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Sharia law SHOULD be used in Britain, says UK's top judge

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posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 05:46 PM

Originally posted by mirageofdeceit
This is the UK. UK law applies. I'd like to see you go to Iran and try and force your Christian beliefs on them. Let's see how far you get.

If these people like their ways of life so much - go live a country that has them, instead of trying to force my country to change its ways to accommodate.

I've got no problem with people having whatever religions they have or living their lives a certain way, but when you start chnging the way my country operates, that's where I draw the line.

Want Sharia Law? Go to a Muslim country that has them.

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That was the point I was trying to put across. How other cultures can feel they have a right to force there beliefs on another nation disgusts me. I feel exactly the same as you mate.


posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 10:05 AM
Ermmmmmmm how about starting with one group of the population being subjected to different civil disputes laws and agreements than the other parts of the population, muslims within the communities being judged by a law they don't want to be judged by as well. That's a basis of perscution.

Isn't the name of the game of immigration to immigrate to another country and immigrate under that countries law and within it's population as a universal pecedent that you've thus become a member of the population and will be treated the same.

Care to explain to us all what kind of civil disputes will sharia law need to be used in that british law can't cover???

Age of sexual consent???
Muslim pologamy???
Divorce laws????
Chopping the hands of theives or suspected theives???

There's no need for it what's so ever IF you cannot abide by British law then what are you doing in the country.

This will simply reinforce ghettoisation of muslims, what if a muslim woman doesn't want to be divorced under sharia law but under british law??? = split and fractured society.

We also don't want muslims being perscuted within their own communities this is the biggest worry that presents it's self.

Muslims dealing with extremists who start punishing them according to sharia law in disputes that's wrong.

It can happen as well none of us can sit here in ignorance saying it won't their will be cases where people are mistreated under it so why create more problems the british law is not perfect and has mistreatments so why insert more problems.

If your (not literally you by the way) the one that wants to be goverened by another system of law then your the one with the problem i don't see why the rest of society has to suffer as there is no greater good in this case only extremists seem to gain here.

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