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UFO over Oxford?

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posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 02:47 AM

can be found a photo, with an enhancement:

at approx 10.20pm last night a very slow moving light across the sky over the east end of oxford. Local residents this morning (3rd july) have been calling bbc radio oxford to report the sighting.

Picture number 03 shows the general direction of the sighting, image 02 is the file from the camera and 03 a magnified image from 02.

The author of the photo is Barry Clack, i think he's a professional photographer: i guess he can be contacted here:

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posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 10:23 AM
reply to post by internos

Ooooo, cool! Good work! I think that was the photo on the news report I saw.

Happyspotter has sent me the original of the previous photo...

Any thoughts?

I think, from the various sightings people have reported on the same day (and night) it's reasonable to conclude there was more than one incident on the same day.

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posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 12:02 PM
I saw the same thing this morning on my way to work, wondered if it was a plane initially it looked whiter than in the photo with some glare as the sun glinted off it so I couldn't see the wings, i'm a bit of a spotter so I pay attention to rather insignificant plane oriented stuff-all seemed normal for a plane at say 15,000 to 20,000 feet just above a thin whispy cloud...except it was not moving at all, I continued to watch as it started decending infront of the cloud until again it remained static at the cloud base.
I commented to my driver who said "oh" and continued on disappointingly.
its the strangest thing I have seen so far, figured it my be an airship given the hovering but it was very high-estimated at 20K so beyond most airship's service ceiling about the right size for a 767.
for any one interested this would have been at 0835 on Monday 21/07/08 I have no idea where it eould have been above given the paralax view, i'd estimate maybe Cowley but it could have been as far away as Abingdon.
happened across this at an idle moment at work simply wondering if anyone else had seen it-was surprised to find a pic of a very similar object in a similar sky taken earlier this year.

posted on Jul, 27 2008 @ 05:20 AM

OK, I saw something very strange last night above Oxford town centre, but let's get this straight, the objects (I think there were either 5 or 6 of them were fly *very* high altitude, and crossong the normal flight path of jets etc perpendicular.

They were glowing a ruby red colour, not the usual cherry red type colour you see on aircraft lights. At first, I thought it *was* an aircraft, but the lights were too high, and moving too fast fot that altitude.

Obvious reaction is black ops aircraft getting a runout, but these were fast, in tight formation. I've been to planty of airshows, never seen anything like as fast as this.

After about 3-4 seconds one of the lights broke off from the v formation, moved away for a quick loop and then rejoined - by which time in 3-4 seconds they had almost gone across the whole field of's something weird because you wouldn't imagine a 'normal' plane to be doing that sort of manouvere at that speend.

I dunno, probably was a special ops run, but thought I'd search to see if anything had been seen like this - can't find anything on the web.

Anyway, interested to hear any similar sightings or points of view...


posted on Jul, 27 2008 @ 06:59 AM
here is a tip......look up the place that is situated on the main road from Oxford to Swindon. there is a base on the left hand side near to the white horse at Uffington,

look up what they do there.......

take care


posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 06:36 AM
Last night, as I was going to bed, I spotted an unusual object in the sky over the Cowley area of Oxford. This was at about 1:40am Wednesday morning (20/08/2008), weather was quite overcast but the moon was shining through in places.

At first I thought it was just a fast moving jet aircraft, it remained on a straight trajectory, though its speed was impressive. It then suddenly (but not instantly) changed its course and started flying about in circles and loops, still maintaining an impressive amount of speed for such hard turns. The object appeared as a ball of light, no flashing lights that I could see or other colours coming through.

After about 30 seconds or so of observing the object in awe, I tried to go for my phone camera, but it had already gone by the time I got it. My girlfriend was awoken by my excited reactions, but didn't believe me. It nonetheless spooked her because of how I was acting and for the next 10-15 mins, she was watching the sky herself while I slowly started drifting to sleep.

A sudden hitch of breath came from my girlfriend and I turned back to see the object had returned. This time it did no fanciful maneuvers, but hovered around the clouds for a few seconds before it sped off again at impressive speeds into the distance towards the general direction of RAF Benson.

This hugely disturbed my girlfriend I have to say. She tried to convince me it was just a bird, but I didn't believe she believed that explanation herself, she was really quite scared at what she saw and just lay there watching the skies for about half an hour before she finally fell asleep again. This morning when I tried to talk about it, she just got upset and didn't want to talk about it.

I'm wondering if anyone else spotted anything between the hours of 1:40am - 2:10am. This is my first 'UFO' sighting and my feelings on the matter has often been its most likely human made, super secret aircraft. It did not behave like any aircraft I'm currently aware of and it most certaintly wasn't a bird. It did not behave in a manner of something falling to the Earth either (meteor, satellite etc), but in a controlled manner at cloud level.

Personally I found this to be an amazing experience for me. Even though the possibility exists that this can be mundanely explained, I felt such a rush of adrenaline and combination of emotional reactions from fear, anxiety to sheer excitement at what I saw. I have often seen videos of similar objects and wanted to see one for myself to make my own judgements....

