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Can anyone explain how the US got this bad?

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posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 08:47 AM

Originally posted by harvib
reply to post by alienstar

I bet I will catch a lot of heat for this but here goes. I don't think we can continue to blame the Government for the state of affairs. Our Government is supposed to work for us, the people. We have taken an extended vacation and expected our unmanaged Government to be the same as when we left. Our Government has done what every other Government in the history has done, work to obtain more power. It was up to us to keep that in check and we have failed. The people have become complacent.

Now I need to go grab some potato chips and go back to watching TV...

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I agree with you, alienstar. The government exists only because we the people let it exist, no other reason. I think 9-11 stunned most people, like a stun gun on Star Trek, and then some kind of mind control took place when they were stunned. I was awake during that horror, and could not believe the Congress actually passed Bills like the Patriot Act 1 and 2. A government like ours must be Transparent, and must have Checks and Balances for everything they do, period. As someone else said in another post, it is time we the people stood up to be counted. If each state began legislation to secede, and detach themselves from the Corporation of the UNITED STATES, and began to form their own government, I believe things would change real fast. Several states have come real close, Oklahoma declaring Sovereignty is a good beginning, and Hawaii seems to want their Kingdom back too. If we are fed up with our leaders, then we should fire them.

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 09:46 AM
Whenever the elected representatives no LONGER represent the best interests of the people, but instead, represent the interests of those who fund the re-election campaigns, the nation will no longer give the people the freedom liberty and independence they need to thrive and grow as a nation.

Think about this, and ask yourself, who do your representatives REALLY represent?

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 09:47 AM
Too much Corporate power which was quickly followed by arrogance and stupidity. Not by the people but by the Elites.

It is very unfortunate but the US seems to be following the age old path of the Empire

Its happened to every superpower and Empire since the beginning of civilization.

They get too big
They want too much
They spend too much on expansion
They collapse financially under their own weight
They start again under a different name as a more modest, smaller nation or become integrated into a larger empire and culture.

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 10:03 AM
reply to post by alienstar

It was planned from the time the bankers bailed out our bankrupt country in the very beginning. BANKERS ultimately are the responsible ones for the demise of this country, along with power hungry/greedy elite pulling the strings on the ones "we" think "we" elected.

But, like history has shown and I'm sure you're beginning to see, this way of life is comming to an end. Soon we will be back to the way of doing things for each other in order to exchange goods and services that all of us need....instead of relying on monetary worth that in and of itself cannot do anything for you.

Here's an example....

Say you have 4 people who find themselves stranded on an island.

person 1 knows how to hunt, fish and collect water
person 2 knows how to build shelter, protect against the elements
person 3 knows how to provide first aid, remedies for illnesses
person 4 does not know ANYTHING, will not help but has piles and piles of cash, gold and credit cards...

so ask yourself can money/plastic/gold help you truely survive?...NO!
And it's our duty to teach the bankers this very important lesson in life.

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 10:07 AM
reply to post by Hugues de Payens

A very good list. I would like to add


The ability to lay back and buy as opposed to fabricate wants and minor needs lead us away from self-reliance, community (when we needed input/help with something), creativity, independant thought, quality standards and acountability. Advertisments telling us we need this or that to be complete and self-doubting when we do not live us to those fantasy standards.

Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door was the old saying, now we would wonder why you had such a rodent problem in the first place.

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 10:07 AM
reply to post by alienstar

Yes. It's explained in my post, For neo-Nazi holocaust deniers It's a long post, so you will have to spend at least an hour going to different pages and scrolling down through them until something catches your eyes. Just skip around at the middle pages and beginning pages and end pages. It's all there.

Basically, in one sentence: The German bankers (& Illuminati dating back to the 1st Reich around 1200-1400 a.d. about 400 years later) founded the Bank of England which founded the Fed in 1913 which financed the Germans & Communists and Nazis, and after WWII the Nazis were absorbed into the CIA and did the bogus Cold War against the Soviets who defeated the Germans in WWI and WWII, and then went on to finance and train al Qaeda who did WTC/911 to benefit the oil companies that sponsored them ... and there's your answer.

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posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 10:11 AM
reply to post by TroyB

Thats all well and good, but what about when the rest of the world is continuing on with their business and you are bartering with fish etc. Will you not want to emigrate to where life is better??

