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Indian/ Middle Eastern Music

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posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 01:51 PM
Hi everyone.

I've been getting into this indian techno/hip hop and just wanted to show you guys some of the artists I've found on youtube that I thought were pretty cool.

If anybody knows any other artists like these guys tell me about them! It's hard to find them.

Daler Mehndi - Saade Dil Te Churiyan Chaliyan (this one has like the best beat)

Prabhu Deva (I like the women in this one, the dude's a sick dancer too lol)

Daler Mehndi - Tunak Tunak Tun

Don't laugh it's catchy as hell lol

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posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 06:16 PM
Hi the humbleone. Out of those three, I liked the 2nd video best. Good dancing and yeah the women are nice as well. Aren't they always...

Well those Indians certainly like to dance. I'm not into Indian music, but I occasionally find myself watching & enjoying an Indian movie, if there's one on. It must be all that dancing, the beautiful scenery, nice looking babes and everyone having a jolly good time, type of vibe.....

I really enjoyed the last Indian movie. It was called "Koi Mil Gaya". a Bollywood, Indian version of ET with magical powers. The alien has magical powers when exposed to sunlight. The alien gets friendly to Rohit and his girlfriend Nisha (Preity Zinta) and, in return for their love and care for it, it cures Rohit of his malady. Really enjoyable movie. I recommend it if you like Indian women, music and dancing and the Alien is cute too, lol

Clips from the movie.....

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