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It's deader than Hip Hop

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posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 01:51 PM
Politics and government are dead. They've done nothing but bring about problems (locally, stately, nationally, internationally). Am I lieing? Politics and government are forms of terrors that plague us with forms of stupidity and forms of slavery and forms of extortion and forms of cruel and unsual punishments and forms of division.

What we need to do is not just get rid of politics and government, we need something better to replace them.

Have any ideas on what can replace the two?

What works opposite and more effective than legal punishments (includes penalties such as fines, jail time, community service, probation, and parole) for breaking the law?

What works opposite and more effective than all political parties and all types of government?

What needs to be is continual reward for not breaking however many laws they have on the books written. Yes, a reward per law not broken by a citizen. Break a law and you loose the particular reward for it for so as long as a former jail sentence would be. You wouldnt be given jail time. That's the problem with ppl, they wanna see someone tormented and stressed harshly.

The reward can be things like:

1. You get to go into whatever city, state, and country you want.
2. You get to go into whatever 'opened to public' place you want.
3. You get to get into certain places at discount or for free under a limit.
4. You get paid peices to what makes up basic living income for not breaking each law.
5. You get free basic utilities under limits.
6. You get free basic services under limits of things deemed luxuries.
7. You get discounts on any healthy food and gas.
8. You get to pay only half the price of your car insurance.
9. You get a super discount on going to any college or any trade school.

^^So instead of government we'd have a rewardment. If you think the nation or the world would break more laws if it was like this then tell me how you figure that?

Instead of having politians tell us and businesses and corperations and etc what they can and cant do, ppl and businesses and corperations and etc need to tell whoever they deal with what they do and what they dont do with proof only if they choose to. So we can avoid dealing with who isnt upfront if we choose to or we can avoid dealing with who is upfront but just does something we dont like (or doesnt do something we'd like). This would make a more free and 'honest as you want to be' market and society. If you know what you're getting into in dealing with whomever, then there should be no law suits from you. If you know what you're getting into with dealing with whomever, and they werent honest, then a law suit you should be still able to bring against them.

As for things like rape and murder and kidnapping and etc of the like, it should be in the hands of the public. This would be a better deterent knowing it's legal that you can be touched by anyone in the public that wants to punish you however for a crime. I bet you tired of seeing cops get off through judges in a court for killing ppl who werent even a threat to them. Well put certain things in the hands of the public and watch ppl be on their best in not breaking certain laws.

[edit on 4-7-2008 by Mabus]


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