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New Jersey finds gas station rip-offs

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posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 11:05 PM
link to hear how we get ripped off by everyone. These folks need large fines and steep penalties for doing this.

As for gas prices, screw'em. I can ride a bike to work and to the store. Gas price has nothing to do with an oil shortage. There might be a US refinery shortage to produce gas from the oil. Everyone is pointing the finger at the next guy in line. Low dollar value, current political trends, speculators, fewer refineries, bad weather, flooding.....the list goes on and on of who or what is responsible for higher gas prices. I did see a CNN report that said speculation is that gas will be at 180 a barrel by the end of summer. Why don't they just telegraph the price they are shooting for? I bet people are taking fewer vacations using the family vehicle.

Gas will go to a breaking point where it will not be economical for the majority of Americans to take there vehicles anywhere but to work and the store. This is when all the support/entertainment businesses start to fold because no one is going to the movies or out to eat....etc. Vehicle repairs will be fewer as cars are driving less miles and lasting longer.

I live in the midwest. Public transportion is seeing a boom here, but, it is not fully available if you live in the burbs (not speaking for myself, I live within 6 miles of work and a store). Our towns and cities are large "sprawls" and up till now, Public transport had a small position in the scope of transportation. I do know several people who travel up to 60 miles to get to work everyday. Scooter and motorcycle sales are up. I am waiting for winter when riding a bike, scooter or motorcycle is kind of hard to do. Lets see how they stick it to us then.

Can't wait to see who else is going to rip us off.

I have voiced all my concerns with my Senator and Reps.

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 11:32 PM
reply to post by zorgon

Zorgon, I worked at store level for several different companies in my area, this is a prominant problem. I can't hink of even one company that I worked for that had properly calibrated pumps. One store deliberately miscalibrated the pumps/prices, others simply don't check it, even though they get complaints from customers that the gas pumped doesn't seem to be what they were supposed to get.

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 11:50 PM
Wow. I didn't think they could do that. When I was filling up yesterday I thought it sounded like the pump was giving me air and also a little bit of gasoline. Now you've got me wondering when the last time we've had our pumps checked for accuracy around here. I think I should give you a star for pouring coffee on my lap; Maybe I can figure out and if I do I'll get back and post in the thread again.

posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 03:53 PM

Originally posted by wdkirk
Can't wait to see who else is going to rip us off.

Well the wait is OVER Hehehe

Many Bus transportation companies are saying they are seeing more users lately switching to buses because of fuel costs... so are they happy about the increase in business coming their way?

YOU decide...

Fuel price rise could mean higher bus fares - have your say ...
Jun 30, 2008 ... Should bus companies be allowed to push up fares because of high fuel .... They have every right to raise prices in line with fuel costs. ...

Fuel costs may raise mass transit fares
Jun 21, 2008 ... Closer to home, Caltrain and SamTrans bus operations are poised to raise fares within the next year to offset the ballooning diesel costs,

Bay Metro considers cutting services, raising fares to offset high ...
Jun 20, 2008 ... Bay Metro considers cutting services, raising fares to offset high fuel costs. Posted by Ryan J. Stanton | The Bay City Times June 20, ...

Las Vegas is going to DOUBLE its bus fare from 1.25 to 2.50 one way fare and you have to buy a two way 24 hour pass if you need to transfer

Hmmmm I see a new thread....

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