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For all on ATS... Thrive!

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posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 09:20 PM
This music video goes out to everyone that is on ATS; my brothers/sisters in the Lord, Mods, friends, teens & anyone that needs a touch of hope in their lives. This song deeply touched my heart. Looking at this site, keeps our eyes focused on reality, however; we still need a touch of HIS reality which is his mercy, love & grace.

When Life gets just to much, stress mounts, despair begins to creep in...I go to this song play and begin to Thrive..

I can't find an original Newsboys video if there is one and this is the best one I've found for the clarity of music. I stared it and fav'd .. Please listen to the words.. and pray/sings these exact words... for some of you, it will be a very hard thing to do..but, you can do it..don't give up....

Love you guys.. peace..

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