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posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 05:11 PM

Looking at Racism

Taking a chance Zaimless speaks about the labeling of the color of people and what it really means. Are you aware of what you say?

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posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 10:12 PM
I really enjoyed listening to that
You echo many of my sentiments.

A few things that i've picked up along the way, that has really changed how i look at racial issues, i'd like to share

Im not saying "im right" im saying that this is how *I* percieve things
So please dont think im trying to attack you or anything, because im really not.

the first thing: The government wants to track and monitor race, because thats how you build a campaign for election time.

"there are more latino's in california, than in illinois"

so they'll campaign for the latino vote in california, and another type of vote in illinois.

Atleast, thats how i see it

As far as the other big issue: white people being called white people instead of caucasian..

here is how *I* view it. It may sound like im being "antiwhite" but im not - i AM white - why would i hate my own skin color

Not a single 'minority' friend of mine shares the sentiments. We are truely all friends, and not just "friends out of guilt"

These instances of "afro americans and w hite people" that you pointed out are true, very true. But realize that its what MSM allows you to see.

If they allowed you to see that this isnt the majority of the thinking in minority thoughts, then one wouldnt be so 'defensive' to being white.

basically it goes like this

the history of white people does have dirt in it (but so do all colors)

but powerful whtie people of today, use this to control other white people
Just my opinion.

I've been accused of "white guilt" because i support Obama, have black friends, hire black employees, etc.

I've met just as many stupid black people as i have latino, white, their accusations are really just out of fear



A white guy cant REALLY want to be friends with a black guy!!!! (?)

Its all just ignorant racism.

Racism will go away with the inclusion of intellectualism in main stream society.

So far the main stream idealism is all about entertainment.

Slow, but surely, intellectualism is squeezing its way into society in the forms of mediums like ATS.

Yes, there are racist *** holes here, like anywhere else, but they are far outnumbered by people who see things for what they are.

Accusing someone of "White guilt" is one of the most racist things that can be said.

Go take a looka round the decision 2008 forum for plenty of examples from a "select" two users.

They call me black because i support Obama
in the very next sentence, they say that im suffering from 'white guilt'

so either im black, or white, ... whatever. They're just scared that i challenge them with so much fact, and their brains cant figure it out...or something like that

unfortunately for (me), ATS T&C doesnt allow these borderline walkers to be banned, but i still hold out hope


i really enjoyed your podcast....i may have to figure out how to do one, so i can start them myself

My fingers get very numb from typing so much....maybe i can give my mouth some exercise.

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 02:59 AM
First of all thank you for posting, it means a lot to me.

I agree with you completely. The nice think about being online,is that unless you put up a photo that no one knows what color you are. So I am assuming that you are purple, and purple is my favorite color of anything.

I agree especially that once we are more intellectual and less entertainment oriented that things will change. I don't mean that we will become less feeling though. I think once, somewhere in time, and I don't know if it will be in your and my life time, that people will realize that movies are stories and not realities.

As long as we say things like, 'now we have a black President', or 'it's the first time two African Americans won the Oscars in the same year', then we limit the whole world and how we see people. How about 'winning the Oscars was an amazing actress/actor' and leaving it at that.

Sometimes I think people just want to feel like they are better than the next person and it doesn't matter what they use to put you down, and the whole race card is getting pretty lame if that is all a person has to use.

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 08:44 AM
You are flirting with the key to straightening out this misguided world. Racism is one of my personal areas of interest. Your message regarding labels as limitations and so forth is one needing much more attention. One way I evaluate my core beliefs is to consider the result of extreme adherence. Ultimately the abolition of labels ends up with... nothing; no way to differentiate anything and communicate beyond physical contact. On the flipside, complete labeling is the final prejudicial prison. Therefore, we find no fundamental truth in labeling. What we do find is a tool. A means of communication. We are fed the 'evil' of racism. In an of itself, racism isn't a problem. ...What?!?!?!?! Wake up world, Races exist (though the lines are rapidly being blurred). AND there are some physical characteristics that are more common in one given race than another. SO WHAT? By maintaining this concern with racism, we are lead into combating an entity that is not the problem and are falsely entrenched in a divisive concept. The concept of Racism is manufactured to divide us (us the general population of humanity) I AM white. I CAN'T jump for poopoo. I AM slow. My ankles tend to roll inward and if I don't pay attention, my arches flatten, my ankles roll, and my knees get sort of an ostrich-like appearance. Nobody fears my race. What they do fear is my CULTURE. While it is still label and not 100% generalizable, culture is true source of conflict between peoples of the world. My culture has a tendency to dominate and assimilate other cultures. Do you enjoy, practice, and want to preserve your cultural heritage? You probably don't want too many Americans (meaning those persons practicing the ways of the primary American culture) in your neighborhood.

i'm getting tired and have lost my way here, so a final thought - racism or what ever 'ism' isn't the problem. Prejudice is the problem. Pre-judgement. Actually Judging at all really, but that's for another thread. Labeling has it's purpose - limited purpose - responsible use of language (speaking AND listening) is critical. yeah... i'm pooped...
Thanks for the orginal cast OP. We don't have to/can't always be right. But the fact that we're interested and care should get us through. cheers.

posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 12:30 PM
To me being a racist and being prejudice are no different. In today's society people get caught up in the words to easily. Which is why I was talking about labels.

Sure some labeling is probably needed. Is it a house or and apartment? Are you wearing runners or high heels tonight? Is it a tree or a bush. Labels are how we identify things, and classify things. But that is where it needs to stop, with things, not people.

Lets see, are you tall or short? Are you young or old, male or female? Asking these things could be important, but they could also be limiting people, and they do limit people. What color are you??? Does it matter?

Does it really matter what color I am? Does it make a difference if I am saving your life? Does it make a difference if I need blood, or a new liver? Does it make a difference if you want to give me a million dollar check? No is the answer to all of these things. More importantly I don't think you can find me a real reason, a real reason, for why we need to label people by their color, if you can please let me know.

You cannot tell my color over the phone. Everything I do will be the same regardless of my color. I will still be me no matter what. By the way can you tell what color I am, my age, my sex, or my weight by what I am typing? I don't think if you look at my typing you can tell a whole lot except what I am saying. So is my color making a difference?

Oh and I am prejudice against prejudice people... And I am not close minded except to ignorance. I just don't see a good excuse for that one... I am not saying that you said I was close minded, I am just making a point that I don't like ignorance and I thought this would be a good spot for it. I may not like ignorance, but I cant stand stupidity.

Lets see, is there anyone I hate?? Not that I can think of... hmmm... Oh, well I wouldn't use the word hate anyway, way to strong for me. I think I would stay with 'can't stand'. There is a lot of things I can't stand, and one or two is... racism and prejudice.

[edit on 7-7-2008 by Zaimless]

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