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My Conversation Today With An Iraqi Citzen

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posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 05:42 PM
This is an interview I had with a gentleman claiming to be an Iraqi. I can't prove he is who he says he is, and sometimes he would accidentally type in Iraqi to me by accident as he was typing to multiple people. I don't know what to make of it. Wanted to see what you guys think.

B3hamby: (where are you from?)

Iraqi: IRAQ

b3hamby: are you a soldier or citizen?

Iraqi: iraqi sitizen

b3hamby: I am so sorry. What we are doing in your country is wrong. Please do not hold the citizens of the US responsible for what is going on in your country. There are only a few leaders in our country that have gone wayward and think this is the best way

Iraqi: sur i know that

b3hamby: They do not speak for the people. I feel the guilt of what our country is doing. If they are doing it for oil, I'd rather walk to work than what your people are going thru.

b3hamby: your people

Iraqi: do u know how bad were the situation in iraq b4 yr army came

b3hamby: is the US making a positive change? If they are that will give me peace. but many people are saying we are making it worseand the US media is not telling us what is going on.

Iraqi: they try but the closed countries of IRAQ did the worst part of the story

b3hamby: It's hard to know what to believe anymore. If you say we are making it better, I will accept that

Iraqi: may u search for a web site showing whar sadam was doing in iraq

b3hamby: yes, I know he was not good but there are many leaders around the world that are not good. I fear our reason for being over there is for your countries oil.

Iraqi: plz go to google and serch for that site

b3hamby: we have not needed oil since 1950, maybe earlier.

Iraqi: there are many resonse sure

b3hamby: If it is oil, that is wrong. if we are there to help maybe that's ok. sorry you had to hear all of that...

Iraqi: its ok

b3hamby: you heard my outpouring of what I would say to an Iraqi if I ever had a chance to talk to one!

Iraqi :thank you i apreciat that

Iraqi: did u get the web site

b3hamby: no, I will have to look for it. I'm surprised that you have a computer, I kinda thought there wasn't much of anything for Iraqi citizens in Iraq, much less computers and the internet

Iraqi: now days intenet avilabel every where

b3hamby: really? of all things. what do you do in Iraq?

Iraqi: we start use mobile phone after sadam leave it was forbedin

b3hamby: I'm very surprised to hear this...
(At this point I was doubting that he was an Iraqi citzen)

Look if you are a US soldier, I do not hold you responsible for what you are being told to do. I don't disrespect you or your work. If you are a US soldier, I completely support you and your fellow soldiers

Iraqi: i am IRAQI sir

b3hamby: Ok, ok

Iraqi : did u get the web site

b3hamby: I just cannot believe that you don't have more negative things to say about our country, and I woud not blame you. Most of the rest of the world doesn't like us.

Iraqi: u wil see the mass graves

b3hamby: And I don't blame them either. what do I search for?

Iraqi: 9nessan just go to google and search for that web site

b3hamby: I think I'm finding it. do you have access to the internet? as we speak?

Iraqi: ya

b3hamby: this is what I came up with, but it looks like a site:

b3hamby: paste that into your browser.

Iraqi: no try to open it

b3hamby: I found this: it is in, i guess arabic? or iraqi...

Iraqi: ther is english version

b3hamby: ok i think I am finding something.... so do you think that the US is helping?

Iraqi: they help us in removing sadam

b3hamby: but now?

b3hamby: It seems like the US has worn out it's welcome
you must be speaking of this:

Iraqi: no i told u IRAN + SYRIA + ARABIA SAUDIA doing there well each one in his owen goal agnist iraq

b3hamby: well, I just have to say, I will accept this as you say. I will try. Many people have gone into Iraq to see for themselves as journalists, away from the US miltary escorts and are reporting a different story.

Iraqi: its complacated

b3hamby: but you are there, and I believe what you say...

Iraqi: thanks

b3hamby: I hope for a world where we don't try to settle our difference with . very sad pictures

Iraqi: do u mean pic of chmical atack on halacha

b3hamby: that's what I saw.... if i may ask-

Iraqi:it is a village....plz

b3hamby: did you know anyone there?

Iraqi: no

b3hamby: what city are you in?

Iraqi : but its true

b3hamby: no, I believe you, pictures do not lie

Iraqi: basrah close to kwait

b3hamby: oh yes...had this kind of thing been going on for a long time

nly one attack during the first gulf war
did u see the ma graves

b3hamby: yes I'm very sorry and I agree that Hussein was a cruel leader. what of your fellow Iraqis, do they share your views that the US should be there?

Iraqi: sadam was thousends of iraqi people just to keep hime self as presdint

b3hamby: ok

Iraqi: many belive so others effected by iranian theory agnist usa some effected by ALQAEADA

b3hamby: are you aware that most Americans don't believe al qaieda was responsible for 911?

Iraqi: me think sem u i thinl CIA did it

(I think the same as you...)

b3hamby: you bet they did

Iraqi: i think to be a reason for next steps

b3hamby: and they put Henry Kissinger in charge of the 911 investigation-Kissinger is a the war criminal who was behind the vietnam war

b3hamby: It's very scary. Many people believe that those pictures you showed me are what's going to happen here in the US.

Iraqi: i didnt get u

b3hamby: For many years, the Air Force has been spraying our own cities.... we have not yet seen the devastion that these pictures show.... we believe that they are spraying illnesses and things like this that would not point to a criminal activity but the germ warfare. This takes away the blame from the criminals and points to natural reasons.

posted on Mar, 6 2010 @ 06:48 PM
It's a shame nobody replied to this thread.

How did you get talking to this person?

It seemed okay, but i think you might have lost him near the end.

posted on Mar, 6 2010 @ 06:56 PM
This is very creative. And I doubt from a US citizen... someone to denounce their country so quickly, and then trying to make it sound "better" by adding the Saddam atrocities doesn't sound like an American.

I am sure this is all ficticious, however it disturbs me as to what the OP is trying to get across.

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