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The New Jewish Holocaust

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posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 09:40 AM
Whilst jack booted America stomps its way over the World pludering raping and pillaging as it goes along what will become of its millions strong Muslim population.

In a war that has many faces one rarely raises its head the religeous one and its quite apparent that we are yet again in a holy war one with Christianinty/Judaism on one side and Muslims on the other. With certain people already looking at Muslim Americans with suspiction and some even saying they should not be classed as Americans how long will it be before these people are sperated from the herd.

With talk and rumour of internment camps and Martial Law being introduced what will happen to these inocent 6 million plus men women and children. Will they have to wear a special badge, will they be refused employment, will their businesses be closed down. Are these people destined to be the participants in a new Holocaust. We are torturing and murdering them abroad so why does it make any difference if its done in America. But it cannot happen can it, America is a Democracy and these things dont happen in Democratic states. Well no America is not a democracy and never was but it has now morphed into a full blown Fascist state.

Under the guise of terrorism, liberty and freedom is being stripped away on a daily basis, its there for all to see yet the herd have their eyes closed tight and their fingers stuffed in their ears. I cannot happen in America they shout, yet we have torture, interment without trial or due process, illegal wars, spying on the people, denouncement of those who speakout against the corrupt regime. All the true signs of a Fascist state, a state that is preparing to incarcerate millions and to eventually murder those millions in the very camps its constructing.

We are at a juncture where something could be done about all this, not all are deaf or blind but most live in fear. Fear being the main weapon in which to coerce the population. But who will stand up for the Muslim people who will fight their corner, that they are not terrorists but Americans and proud of it. Are they doomed to suffer the fate of the Jews of Europe, do they need to leave America now before its too late. We have seen the evidence all over the World many times over. People who live in peace and harmony suddenly change into patriotic brain dead murdering robots, those who spy on and denounce life long friends etc.

Most reading this will simply not believe it can happen, but so did millilions in 1930's Germany. To tell a German in 1930 that he and his people would be responsible for the deaths of millions and the wholesale extermination of a race of people he would think you mad completely mad. But America is on the rungs of the ladder its already killing millions, its alrerady commiting crimes against humanity it is set on its course but who will stop it. Is the USA the land of the free and the brave or is it the land of the subjugated and the controlled. History is ready to repeat itself, where are those who can stop this happening. Americans have guns lots of them so did the German people till they were taken off them, is it time to use those guns, time to unite for freedom and liberty to protect those who cannot protect themselves or is it a time for self greed, indifference and sloth.

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 10:01 AM
It will never happen lol

it's scary and your point is taken, I understand... but we intered the Japanese in war time and by and large treated them very well.

I for one would never deal with anything like a holocost, almost no Americans would, it's way too busy of a world of telecommunications for it to go that far.

Internemnt? could happen, some abuses at those camps, could sadly happen some people are real jerks... but there are no plans to harm our Muslim population nor will there ever be...

I'm Jewish I have Muslim friends... it's not like that here, I grew up with mosques next door to synagouges and noone fought...

The key is if paranoia does get that far, to be calm, and show your civility, no one will let that happen...

I am ferverently pro US and I dislike fanatics and see aggressive aspects of Islam as threatening, but the key is aggressive, force meets force, no one wants to kill other Americans, I have no bias against any religion unless directly threatened...

If your not actually speaking or plotting radical action there is nothing to fear.

You have to remember many Americans are German, none were intered, they behaved as Americans surely there were relatives at home, most Japanese were never a risk either, if this is your country this is your country, as a Jew If Zionists in isreal go loose hammer and the world or the states has to reign them in, I wouldn't be plotting against my country... for Isreal, I am a jew, but an American first I live here, these are my neighbors and friends.

It has to be difficult if oyur via fresh immigration, still have close relatives at home, but these are after all choices, there must have been reasons to become an American... probably reasons of lifestyle and choices...

Even in war, we do not try to kill innocents, we really don't if we are truely faced with a regime that might Nuke an inncoent country and by innocent I mean...they never used wmd's and we have to protect them we do, hope for the best for those you love, if it's truely the case then be suppotive not anti America becausein the end those that made you leave in the first place will be out of power...

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 10:21 AM
mop, so are you saying its ok for Isreal to have hundreds of nukes and actually state that they will use them against anyone they see as a threat. Are you saying that it was ok for the West to allow half a million Iraqi children to die through maltrition and no health care. You see thats my point the murder has already started and its been going on for years and each year it escalates.

During ww2 Japanese Americans were interned but the political climate and Americas ambitions were not as they are now and thats the difference. PNAC clearly states Americas global ambitions, who its sees as friends and foes, PNAC did not exist during ww2 neither did Patriot1/2 and all the other anti freedom legislation that has been introduced now in America.

Terrorism has always existed so has differing political beliefs, through the communism scare in America in the sixties did not provoke such draconian legislation but now you have it. It does not take much to turn law abiding citizens into tyrants, spies or denouncers of others its happening now right in America. All it will take is another attack on the US mainland and that will be it. The people who prosecute war and atrocities have not gone away they are always there and will be for some time again if you were in 1930's Germany what would you say to me if I told you what was to come about, would you not say what you just have said. Its going to happen the more people who believe it will the better for then something can be done .

Whilst people think it cannot happen it will happen, those in control rely on the ignorance and indifference of others to prosecute their crimes.

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 03:59 PM
Yes, Americans can turn nasty and those Muslims would do well to go back where they came from. You may remember that there were stories that came out after 911 about the many hostile acts upon anyone who looked mideastern. If we have another such incident it will be even worse this time.

Germans Americans and Italian Americans were interred during WWII.
german american interrnment

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 04:11 PM
reply to post by magicmushroom

nuclear strategy by Israel is to use it if its existence is threatened. Not "they see as a threat" but what is "threat to existence". Big difference. Israel sees several countries and a certain autonomy (or its part) as a threat but is yet to nuke them, if it has nukes.
As for what will happen in the future - no one can say. Everything is possible. But there were wars and conflicts between sides that did not end in ethnic/religious cleansing. And of course there were others too. It is the responsibility of us to not let something that should not happen to happen. Regardless who the target is.

posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 11:59 AM
Zero, would not any countries existence be threatened if another country would use nukes. Any nuke holder has the means to wipe many countries off the map so what is so special about Israel, are they more important than anyone else. Its whole stance is based on the fact that the Zionist who control America obviously cover Israels back.

And bearing in mind that there is much evidenc ethat the Zionists worked with the Nazis it does not bode well for any Muslims living in the US. If they can work with one despot regime they can work with another just as easily.

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