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Unsure where this goes....

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posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 02:07 PM
This covers three areas probably, being hauntings (paranormal), ufos, and hypnosis. If that's the right term. I've heard the term regression, but I'm thinking that's only for past-life experiences. I am blithely unaware of hynosis, and how it works, since I've widely regarded it with a healthy dose of skepticism in the past.

I'm rather new to these boards - my main interests are ufos, but also paranormal studies. Perhaps both stem from when I was a child. I was maybe 6? I don't even recall. All I know is that I was young, and I only remember a few things about this house. It was an old 3 story structure that was sort of in the middle-of-nowhere in Colorado. My parents bought it at a "bargain price." They were told, flat-out, that the place was haunted. They apparently laughed at that, and bought it, it was amazingly inexpensive.

We move out several months later, after many strange happenings. I only remember a few specific cases. There were plenty of weird noises, doors opening and closing, that sort of thing. But it was an old home. But on one occassion, in the basement where our TV, couch etc. was, a rocking chair that we had in the corner just started rocking of its own accord, while the entire family watched. I remember all of us just leaving the basement, not even turning the TV off.

On another, we heard what sounded like very heavy bootsteps coming up what was a very solid and wide slightly-winding staircase. We (my brother and I) ran into our parents room, and it had woken them up as well. Our dad grabbed a flashlight (we had them in both rooms, by this point), and we were hiding behind him as he made his way to the stairs, and flashed the light on them. The steps were still happening, as if someone was just in front of us on the stairs, very audible, very clear. After a few seconds of the flashlight, they just stopped.

We moved shortly thereafter. However, there was one other thing I remember fairly clearly, and it was just weird. At the bottom of the stairs and to the right, was a large sliding glass door which opened to a very large back yard that had one tree in it. I remember waking up to a light outside. I recall going down the stairs, and moving the curtain aside on the back door, and seeing a round UFO-like craft on the back lawn, and I even recall a door or something, and a light coming out. That's all I remember.

And that was probably just the over active imagination of a 5 or 6 yo I'd guess. But I have no idea back then (probably was around 1973 or 1974, where I would have seen a UFO to put it into my mind. I mean from TV, or a story, or something. I would have had to have seen it somewhere previous. But it stood out, because I remember that moment for my entire life.

So I guess I am curious of hypnosis actually works. I'm a believing skeptic, if you will. I believe in UFOs.. but only what can be proved. I believe in probably 3% of abduction cases, 1% of crop circles, 10% of photos etc.. I'm a Stanton Friendman sort of guy. I also believe in ghosts. But I think most stories are indeed fabricated or misunderstood. I think (and perhaps this is heresy on this board :lol
that GhostHunsters are a bunch of frauds. I don't like what they do to the subject matter. Like folks who claim to visit underground alien bases where we are being cloned, I think they set a bad name to paranomal studied, and send it back years with their ludicrous show. It's a study, not entertainment, but they try to make it so.

So that's kind of where I am at. I have a feeling that if someone was counting to me "3.. you are going to a special place.. 2.. your lids are getting heavier, blahblah), I might snicker at them. I honestly can't see it working. Of course, this is ignorance talking, I have no idea how it really works.

So: Is it worth it? Based on what I experienced, would it be recommended, or perhaps shouldn't bother? Thanks for any input folks!

posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 02:09 PM
By the way, I mean no offense to any who do believe in alien space bases, or really like the Ghost Hunters. Those are simly my beliefs, and while I frown upon stuff that imo, sets actual study of these areas back, folks are entitled to believe as they like.

Besides, I am rather new here, and I don't want to anger too many of you regulars. Gotta make a few friends before I make a bunch of enemies!

posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 04:18 PM
What would you have to lose by trying hypnosis? A hundred dollars maybe? Maybe less. I know I've spent a lot more than that on things that I didn't profit from. Who knows, you might just find it worth the effort.

I don't believe in most psychics, but once in Sedona, Az. my wife and I had our "fortunes" done by some spiritual something-or-others. Sedona has bunches of New Age practitioners , and we thought it might be fun to try it out. For both of us it cost $150 total - $75 each. My wife got "healed" and her neck really did feel better afterwards, she says. I found out that I stand mere millimeters from ascending to the level of the Great Masters - Jesus, Buddha, St. Germain, and who knows who else.
I've only done it that one time, so if for nothing but the entertainment value, I think I got my money's worth. Just imagine how much money I've spent on cable TV, movie tickets, concert tickets, sports tickets, etc. in my life. That $150 on a one-time experience that has provided us with so much laughter seems like a bargain!

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 09:24 PM
The thing about hypnosis is that you are completely opening yourself up to some stranger. They would have the opportunity to screw up your memories, too, so how could you be sure you are remembering a true event or something they planted? Remember in the 80s when people were "remembering" sexual abuse and UFO abductions and such only to find that the people conducting the hypnosis were inadvertantly planting false memories? Our memories can be faulty as it is, but I wouldnt want someone monkeying around in my head.

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