Remember, this is how the US became so populous in the first place - a higher standard of living for South americans and a refuge from war from Europeans. It a viscus circle!

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 10:30 AM
I read the papers on the Iron Mountain think tank from 1962 sponsored by the Ford Foundation and I think it was held in Michigan.

The best and most accurate version I've found was on U-Tube but it had a strong Christian flavoring added and may have been removed.

Toward the end of the letter the tank suggested "Bush wars" to support global economy with the last step being “environmental restitution”.

I believe the actual turning point may have been the CIA being used by Henry Cabot Lodge to snipe a President with a US Marine Sniper (Ray B.).

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 11:23 AM
And we were the only superpower in the world for about 11 years. That's pretty short.

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 11:45 AM
I'll tell you why,

We got taken advantage of. The U.S.A. is known because of the "American Dream". Everyone comes here to work from rags to riches. People are busy living, trying to enjoy life with freedom, trying to work and make money for their families and for themselves, and move on up. While people are busy doing all that, the last thing they ever have to worry about is whats happening in the White House. The majority of the people in the U.S.A. are so comfortable the way things use to be, they don't think anything will change. So while people are putting their trust in the White House, they easily look past whats happening while going to school, or working from 9 to 5.

Then "they" took advantage of that. "They" realized everyone is so busy "dreaming" they can pretty much fix the elections, and take over the country, and pass laws behind our backs, while we trust them to do the right thing. No one would ever believe someone could take over the U.S.A. but "they" did. All because people trusted the U.S.A., but then we all got stabbed in the back.

It's too late now. We need help from another country to get our country back. There are to many thick heads in the system with control. We need a miracle type "purge", and a complete revamp of everyone in office. Fire everyone, and hire nothing but new people. We can't trust anyone in office anymore, and it is no longer in the control "of the people". U.S.A. is being controlled by a select few.

It's a damn shame.

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 12:13 PM
Greed. It's been going on for generations. Read about United Fruit and the BS they pulled in South and Central America. Corporations and the truly wealthy gain influence over government officials and then profiteer from it. Back in the 20's it happened alot on the municipal level where big city politicians and judges were 'owned'. It worked so well they went for Federal Government. Think of the money made suppying the wars. Think of the money made behind the scenes in banking. Think of the rebuilding contracts for Iraq and Afghanistan. The same names crop up again and again. How much money disappeared in Iraq? How many billions in oil revenue disappeared in Iraq? Where do you think this money went? Congress people have devolved into the thinking that 'everyone else is doing it' and jump on the profiteering bandwagon. Reminds me of the movie 'Serpico'. Just keep tabs on who has profited from the selliung-out of America people so we can pay them all a visit when the ball drops.

You know, sometimes old solutions are the best. I say we dust-off the old guillotine. It worked for the French. Maybe if we lop the heads off a couple of these treasonous SOB's the rest will snap into place. I say we drop some retro on their collective ass.

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 12:19 PM
In short, because Americans let it happen.

It will get worse before it gets better!

If you think things are bad now, what do you think it will be like when war between the U.S.A., Israel and Iran breaks?

The United States is near the point of economic collapse, if that happens and the Dollar is further devalued, you could see a day when you could fill up a shopping cart with cash and not have enough to buy a loaf of bread. Have any of you considered what you need to do to survive times like these?

It is all the prelude to a one world government, of course that will happen after the wars. The times between now and then will be the toughest times for most Americans. Are you ready for these times?

The kind of change that is coming is not the election promise McCain and Obama are trying to sell you.

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 12:21 PM
didnt even make it all the way through all this Bush blaming...but I wanted to interject...blaming the Bush administration is short-sighted and foolish. Learn your history. This isn't new. It's worse, its more in the open, but that is just because a number of aspects of what has led us to where we are have neared completion. But to blame Bush and think the new schmuck is going to make it all better is the worse sort of idiocy, and very dangerous to us all.

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 12:41 PM
The problem is namely 2 things: 1) the federal reserve private banking system basically controls the US economy, since and that is owned by Rothschilds and Rockefellers, in 1913.

On Sunday, December 23, 1913, two days before Christmas, while most of Congress was on vacation, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law. Wilson would later express profound regret over his tragic decision, stating:

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world - no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men."

