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Big Oil Man Bill Phillips of Conoco/Phillips Warns of Disaster if Obama Elected

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posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 02:10 AM
reply to post by TheWayISeeIt

Like Bill Phillips, I am also from Bartlesville, OK, (the home of Phillips 66), am also a descendant of the oil and gas industry (my second cousin is currently the CEO of an oil and gas company with 5000 employees), and am also heavily engaged in politics (I'm a Republican National Delegate for 2008).

I noticed that in BIll Phillips' letter regarding oil prices and the Presidential election, Bill demonized Obama, but also never trumpeted McCain. I agree completely. With my background, I strongly share Bill Phillips' concerns and endorse Bob Barr for President of the United States.

Oil is expensive for 4 reasons.

1. Oil Supply
2. OIl Demand
3. Federal Reserve
4. Fear Factor (Iran)

1. Oil Supply - Bob Barr allows us to set up the camera and ask questions any time. Barr is not just another talking head that has to read from a teleprompter. Here is a video of Bob Barr reviewing McCain and Obama's Energy Policies & ANWR.

2. OIl Demand - China and India's economic growth is significantly increasing the global demand for oil. Reducing demand by curbing economic growth would be a horrible solution. Reducing demand with technology (alternative fuel, etc) would help. But government does not have the money for research. We're broke! So the best way to create demand for local energy would be to stop supplementing imports with overseas military.

Bob Barr will bring home the military immediately, and not just from Iraq, but also Afghanistan, Japan, South Korea, Germany, and the rest of Europe; that's ground, ships, and air. The United States currently has military bases in 130 countries! Defending our country is not the same as occupying everyone else's country. With a significantly reduced overseas military, the United States demand for foreign oil would drop, trillions of tax dollars would go back in your pocket, and demand for local alternative sources for energy would rise.

3. Federal Reserve - As mentioned by Bill Phillips, we only perceive the price of oil rises because the value of our dollar constantly drops thanks to the Federal Reserve. The price of oil hasn't increased relative to gold. This charts compares the price of oil in dollars (blue) and gold (red) for the past 62 years.

Obama's largest contributor is Goldman Sachs ($601,000), #3 is JPMorgan ($374,000), and #4 is Citigroup ($371,000). McCain's largest contributor is Merrill Lynch ($250,000), #2 is Citigroup ($249,000), and #4 is Goldman Sachs ($172,000). Notice a pattern? Banks finance the two party system to profit from rising national debt. None of these companies appear on Bob Barr's contributor list which goes all the way down to $500. Bob Barr is the only candidate with the political freedom to challenge the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve can be a confusing subject. Here is a 45 minute video which clearly explains the history and future goals of the Federal Reserve, who benefits, and who suffers.

Bob Barr would get America off the Federal Reserve by legalizing alternative commodity-based currencies and banks; in other words, legalize money! This way, the market would sort out whether or not the dollar is best, without the only alternative being to move money overseas. Here are some (currently illegal?) examples:

4. Fear Factor (Iran) - The House is currently debating Resolution H. Con. Res. 362 to prohibit all imports of petroleum, trucks, vehicles, ships, planes, trains, and cargo for Iran. A strict blockade is certainly an act of war! If any country tried to do that to us, America would start shooting. Iran will do the same. If Iran attacks ou

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 11:35 AM
If we had stayed with gas guzzlers we might be OK but the elite are buying
Hybrids with their Illuminati money and letting Rockefeller import oil
to emerging economies in China and Asia.

The writing was on the wall since gas was diluted with water in the
1950s and the vapor point changed to make the vapor carburetor

Energy patents have reduced our energy and made us pay more
for less.

Obama can't mean a thing to any oil company.

posted on Jul, 22 2008 @ 09:06 PM
reply to post by TheWayISeeIt

The Big Oil Letter is a Hoax. There is no William “Bill” Phillips. He never existed. You can check out research on the subject.
Big surprise for Republicans. The only politicians who has helped “Big Oil” recently have been men like Alaskan Republican Ted Stevens. He BLOCKED the swearing in of Oil Executives testifying before Congress. Since they weren’t Sworn In they could LIE & not be held accountable. They did LIE and guess what? Now Senator Stevens is under investigation for having Oil Company VECO build his house in Alaska.
Below is the Timeline of his Corruption from USA Today.
Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, is involved in a federal investigation centered on VECO Corp., an Alaska-based oil field services and engineering company.
In May, one current and two former state legislators pleaded not guilty to extortion and taking bribes to support legislation benefiting the company.
Days later, Bill Allen, VECO’s founder and CEO, and a VECO vice president pleaded guilty to bribing state lawmakers in exchange for votes favoring industry on oil legislation.
A timeline:
2000. Renovations on Stevens’ home in the ski resort community of Girdwood more than double the size of the house. Allen oversees the project.
Aug. 31, 2006. The FBI raids the offices of Stevens’ son, then-Alaska Senate president Ben Stevens, along with the offices of several other state lawmakers in an investigation of VECO. The younger Stevens has not been charged.
May 25, 2007. Bob Persons, Ted Stevens’ friend and neighbor, is ordered to appear before a grand jury in Washington, the Anchorage Daily News reports. The government directs Persons to submit documents related to the work on Stevens’ home in Girdwood, including work tied to VECO and contractors who were hired or supervised by VECO.
June 7, 2007. The Washington Post reports that Stevens had hired lawyers and was instructed by the FBI to preserve records relevant to the investigation.
Summer 2007. Barbara Flanders, who serves as a financial clerk for Stevens on the Senate Commerce committee, testifies before a federal grand jury joined by the IRS and the Interior Department. She provides documents regarding the senator’s home renovation bills, an attorney in the case tells the Associated Press.
July 2007. Stevens tells the AP he is worried that a corruption investigation “could cause me some trouble” in running for re-election next year.
July 17, 2007. Stevens files his personal financial disclosure form and says every bill he and his wife received for renovations to their home was paid “with our own money.”
July 30, 2007. FBI agents execute a search warrant at Stevens’ home, which includes taking photos and training video cameras on the house.
So surprisingly it’s Republicans you have to worry about!
REPUBLICAN State Senator from Alaska John Chowdery was just INDICTED on Bribery and Conspiracy. He joins other REPUBLICAN politicians from Alaska who are either under indictment, awaiting sentencing or IN PRISON. REPUBLICANS GOING TO PRISON OR IN PRISON NOW FOR ACCEPTING BRIBES, ETC. FROM OIL COMPANIES.
Two former lawmakers, Pete Kott and Vic Kohring, are serving federal prison sentences following their convictions on corruption charges. Another former lawmaker, Tom Anderson, was convicted of bribery in another case. Another former lawmaker awaits trial.
If you know ANY Democrats who have done illegal things involving Oil Companies be sure to post them here.

posted on Jul, 23 2008 @ 08:16 PM
reply to post by jimmyx

If you think Barak Obama will raise the taxes of "Only those earning 4$250,000.00," think again! Obama has clearly stated, (I doubt if he will admit it), "It is my intent to roll back the tax schedule to the days of Bill Clinton, the 90s."

Although 'Jimmy' roots for Obama, he will undoubtedly 'pay the price,' should, FLIP-FLOP Obama gain this election! McCain changed his views on drilling after America got the shaft by OPEC. Obama changes on everything and says he has not changed. Which one is telling the truth and which one is obviously lying?

If you look at realism and not at the fancy phrases about oil prices you will see the prices of oil going down! The mere mention of America wanting to use it's own oil production has OPEC in deep thought.

Gripe all you want and surmise what you will but the facts are undeniable.

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