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The biggest tool... (Only those awake need to read)

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posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 03:57 PM
...the government uses is the press and news media. They use it to inform you of new laws and etc. They assume everybody watches the news to keep currently in the know. That freedom of press is a ploy. The gov doesnt want to loose it's free coverage. If you ask me, the government should have to pay for air time like the rest of us, but pay more for air time than the rest of us and be only to have to pay for any type of news coverage. This way they wont put together stuff they know we wont like to deal with if they know they'd have to pay a lot for it to air. The cost would defeat some petty things from even becoming a new regulation or law or new threat before the public gets to be bothered with hearing it.

The press and news media can put the government in check. We should all call for the press and news media to put a price tag on coverage relating to what the government wants to say... Or for the press and news media to not showcase anything from the government. I mean, dont let the ploy fool you because I bet you'd hear the outcry from the government that it turns out they want to give info for the press and news media. You see the president can pop on live any damn time he wants. Why is that? There is no law saying stations have to broadcast the president. If there was, then why is there a freedom of press in the constitution? What's the word FREEDOM in "freedom of press" for if the press aint free to not even cover the government? Ppl are brainwashed coming into the press and news media field by the very goverment. It's time they wake up and exercize their freedom which can change the world if it starts here in the U.S.

Anyone else think this would be a start to change the government by making them put up plenty or shut up?

Hell, dont write your Congressman jack dip, write the press and every news media forum. If Congress aint for us, then the press and news media at least could be for us as a leveling tool to change the government.

I mean, if you aint awake and then you start realizing some day that you have to pay for surfing the internet and going on sites (besides the paying the service provider for giving you basic access), and dont think we can get respect from the government, who would sign such into law, by making them pay just to be covered, then you are basically for loosing your self-respect as the gov puts the next cock down your throwt and has you pay for it. You should rather do unto others as they do unto you.

Because of laws enforced by the government you are paying taxes. Time for the press and news media to be the ppl's version of taxing big bother, uncle sam, etc. What the press and news media can do with that money is all good things. They could help ppl pay court fees and costs to sue the government. They could help ppl pay for a good lawyer rather than be give a court appointed lawyer. They could help schools in many ways. Etc.

This government cant change the constitution so I say get to getting the press and news media to sale coverage of government related news to the government. The government assumes we all watch the news so this should hit em where it can bring an affect. The ppl who watch the news religiously now do so because they been realized how the government likes to switch up on ppl for the worst. The gov got ppl slaves to the tube or digital set. Well if we are going to be made slaves to those things, then we can be so if we want at least knowing the government is paying for it.

The whole government depend on the press and news media. Why make a law for the ppl if they wont be able to know about it expect by coming into a government building (which of course the gov doesn't want you to do. They dont want the ppl in their buidlings to be directly informed). Why cant the ppl each be individually a press without having to get an press id pass to get info they specificly want from the government officials and ask them questions that will be answered? Screw the coverage of the government in any way, shape, or form if the government aint paying the press or news media to hear and release what was spoken.

The conspiracy is that the government is brainwashing us in a ploy. They make you think they dont want to release info, but that's a damn lie.

posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 04:14 PM
Unfortunately whilst individually there is brilliance,collectively mankind is a stupid animal and it is the herd the media addresses it will all go around the 's' bend before the average joe will realise hes been lied to since birth with regards to religion,politics,taxation,the banking system-the lot.

For those of us in the know there are two possible outcomes we all submit our free will and become mind numbed corporate slaves or another cog in the machine or more likely through human incompetence the bulldust piled to the heavens eventually collapses under its own weight ;when 5,10,15,25 or more years who knows demented video game earth probably has some time left before peak oil.

The media will not comply to any pressure other than decreased revenues if you formulate any strategy unless you include this you are doomed to fail.

posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 04:34 PM
reply to post by Mabus

Bro!!! i think you've got it in one!!!
The media controls everyones opinions, In a way, its like a dictatorship.

THE CITIZENS of the country should have COMPLETE control of the media.

I think there should be a major protest aimed at these media barons.
They need to be overthrown as soon as possible.
Its because of them views get distorted and people cant see past their noses...

posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 05:15 PM
If we have control over the news media and press we should be able to get them to charge or not cover government related news that the government wants to be revealed to the public.

We do have a control if we threaten to stop watching/listening/reading all the news programs/papers/mags in any and every formate they come in. We can threaten advertizers, too: that whichever company advertizes their products or services during when the news comes on, they shall have their products or services disreguarded and listed in the boycott. We can pickett right outside the news stations/studios wheresoever they may be (particularlly the big ones), and make it hard for them to come to work until they do as the public prefer them to.

Let me add:

Here the government releases translated Bin Ladin tapes for the news media. The news media wont release these suspect Bin Ladin tapes because they have no conformation it's Bin laden and dont want to ruin their reputation. The government realizes this, and so what do they do? Give a confirmation so that then the news media does release what the government basically appoves and translates be released.

If the government knew it had to pay the news media to cover Bin Ladin tapes how it wanted them covered, then it prolly wouldnt release confirmed and translated tapes of Bin Laden because it would know that it would be looking way suspect for paying for it to come on the news. It would be enough to convince the public that the government just might be working with Bin Laden in some way or supporting Bin Ladin.

