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posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 07:39 PM

I am here to tell you about a very special game named NetSoccer. It is a 2d Football game where you control one player in the game. The other players are controlled by other humans accross the wolrd (like an MMO).

Main servers consist of having a 10 person slot. After you get used to using the game and the controls then it is time to find you'reself a team to join, and you do this by either posting on the NetSoccer forum or contacting the team's Masters and asking if you can join.

*You may have to dissable your Anti-virus while downloading the game and then add it to the Eclutions list before turning it back on.*

This game is very adictive!

"Netsoccer is a multiplayer online football game. Each gamer controls one player, not a team as is common in most football games. You can join different teams and have matches against other teams or you can just have a practice match online. "

Have Fun.


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