't you do what you will with them as and when you please... even if this means selling them on...

Hope you understand my thinking here.


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