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(LSWC) The Threat

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posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 03:51 AM
OK First off, if you have never played MGS then you may not get this as it gets a little weird toward the end. Anyway I hope you have a good read.

In an era of terrorism, genocide, daily murders that go unsolved. The civilians have become afraid. Mere shadows of their former selves. Military action is term used too often and too loosely.


A bright crisp sunlight trickles through the dense jungle of Irubaq. A small insignificant spec on the horizon of such a vast land gently falls back to the earth it once came from. The sunlight is drowned out by a brighter light. A light so intense all animals in the vicinity are immobilised, birds fall to their death. As the light ravages the jungles interior, creatures in the river all boil within an instant.

4263 Miles away in Washington D.C. Colonel Spencer, an aging proud man who once fought in the fierce Danang Conflict, has learned of what has happened. “Fifteen million dollars” he proclaims turning his head slowly toward his friend and advisor Dr Richards. “Fifteen million dollars, they want fifteen million dollars” he worryingly exclaimed. Shaking with a mixture of fear and rage Colonel Spencer downed a shot of whiskey. “A bit too early for that don’t you think?” Dr Richards said. “It takes the edge of whiney b******s like you, don’t you think?” Colonel Spencer sniped back. “They’re probably bluffing Jim, you know how they play things. Buy one operational warhead. Fire it. Live off of the fear, that’s how things have always been” acknowledged Dr Richards.

Colonel Spencer took a seat behind his desk, hidden behind his medals of courage, honour and wisdom lay a frail old man. Dr Richards knew this and knew everything he comforted him with couldn’t get past Colonel Spencer’s past. “You know, Gary” bit Colonel Spencer, taking a moment to pour himself another whiskey. “Fourty Nine years. FOURTY NINE DAMN YEARS!! I served for this country. Now rogue groups like G.A.T.O.R and S.G.M can hold us to ransom. That’s what you get when you use private military corporations instead of your own men” Colonel Spencer retorted. “So what do we do?” Dr Richards asked. quivering in fear at the thought of an angered Colonel Spencer. “We send him in” Colonel Spencer replied “What!? We don’t even know if he’d last the plane ride there, let alone, the very thought of him actually serving a purpose once down on the ground” Dr Richards said giving his thoughts on the idea presented. “It’s already been finalised Gary. I’m sorry” Colonel Spencer said. Gary held his head in his hands. “God have mercy”

“Colonel, I can see them” a rough voice proclaims. “Good…. Snake” Colonel Spencer exclaims “Whats your situation?” the Colonel asked. “I’m a little cold but other than that, I’m feeling fine” exaggerated Snake. Putting away his NanoPhone embedded in his arm Snake realised the situation was a lot more dangerous. “A Hind D?” he proclaimed. The Russian gunship was similar to the one he had destroyed on his Shadow Moses mission.

Several hours later Snake had taken down many foes and was a short distance from his objective. Suddenly “Snaaaaaaaaaaaake!!!!” a voice boomed from his left. Out of the settling dust a shadow emerged. “BIG BOSS!?! WHAT THE!?!” Snake exclaimed. “No Snake… call me… Dad” Big Boss said with a grin. “WHAT DAD!? WHAT!?” Snake was now confused. A question mark appeared above Snakes head. “WHATS GOING ON!!?!?” he said becoming more confused.

“Snake…. Snake!!!!” the Colonel said, becoming more angry. “Wha….what….” Snake opened his eyes. “Where am I?” he asked. “Your at my retirement party snake. You fell asleep, passed out even after too many drinks” chuckled the Colonel. “So it was all a dream…” said a relived Snake. “Yes Snake. It was all a dream” A noise emanated from Colonel Spencers ear. “Im in Colonel” said a voice. “Good Raiden” “WHAT!!?!?!?”

The End

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 03:52 AM
Whoops, forgot to say the Proglogue is only that little part at the top. There shall be no more to this pointless story lol

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 06:50 AM
Good description at the beginning.
Makes me feel somewhat

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