That was the most critical moment for the ruination of the country and entrenched the shadow government as the main power.

2) The second most critical element was operation paperclip. After the Rothschildes and Rockefellers made a fortune off all sides of the wars, the nazis where brought into the US and worked on the secret space program, and NASA. Hence the fourth Reicht was formed.

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posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 01:14 PM
1. Apathy
2. Ignorance
3. Media
4. Mass Consumption
5. Florid in the water, Aspartame, and MSG in food
6. Corruption
7. greed

I would go one but i don't have all day

America was good while it lasted, to bad this country is in for some epic fail

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 01:25 PM
I think this sums it up:

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 01:28 PM
America selling out to foreign investors is part of the problem...

seems Russia is next...

The Kremlin is poised to begin picking off key American assets.

i think it should be illegal for other countries to buy anything in the USA.

it's amazing how many roads and bridges are owned by out of country investors and leased back to us...we have to pay somebody else to drive on our roads !

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 01:33 PM
My take . . .

1. Refusal by US Gov't, for decades, to reveal alternative energy technology, wherein it would herein become almost FREE; anyone with same is paid off and/or threatened.
2. Refusal to bust the OPEC cartel, i.e., corp. profiting from it.
3. Refusal to drill in Gull Island, Alaska.
4. Re above, paying off Congress with cash, secret non-USA based accounts wherein $ can be utilized via credit card, other . . . "The best government money will buy!"
5. Murder of JFK in order to rescind his dollar/silver exchange program.
6. Nixon's closing of the gold window, with resultant limitless fiat currency issuance.
7. Free [not Fair] trade agreements costing tens of millions Americans their livelihood lifestyles due to low wage sourcing.
8. Mortgage lending contractual fraud, wherein regulators & legislators bribed to look the other way.

Overall, being that the cost of energy is the underlying basis of most all inflation, expect another 1970's spike, as living standards decline much further, i.e., more collective labor needed to produce a living wage.

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 01:53 PM
we the people fell asleep at the wheel. we allowed ourselves to be scared (not all of us but enough to elect a clear idiot...twice). we got complacent. we lost our empathy for those less fortunate than we are, which played very well into the phased implementation of robbing our people and our country blind. gosh this list could go on and on.

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 01:54 PM
reply to post by harvib

Harvib I'll have to say I disagree. The people don't have the power to influence their government in any meaningful way. During Bush's term public approval dropped below 50% pretty fast. So why was he in office, when over half of our country didn't want him in office? I not only think hes abusing the power of the presidency, I think he's guilty of several counts of treason:

He went to war illegally. America is not supposed to have the authority to overrule the UN security council, but we ignored them anyway, when they decided we shouldn't go to war.

He illegally tortured prisoners of war. After Guantanamo became public, he should have been impeached and imprisoned.

His reason for going to war has been nothing but lies. We have found no nuclear weapons in Iraq or Afghanastan. We have not captured Osama Bin Laden, but we have killed another leader simply for being on oil-rich land. I think the fact that Bush's family has money in big oil suggests that he is making money off of the invasion of Iraq, at the expense of the entire american economy. If this is not treason, I don't know what is.

His response to Hurricane Katrina has been ridiculous. The president is supposed to protect the people, and their interests. Why can we spend trillions of dollars on an illegal war, yet cant repair the 81 billion dollars of damage caused to US soil? Why are tens of thousands still homeless? I think this demonstrates a remarkable lack of judgement and skewed priorities on the part of his administration.

The "War on Terrorism" is ridiculous also. 9/11 was bad. I will not argue that. But think about it - we were attacked by people with box cutters. Anyone could have hijacked a plane back then, we didn't have airport security. I want to make it clear: we have not been the victim of a military attack. They were random criminals, not military personnel. If were are ever attacked by a formal military we will know it (bombs, machine guns, tanks etc...). I think its more a way to justify illegal surveillance and police brutality in an age where they don't want the people to realize that their greatest enemy is their own government.

Just my two cents. I know not everyone will agree with me. But I don't think a president should be able to sit in office with an approval rating of 19%. I don't understand how he can still be sitting in office, let alone remain a free man. It doesn't seem we can remove our leaders legally anymore.

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