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5,000 FREE E-books

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posted on Jan, 5 2003 @ 11:48 AM
Hi everybody, if you're interested in downloading lots of literary classics, historicals, philosophical, medical etc. E-books - I've found a great site for that. All it takes is a 30 second registration of e-mail address, user name & password & you're in and can begin immediate downloads of complete E-books in zipped format.

Here's the index catagories:

1 - Biology And Medicine [Browse 38 Titles]

2 - Children's Stories [Browse 455 Titles]

3 - Drama [Browse 101 Titles]

4 - Drama - Comedy [Browse 39 Titles]

5 - Drama - History [Browse 10 Titles]

6 - Drama - Tragedy [Browse 49 Titles]

7 - Enigma [Browse 37 Titles]

8 - Epic [Browse 12 Titles]

9 - Government And Economics [Browse 190 Titles]

10 - History And Biography [Browse 208 Titles]

11 - Literature [Browse 1609 Titles]

12 - Magic [Browse 8 Titles]

13 - Murder [Browse 28 Titles]

14 - Mystery [Browse 80 Titles]

15 - Philosophy [Browse 132 Titles]

16 - Poetry [Browse 704 Titles]

17 - Religion And Myth And Sacred [Browse 56 Titles]

18 - Science [Browse 48 Titles]

19 - Supernatural [Browse 55 Titles]

20 - Terror [Browse 32 Titles]

21 - Wonder [Browse 34 Titles]

I downloaded about 25 books last night without any problems.

Here's the link:

All the Best,

posted on Jan, 6 2003 @ 09:09 PM
sounds like spam but what the hell.

posted on Jan, 7 2003 @ 10:10 AM
nice site. From the looks of it - all the books are public domain - any not found there can probably be found here: (Project Gutenberg)

The Cleveland library system (hope my card is still valid) is going to offer other books - that aren't in the public domain so to speak. I wonder if the publishers are going to challenge this. Click here to read the story about it on Cnet LINK

posted on Jan, 7 2003 @ 01:58 PM

Oh nooooooo... please don't tell me msnbc has now swallowed up cnet too????

P.s: deepwaters I'm still trying to figure out where on that site you can download those books. I signed in and everything already...

posted on Jan, 7 2003 @ 02:25 PM
Hi TheBandit795, yes it's a bit difficult to get beyond all the stuff that person has loaded onto the page, to finally find the download button.

First select the index, and then browse to find which category you're interested in.

Select your title, and a page will load describing that book.

Scroll down and look for the RED "download your free book here" button. That will bring up the download window.

I would suggest that you re-name each download so you'll recognise that they are once they're in your designated folder.

I've downloaded smany writings from antiquity and am very pleased to have them saved now.

BTW: I never meant this to be any form of spam. I am NOT connected with that site and get nothing at all from any referrals. My sole reason was to pass on what I feel is a valuable resource for anyone interested in acquiring free e-books.

All the Best to Everyone,

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