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The 2 most important questions in LIFE!

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posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 06:25 PM
I put this post in the education forum
because it's for people open-minded enough to LEARN.

1.) Are there Enlightened Beings?
(And this could include extremely advanced extraterrestrials)

2.) Is it possible for humans to become enlightened?

To answer the first question you have to be sophisticated enough to go
beyond your own limited conditioning and the received spoon fed beliefs
that your parents, school or culture programmed you with.
Most people can't do this. That eliminates right off the bat over 75% of people.
Most people if they were born in the USA are going to be programmed as
Christians. Most people if they are born in a Muslim country are going to be
Muslim. If you are a person in this category-that's fine but there's no reason for you
to read further because you have been pre-programmed and your open-minded
life is over. Sorry but for many -Belief means ossification of the mind.

Now, if you do have this sophisticated capacity to transcend your own culture
this means that the enlightenment information that exists on the whole planet
as well as beyond is something you can handle and explore.

What I have discovered is that YES there are enlightened beings.
And to answer number 2 -YES they have left us a path for we humans
to become enlightened.

Why are these the most important question in life? You may ask.
Because if you discover the truth about the nature of consciousness you find
that it goes along with Einstein's theory that "Energy cannot be created nor destroyed."
Consciousness is energy therefore cannot be created nor destroyed.
Therefore in terms of reincarnation humans have had billions of lifetimes.
Enlightenment means to transcend this constant cycle of birth and death referred
to by Buddha as samsara. Most people when answering these questions will give you
an answer that will last only one lifetime. Enlightenment transcends billions of lifetimes.

This is the reason why these are the 2 most important questions.

Enlightenment means to be present-the greatest wealth.
Being present is the greatest wealth in life-see the movie Citizen Caine for an example
of a dissatisfied rich American who could not be present. Being present means
being content and politicians and corporate people do not know this wisdom.

I will only vaguely point you in the direction of enlightenment-it is up to you to find your own path .
Paths even with Christian Saints are a very individual thing. In other words what is right for one person is not right for everyone.
See Drukpa Kunley-he's an example of someone
who became enlightened by extremely unconventional methods.
Only those with sophisticated karma and luminous minds should google him
and explore his path.

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 07:07 PM
from living life through experience and through constantly seeking knowledge, as well as having had the fortunate chances to happen upon many enlightened beings, I say yes to both, brother...
electromagnetic energy!
Meditation---simply quieting the mind...working your mental muscles...difficult at first, but every time you do it it will get easier!

learn about symbols

learn to communicate with your subconscious

learn the true meaning of love..not the media created meaning

do unto others as you would have done to yourself

have an attitude of gratitude...

compare your life to nobody or nothing, save for the bum lying in the gutter on occasion in order to ground yourself...

you are a multidimensional, electromagnetic, superhuman being!

and uh...yeah have a great day..

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 06:14 PM
Hey fellow traveler,

A big ultimate YES to you - my friend.

Experience is indeed the best way to learn and base your life on.

Constantly seeking knowledge-that is the openness and curiosity that
we must never lose.

Meditation is the method to reboot the mind and keep it open.

Symbols-Sanskrit mantras in my case-are a way to tune into the electromagnetic vibratory rates
that permeate body and inter-dimensional phenomena.
All dimensions have vibratory rates-mantric sound helps to resonates one into these higher dimensions.
Mantric sounds are the keys to open the doors of perception of our multi-dimensional omniverse.

Meditation helps communicate with one's subconscious and after awhile
extraordinary senses such as precognition and telepathy can come into play.
I also use the I-Ching to communicate with my future enlightened self which is another name I give to my subconscious.
(However one must take the I-Ching's first answer and respect the process.)

Being grateful for the blessings promotes generosity of spirit.
Humility keeps you grounded no doubt.

Appreciation of simplicity, economic frugality and awareness will keep
us strong and healthy during the death throes of the oil monster's thrashing
tail of destruction.

It is an honor to hear from you-brother.

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 06:23 PM
i agree. symbolism and intuition are two major keys. and exsperiance is more important than faith. faith is taking someone elses word for something you dont know.

isnt that what all true religion seeks to teach?
we are all gods, we just have to realize it and acknowlage it and finally we must submit to it.

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 06:25 PM
I prefer the shamanic path to enlightenment thru psychotropic plants and
esoteric practices such as sex tantra and Kama Sutra majic.

Some may call it hedonism.

[edit on 6-7-2008 by whaaa]

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 06:30 PM
Yes, my friend it is true that true religions teach that we can access our
deity energies, however to see oneself as a god or deity only works if
you are able to see others as gods or deities otherwise it doesn't work.

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 06:33 PM
reply to post by Electricneo

yes that is what i meant by we are all gods.
most havnt figured it out though.

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 06:40 PM
reply to post by whaaa

Since you prefer the path you describe you really will find it amusing
to check out the path of the mad yogi-Drukpa Kunley.
He would go into towns and have tantric sex with suitable candidates and
drink chang (Tibetan barley beer). That was his main practice however
he was at a high enough level to have compassion, be non-violent and was
never an angry drunk. He was truly a free human,humorous and had fun
with the uptight and sanctimonious. One day he was given a rosary.
He promptly wrapped it around his large love organ and wore it there.
Truly a Tantric master who was working with transforming people's limitations..

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