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My orange ball UFO

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posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 06:02 PM
This is nothing new. I did a search on Google and there's plenty of sightings on
different color floating ball(s), orange, blue, etc.

The difference was I saw this with my own eyes, as well as 9 or 10 other family members.
This was back in the early 70's at my in-laws house. It was getting late for kids to be outside so the father-in law went to the porch to tell them to come in but instead they called to him to see this ball.
When he saw it, he called everybody else in the house to check this out. We all got to the front of the house and a few said .......ok, what ?
He said, look up. After a few "holy #'s"
every one froze and stared.

This "thing" was big, as big as the house we were just in. It was about 200 feet or more off the ground and maybe 50 feet across. Needless to say it was not hard to see. The moon was out with little or no clouds and gave this floating ball a slight orange glow. The strange part was there was no movement, no sound at all. There was a slight wind that night but it didn't move. For no logical reason I got the impression that the ball was watching us as we looked at it.
The Mother-in-law who was a very superstitious type finally called the cops against the advice from her husband not to.
The cop on duty told her..."We don't know what it is but your the 13th caller to report this.
We went out to look at it again, but it was gone.

I have no proof, no digital cameras back then. Nobody thought of a picture.
For a better words it was a Unidentified Floating Object, but still strange.

End of story

posted on Nov, 9 2010 @ 12:24 PM
reply to post by merky

hi was reading you account and it sounds the same as what i saw can we swap some notes, This thing was coming towards me as i walked home on a clear day it was 7 40 pm on the 28th of April 2010 here in the UK, it was flying at about 500 ft it was massive and moving at some speed, the funny thing is I called a radio station and told them just like you said it was the size of a house, to which they just laughed at me.
as it came directly over me it was like churning larva it was so close i could see steam coming off of this craft as it passed over i cupped my hands to the side of my ears to get a better listen, there was no sound at all.

thanks for your time



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