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Nuke America?

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posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 01:47 PM

America used to be a great place, it really did.... but now it is seemingly rotten to the core.
What, with their corrupt government, dodgy voting system, the fact that most of these people are armed, the casual racism, decadent lifestyle, unhealthy diet

Hmm, what with them funding Israel and giving them WMD's to attack mainly innocent civilians in the middle east. Securing and stealing oil reserves... The fact that most of their money is being spent on weapons and warfare whilst their own civilians suffer.

They are the biggest drug users on the planet, yet have draconian laws where even smoking a spliff can get you locked away.

The fact that America has nuclear weapons and has shown themselves to actually USE them!!!,
They lied about the war in Iraq, the inside job of 9/11, the threat to not just the middle east but the whole world, their brainwashed population, the star wars 'defense' system, their zombie-like children who are bunged up on anti-depressants and quite often shoot up their own schools and colleges.

The fact that CIA fund organised crime and terrorism, smuggling drugs etc

Maybe someone should turn the whole place into a glass parking lot and do the world a favour, failing that cluster bomb the place, blow those denim wearing freaks into high hell...?


Actually no! Of course I don't want America nuked, but this above post is exactly what so many americans want in regards to other countries that they don't understand.

Actually it's getting quite shocking here on ATS, with the amount of pro-american racism that gets through the filter, yet if i was to say anything in defense, to stand up against these american idiots who make the rest of you look dumb and unintelligable it'd be me who gets a warning from the moderators...

If an american ATS member says something like 'hey we should just nuke Iran/Iraq and turn that place into glass' then that xenophobic, war mongering attitude is allowed.

But if i was to reply, by saying something like 'that's an idiotic and stupid remark', it would be me who gets penalised, while the idiot is allowed to spout his hate filled crap. It seems certain moderators will jump on some people and allow others to get away scott free!!!

Can anyone see my point here?

I hope so.

One love and world peace

Mr - L

P.s - So come on Americans, stand up for yourselves and stop these idiots ruining your previously good name.

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posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 02:14 PM
United States will be nuke. But not until, they turn their back on Isreal. You should know, the one who nuke the U.S., is the one, that is call the beast, the antichrist, and will set in the temple of God and call himself god. He the same one who will unite the nation of the Earth. Under one government, and he will do it peacefully. United States will help him, with uniting the Earth. But the Earth won't be united, until after World war 3, or World war 4. The War that the United States will be destroyed in, will be know as the War of the Gods, The War Christ return, World war four or five, and The Eugenics war. And there won't be no wars on the Earth, for a thousand years, after that war.

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posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 03:23 PM
i like your post..
i am an american but i don't practice "patriotism", i'm not an anarchist either. nuking america definatly wouldn't be the answer as nuking any country wouldn't. but we have one thing in america that makes most of us stupid, we're spoiled idiots. the ones who grew up in america are so used to systems that basically support us. that is why some look at other countries and feel they need to put their opinions in regardless of how wrong they are. i'm only seventeen, but i'm not at all stupid. i sit here watching all these people mindlessly following the majority. it's all built on a false reality now. when everybody can put their cellphones down, stop watching celebrities do normal human sh**, stop putting their money into useless products just because there "cool" or the newest thing out, stop playing the governments mind games and start doing what is best for all. we all need to stop trying to be "great americans" and start being great people. we americans do need to stand up and seperate ourselves from the ones who make us look the way we do now. (i don't agree with nuking america but killing all the top dogs running americas money would do a world of good.) and as to the anti-christ, that notion was created by a person in the 20th century, don't believe the bull.

sorry if this post is a rant but this is what i strongly believe to be our true problem, and i'm completely open to all criticism.

posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 03:45 PM
You know people will always follow the crowd. If you don't follow crowd, they won't have anything to do with you. Yes the American people are brainwash, and spoiled. But not all are brainwash and spoiled. Those are the one who are not follow the crowd. On the Antichrist, It was in the first century, when it was first mention, not the 20th. century.

posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 11:10 PM
Sit on your ivory tower over there in the UK and tell us Americans what's wrong with the country we live in. The fact of the matter is that you have no idea what it's like over here, just like we have no idea what is going on in Iraq. Whatever the news wants to show you, right? As long as it isn't American media, then it must be legit!

I was visiting some friends in Copenhagen over Christmas and I have to say, I never felt more ashamed. No, not ashamed to be an American living in America. Ashamed to say I had European friends? If you want to start talking about propaghanda and misinformation, there's a piece of misinformation for you. Non-Americans aren't suddenly awesome because they aren't from America, and your hindsight is 20/20 like everyone else. So, again, sit in your ivory tower and tell us Americans we're stupid for not standing up. Go stand up to your own government, like OUR forefathers stood up to yours, and then you'll have my attention. Until then? Well, try not to be so narrow minded until that day comes.

