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Dreams of Destruction and Chaos

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posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 03:51 AM
Hey everyone! I've been a frequent reader here at ATS but i don't like to get involve myself much into discussion. I just read what people have to say and usually i find my answers.
But it just became strange to me that i can't find an answer to what i am experiencing in my dreams.

for many years I have been dreaming of bad things, i'm sure many of us have but my dream seems to always involve mass destruction, chaos, the world ending, encounters, etc etc

Here are some of the dreams that I can remember...

Falling from the Sky:

I had a dream that i was at my old house and all of a sudden things started falling out from the sky and crashing down onto earth. Space crafts and broken wings of airplanes and jets all flying and swooping down right in front of me and landing into neighbor's houses and blowing up. There was also a satellite that came crashing right in front of my door step. My first reaction was to keep my family safe so i try to tell everyone to calm down, even though i was afraid that one of these objects might be landing right into our house next. Everyone panic and the whole city was screaming and yelling and people were getting into their car and trying to drive out, while some get smashed by objects falling from the sky. It was a scary dream. And at one point, a family member of mine said someone is calling for me. telling me I should come quick. And as I came to the door, it was a huge mechanical figure standing outside my door about the size of a Transformer. It came and grabbed me and that is all I remember.

Building in Smoke:

I remember I was in a building where people started to run and scream. I was wondering what was going on. People where running from the top floor and no one was using the elevator. I can see these people faces all crying and remember a guy screaming, "oh # oh #, the world is ending!" And one guy pulls me as I was trying to run up to stairs to see what was going on. He told me not to go but to run as far as I can. I was curious, I don't know what these people are running from so I wanted to know. I ran all the way up stairs and came to the top of the roof. I could hear the car alarms going off and helicopters everywhere in the sky. Sirens where sounding in all degrees of my direction. And I look toward the front building of me and it was totally in dark cloud of smoke. And to the left of me was another building on fire. One guy ran from out of nowhere and said, "we are next" and run down stairs into the building.

Explosion of Gas:

In this dream, I was driving out of a drive way and made a right turn. The light turned red so I stopped. There was a white car before me that had stopped at the light. A truck full of gas came from the left of the intersection and pull to make a right turn at a fast reaction. To the right of me, there was a gas station. The truck turned so fast that It had hit the car that was in front of me. The white car flipped over and the truck had also flipped over. I got out of the car quick to check if the guy in front of me was ok. I tried to pull him out but he was stuck. I ran to the truck to see if he was ok, but he was also stuck. Then I looked across and see sparks shooting out from the white car and beyond the car there was the gas station. In my mind I knew that if i stayed any longer the entire place is going to blow up. So i yelled around at everyone and told everyone to evacuate the premises immediately because it will blow up in any second. Knowing that i left the other two man behind I felt guilty, but I had to run for my life and save everyone else. I kept running and as soon as I ran passed the gas station, the truck blew up and I felt the heat wave hit against my back. I looked to the right of me and there was a sewer on the side of the curb with a huge cap so I crawled inside it as quick as I can and the explosion of the gas station was the biggest and I felt a hot wave hitting against my whole body and it felt as if my face...

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 04:07 AM
Well, you can take it from me that sharing your experiences is welcome, it's been asked a few times of me and i have shared mine in the confidence that it would be a case of 'share and share alike'.

You keep mentioning the word chaos, here - i can't help but wonder what your true meaning is...

I mean, you have ordered chaos, which seems to be what is represented in your dreams, and you have the more specific chaos, which entails things to do with reality, the universe, and everything in it.

My intuition is telling me that you're beginning to see the patterns in this particular form of chaos, as one can only truly gain an inkling of what true chaos is like by approaching it from the perspective of organised chaos.

"True Chaos" is something that transcends our mere dream realities and speculative theories.

For the purposes of explaining in the forum of thought that is ATS, i could say that this is perhaps one of the things in life that is truly impossible to explain coherently.

