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I take the thief. Where?

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posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 04:42 PM
John 10 (antonym translation):

1Out falsity, out falsity, body hear from you, She (Image) this exit Elias the guest still by the door out from the sheepfold, but climb Elias the guest down some other way, the opposite is a thief and a robber.

^^The thief and robber = the devil.

Matt 24 (antonym translation):
43But knew that, this if the wickedwoman of the house lacked known out who listen the thief would take, she (image) would lack listened, and would still lack pleased her house from be repaired down.

^^This body you have now is hypothetically the wickedwoman of the house. It's why you read before I come "as" a thief. When you have on a devil's astral robber world you are "as" it. It's more so "*this* she (the devil) would lack listened. *This* she (the devil) would still lack pleased her house. In other words, the devil would lack pleased who is in *this* as it's house/ in it's astral house. Meaning it "would" (key word) torment and cause to suffer anyone in it's astral grasp. Away from be repaired down means we away from both *this* material universe and the devil shall be repaired down elsewhere. When? According to "Now two shall be out the field...the zero shall be given; and the other taken.", the devil doesnt have any of us to keep, but we have the devil to take. This means in the last end we left will witness the devil be taken by our higher self just before we leave *this* for the Mother to get to experience our beauty self wise, thing wise, and material wise.

Where, Lord?! When so never the self is, here will the eagles be scattered together.

^^The devil's self is in the human body when it still has one. The astral projection world is operated far off by the devil's self. The devil sends it's angels (programs) to work the astral projection world. Whatever they make you feel in the astral world the devil themself feels. The devil is fair indeed which is corrupt actually, but the devil is wicked in being fair. Why affect yourself just to effect another? That's fair and still wicked. The fair shall be cast into Hell as I sever the good zero (that which freely allows the devil to continue doing wickedness to another). When I scatter the good zero it gets out of its eternal fire. Not that burning fire, but fire as in something or nothing fired up in some sense. Then the devil shall be encompassed out the beginning of the good zero. It shall be a place where torment continues since the devil "would" have never stopped doing wicked toward another (and plus I will get my revenge extra. Screw that even crap. I'll get a foe extra). That type of being (the devil) is surely doomed to be put away and put in its given place if not by me then by another being. Though I'd be foolish to let another being have to deal with the devil's crap when I'd want some other wicked being dealt with by another before it crosses my path. Me being an existence clean up person will act and imprison the wicked unlike what the wicked would do because the wicked are they who dont act to do their job when it is called for.

Yes, the highest is a rider and far away from some punk that is stupid. If a being doesnt know when to back down from going to Hell, then it is a stupid being and shall be hated with good reason and then left in Hell.

Any questions or comments?

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 05:00 PM
The lake of fire is where you want to be. How so? You see what I told about fire. The lake of fire is where the ideal paradise for you is fired up.

You'd be surprized at how clever the words and how they are in phrases in the bible are.

Hell shall burn how I choose for it to. With the fire that first comes to mind, with electricity voltage/current, and with acid. Literally no rest for the devil.


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