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 03:53 PM
I'm picking up on this thread because I live in Oxford and saw something weird with about 15 other people while at a barbecue. It was around April this year (I can't be more specific this, I'm sorry), dusk, clear night, near the centre of Oxford, England, the light was fading and a bright orange light maybe 2000ft up (judging roughly on apparent speed and size) slowly came into view and proceeded overhead on a curved path. We had maybe ten minutes to watch it before it vanished off over the horizon. We took videos with cell phones but they were worthless and barely picked anything up. It could be nothing but it was silent and too bright to make out any solid structure with the naked eye. I would think many people would've seen this thing. It was early in the evening and easy to spot and had no flashing lights. Anyone else see something like this and if so, any clues as to what it was?


posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 06:23 AM
I live in South Wales in the UK and this morning I had to drive to London - a trip of around 130 miles and which took me about 3 hours (bad traffic!). Anyway, I would say about half way there - somewhere between Swindon and Reading - I noticed something in the sky. I thought it was the sun reflecting off something like a mirror. It wasn't very high in the sky - as high as a hot air balloon might fly (a few hundred feet). It was a clear blue sky and I could see this object very clearly. I didn't think 'wow' as I was just curious as to what it was. As I was watching it, though, it disappeared. It didn't flicker or anything. It really looked like it had turned an invisible corner and just disappeared from view. I kept at eye on the place as I drove past and there was nothing there. I thought it might have been something that had turned a light off but the sky was empty.

I was very curious about all this and later that morning I was returning back down the M4 motorway. I then saw the same thing again - at about the same height - only on the opposite side of the road. Again, as I was looking at it it just evaporated from sight.

As I said, this was only a few hundred feet from me and a few hundred feet up. The sky was blue, the sun was shining. There was nothing behind where this 'thing' was (mountains, electricity cables, etc). It was just hanging in the middle of a blue sky and then disappeared. It wasn't even as if it was like a bulb and someone had turned the power off (you'd still see the dark bulb in that instance). As I said, both times it just disappeared completely.

I can't have been the only one to have seen this as it was right next to a busy motorway. This is the first thing I've ever seen in the sky that I can't explain.

I'm not a member here but will answer any questions. Email me at )it's an email that's on my own website so already in the hands of the spammers)

posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 11:04 PM
I believe i saw the ufos creating these bright starlight sightings as clear as day 100ft above me with white blue and red lights flashing intermitently. No engine sound. Huge craft that I can only describe as a sqaure version of a stealth bomber (as tall as it was wide) more to come later.

I have just found and joined this site.
For the last 2 years I have been aware of strange aircrafts in the sky and it all started when me and a friend was driving from thame to chalgrove one night at about 10:45pm.

We turned off to the left in little Milton to take the short route to chalgrove cross country instead of taking the left at the mini roundabout when you first get to stadhampten.

After coming out of the village and driving over the brow with only fields ahead with chalgrove off to our right we were probably facing chalgrove airport (probably 2or3 fields ahead we both spotted a strange aircraft. It was a moment were we both said "look at that" hang on "what is that" a chopper, heading towards it "that is not a chopper or a plane !!! I pulled over straight away and stood at the edge of the open field (farm to my right) as it finished breaking through a red misty cloud and it gracefully aprouched and passed me at a very slow speed taking about 4 mins to do so.

My first thaughts were what the hell is this I'm seeing then saying to my mate too scared to leave the car "can you hear that" ? "Hear what he said I hear nothing" I said "exactly" silence as it passed very low and slow.

It was then I realised this is some kind of anti gravity mod spacecraft reverse technology from ufos or an alien craft itself.

There is no way this could have been anything other than that as I was so shocked by the fact this huge craft could pass me so slow with the size it was and be making absolutely no sound at all !!!

Since this event I have figured a few things out due to my eyes being glued to the sky and not just glancing at a light in the sky and assuming its a plane with the blue white and red lights !

These crafts are mimicking passenger jets. This is the first thing I noticed.

If you know what to look for they are everywhere in oxfordshire.

You can see a light in the sky looks like a star then it will start to drift upwards so you mistake it for a Chinese lantern.

Then fade away and disappear only to pop up somewhere else a few seconds later.

Every time I spot one it either does this or is at the time I spot it and stare it is motionless then will act like a plane and steadily move away but sometimes the moves they make cannot be done if it was a plane (sudden shift up , down virticaly)

I have seen the exact craft over morrisons in Aylesbury but it had just a white light (star mimicking) and as soon as I shot down the road to the right to get closer i got out of my car stared for 10 seconds saying to it " I see you what are you " it started to fly away , no doubt in my mind it spotted me staring at it and cleared off.

I would really like to show someone interested in seeing what I've seen some time because its doing my head in trying to prove what I've seen other than one friend who was to worried to care.

They mimmick planes
Have anti gravity propulsion
Mimmick stars and Chinese lanterns
And can probably see you smile at them from 5 miles away :-/

Worrying really !

Just think I'm very lucky now to see what I did so close up.

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