The government tries not to look like a corperation. Well it's time they look like a customer of the press then. The government should pay the press and news media big bucks for their audiences to hear them. Ppl who watch the news are going to do so religiously anyway. Aint like the news media wouldnt have viewers one day if they decide to charge the government to cover anything they feel they should say.

The government knows it can tell the press and news media any ol thing whenever. Certain ppl eat all of it up without question just because it's from the government.

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posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 07:13 PM
The price for coverage should be raised for any government related news material from anyone. That's right, not just from a confirmed government sources when we all know the government could just hire a thrid party to try for the cheaper price to get what they want to say out to the public.

Every time the government does what the majority of average citizens dont like, the price have coverage should increase. If the gov wants to save money they better not start something that's not actually for the ppl they supposed to be for.

That negativity showcased keeps the government in the news and ppl's eyes glued... Would the government pay to have things revealed that the public would more than likely find negative? It would be on the government to straighten up its act so that they wont have to... Or else the coverage price gets raised. The more positive stuff they release, based on majority of news viewers opinions, then just maybe the coverage price should begin to lower to a certain point though so they dont try to sucker the press and news media.

The government would be begging for mercy if the press and news media flex it's freedom of the press to exercize their freedom alright. Yeah, freedom to not showcase the government in any way. Ppl who'd want to speak on behave of the government would have to pay up. You wouldnt hear about some guy taken off the terror list just because Congress voted them off it when you know their are other ppl on the list who shouldnt be put in a situation where it takes majority of votes from Congress to help em out. This shows the negative side in government that it would take getting on some form to be written up about you for you to be considered by votes to be taken off some terror watch list. That's bull. Besides, why would the gov want to tell the public instead of just notify that specific person and remove him from whatever computerized relayed system that ties in with air ports and boarders?

Screw the government. It's time for them to pay top dollar and go through a struggle (make it a raising price struggle) like the rest of the average Americans. They already arent held accountable by far for not doing what they supposed to and doing what they not supposed to. Why would any one not want them to at least have to pay up for coverage?

Extra, extra:

They got certain programmed to think if they dont watch the government is going to come on them like a thief to take away their rights and freedoms. They aint Jesus.

But if they wont pay so that ppl know what they doing, then there would be less fear. And less fear to act against overbaring laws. More ppl wouldnt take the gov seriously. And so in a jury they would be like... Well hey, we didnt even know there was a new law passed that says you cant do such n such any more... Then the jury is more likely to do what? Say the defendant is not guilty since the government failed in informing it's new law with responsibility. (Haha, the gov would be treated like someone who ducked out of paying child support then). This would reveal the weakness in a government that tries to lock every one up or get them to pay in some way for things that shouldnt even be considered crimes.

And the government wouldnt be affective in ordering martial law if they dont pay up for coverage.

Face it, the government needs the press and news media period. And if they can squeeze bucks out of the gov, then those bucks can do wonders. The government such as your state or local government would think twice before informing the public of something petty like informing that ppl can no longer wear sagging pants. If the government finds it wouldnt be worth paying for, then they might not even make a new petty law to begin with. See what I'm saying?

By the way, we can boycott outlets if they meet up for that government word stuff if they're going to give coverage for free.

Ever wonder how much the journalist get paid to come along in war zones? Does the government pay them when the government got the news media and press begging for stories or something to report? It shouldnt be that way. The government should have to pay journalist to come into danger zones or to see how the military is doing. If they wont pay, then at least the journalist will remain safe and sound. The news media isnt awaken right now because they all on the governments [feeding trough] without getting paid by the government. So we need to get the press and news media to excerize freedom of press in a way the government gets a cramp in its hip air time. This is way overdue.


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posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 07:24 PM
I guess I must asleep still. The gov't "earns" its money via taxation. So you want us to pony up our tax dollars for propaganda? To save a buck the gov't decide to do more thngs in secret without public knowledge?

It is your opinion and I will give you all the room to voice it. Just try not to insult me by saying I am asleep if I disagree.

posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 07:40 PM
reply to post by Ahabstar

You think Americans would have to pay extra in taxes when the government can just shift what the taxes (unraised) collected go toward?

You act like they cant re-prioritize and/or down size (down sized government is something most Americans want). Down sized gov means the gov has less power because they know they cant enforce things without man power.

And the gov would be responsible to inform certain key things that affect or will affect us Americans even if it had to pay up to do so.

There is no law saying the news media and press cant charge to cover something or someone government related.

You want the government taking advatage howsoever of the American ppl through the press and news media? They should pay up without raising taxes and this should tell the gov that nothing comes across for free anymore so that they save on bringing about what most ppl wont like and save on money.

posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 11:23 PM
you seem like you know your stuff.

It'll be hard to tell everyone to stop watching tv...
Personally, i HATE television, its so mind numbingly dumb!
Apart from wildlife programmes and the odd movie here and there, what else is there worth watching?
Everything you see has a hint of racism, sexism, "patriotism" and you can blatantly see that every single programme is some form of propaganda.
I feel the first step in conquering this grip the government has on everyones minds is to definately boycott TV!!

How can this be arranged?

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