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This woman is demon possessed

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posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 09:37 PM

And yet people will listen to her, and believe she is some sort of prophet.

I can not see how it is humanly possible to have a coherent and clear voice while violently shaking your head the way she does. This kind of violent shaking would cause a baby to have brain damage.

No where in the bible is the Spirit of God associated with a lack of control this way. It is always a Spirit that lifts one up and gives one strength, it does not possess you to perform violent physical acts.

It almost looks like her face morphs...every now and then in video.

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posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 09:26 PM
what she is doing is called (drama). Souls do this to gain notice and to make themselves built up in their pride.

A true holy ghost soul, who has the holy ghost has gifts of it like meekness and gentleness and love and silence.

No drama can be found in saintly souls, you see because God removes all of the souls self love and shows it itself.

As for possesion, yes it is real and she might be, actually she is, but with a crazy spirit. Some people are possesed with viciousness violence hatred ect..

When you feal that hardened spirit within, you know that spirit that wants to rebel, not pray, be vicious, this is what sin does to the soul, I have felt it all too many times. And I have felt the other side without sin which is Gods grace.

I don't know how it all works but I know it's real and have felt it. And the evil souls in the world, they are possesed within and the only thing helping them is prayer which produces love.

anyways sorry for long response. I can't stand seeing stuff like this.


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