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UFO Identified 5,000 years ago!

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posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 03:05 PM
If you wish to know the truth of “aliens” look in a mirror. If you wish to know the truth of “Earthlings” look into Enki ( )

Gilgamesh is a good starting point. Enki is always near water and speaks to humans with a partition between him. He does not want to be seen and his home is in the deep oceans. I put it up for discussion that the same is true for the most commonly sighted “alien”. Simply because they are one and the same.

The ancient documentation states over and over that Earth is a breeding colony. We are husks or “clay vessels” that can share consciousness with “visitors”.

After a war among the “Gods” the life span of mankind shortened and the Gods visited less frequently. The Sumerian reason for this is that man interfered with the dreams of the Gods.

With a shorter life span breeding would accelerate. One reason could be the clay vessels are used to imprison guilty criminals from various worlds. Cast to this primitive world for what would be a single day in their home existence. Payment for crimes committed on their home worlds. Also as a lesson to “angels” that would choose to revolt against their prince.

Enki was also the book keeper of the Gods. Now why would someone keep books of what is removed from a place? Every store owner does to assure full payment. In this case this planet belongs to Enki’s kind.

Part of the payment for the goods such as gold and silver (conductors), crops, chemicals etc. would be something Enki’s kind need.

I have seen what the payment is. They are like large frogs. They have guarded large stockpiles of soft shelled eggs in the deepest crevices of the oceans. These eggs are vulnerable to the effects of human chemical waste products. As our wastes increase so our time here shall shorten. Every creature I know of will protect it’s survival over that of others.

Revelation speaks of three frogs coming out of the mouths of false prophets at the end of our present age. These Enki’s will help to guide our government leaders to the last war in protection of their eggs. However the Enki’s or Eaons will also provide information to some humans to assure survival of mankind into the next age (future food supplies and entertainment).

You see part of the payment for materials taken from this world long ago is to provide cattle for the youth that hatch after the end of this age. That is after the last war. The youth will feed on those close to the beaches in South America. Primarily because the Northern Hemisphere with the exception of very small isolated areas (four in all) deep inland shall be radioactive waste lands devoid of life.

Enki can build clay figures and bring the consciousness of a human to it to show them what is yet to pass. They project a wave of thought that makes their “subject” feel deep love and paralysis. They are neutral in the continuing war between the Sons of Light (angels) and the Sons of Darkness (gargoyles). They show a star cancellation of an equilateral triangle. The Sons of Light travel through space by means of a worm hole that is as a vine of light from the inside.

They only good news is that there shall be a gathering of souls to Miggedo, to our Lord’s tower. First Israel is attacked by two armies from the south and one later on from the north. If a person feels the life force leave their body at this time they should not look back but go with the harvesters to the tower, do not look back and do not hesitate. If a person looks back they will be left behind.

If a person wishes to leave and face the Lord with self respect they should be ready to prevent the grabbing of children that will happen soon (with-in a few years). This will happen after the gas taken from Iraq before the start of the war (Variant-U with Red Rain fungal agent / / ) is released over southern Pakistan from the boarder of India. It will be stored with commercial radioactive wastes from India’s nuclear power plants. This gas will be brought into the US. We must prevent the taking of American children at this time.

Have a safe 4th.


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