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Oklahoma City Thieves.

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posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 02:00 PM

Originally posted by Black_Fox
I dont see the sense in leaving the 14 ranked tv market in the U.S for the 49th ranked.
Sure people will come to watch in the beginning,but as the losses pile up,watch the attendence plummet.
I hope Seattle is givin a new team in the future.
Stupid stupid Sonic's owner

Even when the team wasn't a contender, we filled those seats. I know it's not cool Seattle lost their team, but that's professional sports. The stands in Seattle wern't filled, for years. Since coming to OKC, it's always a packed house, no matter the opponet. We did the same for the Hornets in their stay here. OKC really wanted a team, and we proved it with a fan base. That fan base had alot to do with the almight Spurs losing, and will do the same to bring home a championship. Attendence plummet? Maybe after a decade and we score our own professional football team, too. But until then, expect to see the (insert name of the highest bidder here) Center to stay full of fans as the city continues to grow in prosperity while not all other cities in the union can say the same. You're television market arguement is exactly what keeps big teams out of this state, because of population. But even if my population is smaller than yours, my fan base is way larger, and it's shown, not just this year. Not just last year, but since day one.

posted on Jan, 12 2013 @ 08:44 AM
Rumor has it that the Sacramento Kings maybe moving to Seattle after a group bought out the Maloof brothers...

...and hypocrisy is alive and well in Seattle.

"Oh, boy, the NBA is back..." Or words to that effect.

Really? Really?

Do we not remember the pain of losing the Sonics a few years back? I sure as hell do. So I'm supposed to cheer the fact that another fanbase gets to enjoy the pain that I went through when my Sonics left town?

These aren't the Sonics. They're the bleepin' Kings. Phil Ford. Otis Birdsong. ...and a host of others that I couldn't care less about.

No. No. ...and no. I will not follow this team should it be in Seattle. I don't care about the Kings, or whatever name get hung on them...probably Sonics.

Dennis Johnson didn't play for the Kings. Nor did Fred Brown, or Gary Payton. The Kings didn't win the '79 world championship over the Bullets. Or lose to the Bulls in six games a few years back. This isn't the team I lived and died with for forty one years...

Cheer 'em if ya want, but don't expect me to.

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