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7/1/08: FTR #69: Even MORE Fun w/Science: Earthquake Weaponry Tesla Haarp, & genetic biowar

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posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 07:53 PM
7/1/: FTR #69: Even MORE Fun w/Science: Earthquake Weaponry Tesla Haarp tech & genetic biowar

July 1, 2008: FTR #69: Even MORE Fun With Science: Earthquake Weaponry -- includes Tesla Haarp technology

If this is true it's definately conspiracy stuff. I'm going to listen to this link right now. If-and-when you have the time to listen, please share your reactions and info.

Apr '97 U.S. Sec of Defense comments: (9 minutes & 30 seconds into the program) begins to focus on military conferences about using electromagnetic waves to stimulate earthquakes

Advances in Tesla Technology & clandestine military research, plus projects 'Skyfire' and 'Storm Fury' lightning & storm modification operations, including use of lasers, 'Operation Prime Argus (AREA)': an r&d project looking for ways to cause earthquakes

16:44 - NYT Jan 1997 article 'Quake, Meteor or Nuclear Blast', perhaps nuclear blasts set off quake in Australian outback -- or Japanese terrorists? Japanest sect mining uranium at site of disruption/blast. mentions 'seismic warfare' [NOTE: TESLA DISCOVERED AC & EDISON DC]

21:30 - Tesla creates small earthquake in NYC in 1896

23:00 - Japanese terrorist group considered as a possiblity to have caused great Hon Shin earthquake in Kobai, Japan.

27:00 In 1899 experment Tesla projects energy into atmosphere then brings it down to light up lightbulbs 20 miles away ... also postulated that currency could be send through the earth -- sending electromagnetic waves that can cause earthquakes.

33:38 Comparing spin control to reality:
34:44-46:04 Tesla accidentally causing a small earthquake in NYC in 1896 using 'mechanical vibrations'.

47:00 Telegeodynamics; also, the use of giant gyroscopes in excerting downward pressures ... i.e. symmetry with the projection of electromagnetic wavelengths

47:47, also useful for detecting oil and submarines, and for destroying buildings by resonant isolations .. .by a 2.5 horsepower engine //creating mechanical vibrations -- 'telegeodynamic vibrations'

49:12-52:12 -- turning to electrically-causes vibrations -- electromagnetic vibrations: electromagnetic resonance. Charges the earth w/as much energy as a lightning stroke using giant oscillator. 150,000 oscillations / sec, about 2,000 meter wavelength (6,600 feet) and converge on the exact opposite side of the earth. Started at Colorado Springs at his lab and converged on opposite side of the Earth at west of between Africa & Australia at two islands (mentioned in the broadcast).

53:30 -- manipulation of atmosphere causes Alaskan earthquake? Sending copper wires into the ionisphere.

Manipulation of electro-magnetic energy.

(links to all WFMU Dave Emory broadcasts:

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