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Rants happen!

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posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 03:27 AM
I made my roomate proofread this the other day after I wrote it. Very early in the morning. He told me it was a rant. I like my @#$#@$% rant. So here it is. And I hope to expand upon it.
It's profanity laced, as I wrote in "Word". I'll take that hit:

I hear it. That grating, life scarring noise that is my alarm clock. Time to go at it again. Jump in the shower and lather up my “Axe Body Wash“. Make sure my face is hairless so it doesn’t cause a controversy amongst the “powers” that “be”. I don’t want to have a couple whiskers being too long. That silly # gets tiresome.

This morning I’m okay. Kind of hung-over from the night before - but not too bad. I can function at my barely worth doing job. Some days, like all of us, I get a little useless. Or honestly perhaps, overly useful. That happens. It’s more important for the Proles to have a good time every now and again than toe that #in’ line. Orwell was right. The power lies in us.

You know what I’m talkin’ about, though. We’re all a little bit like Tom Anderson before he found the Matrix. Unless you’re some kind of cleric or self important public servant you get it. Even accountants and FBI Agents understand what I’m saying.

Enjoy that night out. Smoke that joint. Do that shot. # that slut. Whatever. We don’t know what tomorrow holds. The people that believe the next day is a constant are a joke to us. We live our own life.

Chuck Palahniuk taught us that in “Fight Club“. If that’s how you spell him. He hasn’t done anything incredibly relevant since. But he let us know how it should be for a brief moment in time. Watching those banks crumble down was the #ing truth. Right? They’re doing it on their own now though. #ing demon spawned thieves.

But how will it be?


Global warming?

Probably bull#.

The planet was made of tropical swamps in the past. That’s where we get oil and coal and natural gas. Some easily explained natural processes.

But that # that dictates our lives now.

Science happened and will happen. Continually and unwittingly.

Earth was a giant ice-ball several thousand years ago. Way before sentient life. Humans aren’t that influential. We can’t stop continental drift. We can’t stop comets. We can’t even stop the #ing wind.

It wasn’t too long ago that we could even slide around in the primordial mud of ancient earth as fish-looking creatures with over-sized flippers.

The Stone Age. The Iron Age. The Industrial Revolution. Life has almost passed through the petty stages of existence. We aren’t Pre-Cambrian, they died. We aren’t dinosaurs, they died. We’ve attained the highest form of evolution the Earth has ever seen, even allowing for all the horrible # people do to each other. But we are evolving spiritually. It seems to be our destiny. And we know almost definitively why previous people have failed. Because of these past measurable failures a primer for the continuation and growth of humanity will be created.

Current envents have caused my dreams to be crazy lately!

And that's my current rant.


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