However, there is an example i can provide to you, so that you may learn to understand my meaning of the word "Chaos" (if that's even an apt word for it) by considering the Sun.

To all intents and purposes, the sun is still organised chaos - the same pattern is repeated trillions upon trillions of times in this universe.

Just look up at the sky at night and you can see how structured our reality is.

But here's the thing;

It must be chaotic by nature, even if it appears structured, because otherwise that would suggest that some sort of higher power is at work (fate, perhaps).

Perhaps those ancient sun cults were on to something...

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 04:17 AM
link if my face was pushed against a frying pan. I waited till the wave cleared out. I got out and there was this huge fire there. All of a sudden helicopters came and started shooting down at everyone and killing anyone who had survived that blast. I was thinking to myself what the hell is going on. I kept running and running and the helicopters spotted me. I ended up at a complex of apartments and houses of people living so close to each other, these houses were so close that the next house seems to be another room. I ran into this place and tell everyone to run and keep running because these helicopters are going to keep shooting. I ran and grab as many people as I can to evacuate but some where left behind. Fathers getting shot, siblings getting shot, people were getting shot up left and right and right before my eyes.

The Waiting:

There was alot of people in this area with me. It seems as I was on top of some huge huge building or land field on top of a higher ground. Looking down I can see trees and cities and more people all gathered up together like one big concert. Someone told said, "It should be here any minute." There was a voice speaking from out of nowhere as if she was counting down, although i don't remember what she was saying. All of a sudden a huge sound rumbled and buzz through my ear and the humming sound vibrated against my chest, made my neck unsteady and my back tingly. Then the sky became dark and brownish red. Then all of a sudden a huge fireball came shooting out the sky and right into the center of the city. The blast was so huge that I felt a part of it ripping against my shirt. Everyone got up and started to panic and all hell broke loose. The first thing that came to mind was that I had to hold onto my family and my girlfriend and keep them insight at all time.

The Thin Red Line:

I was at the beach with the family on a cloudy sunny day. Everyone decided to go into the beach but I decided to stay dry and stayed next to my mom sitting on the beach chair. Then I noticed a change in the wind and the color of the atmosphere. I looked up and all the clouds where vanishing. Everyone at the beach was mumbling and talking, like what's going on. Then all of a sudden a really thin red line appeared in the sky. It started to cut down slowly like someone was dissecting it. And then the thin red line got bigger and bigger. Everyone started running to the car and driving out. I called out to all my family and told them that we should leave too. Then while we were driving it started to rain and it rained really hard. And the rain was bloody red, falling from the sky.

The Storm:

We were suppose to be on our way back to California from Washington. As we were driving the radio reported that there was a storm ahead. I told my dad that we should stop driving and pull aside till it is safe. I could see too from the sky that the storm might be really bad.
My dad did not listen, he continued driving. My mom was getting mad at him for not pulling over, she said stop the car. The car was stop and she got out of the car and walked away, didn't know where she was going. I followed her and so did everyone else in the car. She end up at someone's house, which she knew. They were my relatives, but it's weird because they live in California, not Washington. So we stayed inside the house. Then the wind started to blow harder and harder. I look outside and I could see things flying around the air, trees, cars, and other objects. In my mind I was thinking we would have been wiped, if my mom hadn't got out the car. When the storm cleared we got out of the house, but when we got out, I saw Parts and bit of structures and signs from California in the area. It was so weird, Then I turned on the news, The reporter said that the storm had wiped out some part of California and all of Oregon. We were one of the lucky ones to have survived.


posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 04:39 AM
I had more dreams like this in different situations.
Most of them tend to deal with some kind of disaster or happenings.
Is it telling me that I should prepare myself for the worst?

If you were to dream of something horrible that is going to happen to the world or the people around you. What would you do?
Ignore it or just let it be?
Maybe it's a sign that's telling me to watch out for something horrible is going to come.

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