Sorry. But this stuff pisses me off. I don't deserve this kind of prejudice because i'm an American just like anyone else doesn't deserve prejudice because they're something else. Just because it happens doesn't make it okay for you to propegate it.

posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 11:34 PM
We need to strip the gov of its power here in the states and return it to the people. The American people as a whole aren't bad we're just afraid of starting movements IMO. Let me give you an example. We all hate bush and the war on Iraq BUT we are afraid of doing anything or lack of motivation to do anything(anti-depressants) productive. Once things get real bad here I'm sure the people will usurp the power from the Gov. Right now we're living on a road to destruction. We need alternative fuels and NO MORE GENETIC MODIFIED CROPS. I personally believe that nature is perfect and everything we ever needed lies in nature. Again I cant stress enough that we need to stop GM crops. I read an article that said Morgellons disease was related to GM crops. a lil off topic i know =p

-my two cents ^^

posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 11:38 PM

Originally posted by KingIchigo
We need alternative fuels and NO MORE GENETIC MODIFIED CROPS. I personally believe that nature is perfect and everything we ever needed lies in nature. Again I cant stress enough that we need to stop GM crops. I read an article that said Morgellons disease was related to GM crops. a lil off topic i know =p

-my two cents ^^

sure genetics arent prefected yet but tell the people of africa that they cant have there crops designed to be watered with salt water. and lets just keep letting farmers spray toxic and deadly chemicals enstead of using crops that have natural imunites to insects. lets see where that gets us...

posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 11:39 PM
I love America we have tons of problems but I still love the place and i can't think of any other country to go to where I would have the freedoms I have here
if people are hungry they can get a job anywhere at least enough to eat
nothing is perfect but there is always work somewhere

Everyone seems to live in a point and click world and they want instant gratification but there is no such thing as a point and click country there will always be problems (probly starting with politicians) that bother some but doesn't bother others this is what democracy is all about..

We have a lot of rich people and a lot of poor people but that is how it goes if you take that away you will never have a chance to be rich never ever..

as far as nuking goes why not come here and fight us like real men and women
put your boots on the ground and have it out with us see how that goes for ya..

posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 11:46 PM
Sorry just a **Parody**
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posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 12:03 AM
reply to post by DaleGribble

sure genetics aren't perfected yet but tell the people of Africa that they cant have there crops designed to be watered with salt water

I'm just saying that we aren't technologically advanced enough to do that stuff yet. Hell we're still using hydrocarbons aka fossil fuels to provide 86% of energy production in the world. Until we can harness free energy or energy without harmful wastes we shouldn't even try to do stuff of that nature.

off topic again i know i just felt that i should point that out and wont post on this thread again. ^^

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 12:44 AM
Just a suggestion, but maybe the posters who are attacking the OP ought to actually read the whole of his post, instead of acting like the kind of people he refers to in it.

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 01:28 AM
I have to admit the way the OP went after America, was the most decent yet lol.. I mean it was almost nice.

Sometimes when I respond to the anti American posts I intentionally become ultra demonic lol, because that's they way to handle being called "The Great Satan"

But I laugh loudly at Europeans who 20 years ago loved us and lived in fear of the Soviets and now we are demonized...

Most people are idiots, that includes most of you, 50% of the people will at any given time be dumber than the other 50%

Your In Europe having given or in process of giving your national identiities over to the EU, we haven't become the NAU yet... Your governments all support our wars from one degree to another Russia and the Saudi princes who you get your Oil from, Russia is busy building the the Nuclear plant, we will use as the excuse to Bomb Iran over...

Lol, I happen to be in rl a very bright fellow and I hear nothing from Europe that tells me Europeans aren't as dumbed down as Americans are, Your world is part of the EU... we are still America, Your buying Oil from Russia and your countries have a treaty with us, Nato, to defend against the Russians... meanwhile who do you think benefits besides the US when the middle East is out of the way... Russia and The Saudis and China via pipeline

Europeans sound even more retarded then my American counterparts do, because at least most of the Yahoos I deal with here are actively supporting the process, Europeans are pretending that they aren't doing it too...

LOL Everyone is screwing over Iran and Iraq and Afghanastan... your "Global Elite" IS our Global Elite, Bush is in Power by European and Russian and Chinese Power Elite individuals, corporations etc...

Bush is a puppet, the Global Elite has decided all of it, these people come from your countries too, you FINANCE Bush and his Masters everytime you drive a car or buy a movie or go to work...

so shut up already...

If your against the NWO stand up.. your English go After Your Queen, the Royal family supports all this, they killed princess Di... Your own 9-11... Your Oil is coming from Russia who is Building Iran and making cash flow knowing it gives us the excuse to invade, Just like they did In Iraq, You also get Oil from the Saudis and they want Iran gone too to lessen the competition, the Saudis are in Bed with Us and China...

Get a clue that just because G Bush leads the Military Arm... it's not about America, it's what people Call the NWO, It's all the worlds powers.. England being one of the 5 permanent members of the UN security council

What a joke that you can slide from decade to decade... Russia is Evil, Germany is Evil the US is Evil and not Wake up and realize that this is going on for over a Century you knuckle heads, England was the Start of it all LOL, the first Great satan of it all... and your nation despite "being the bad guys" around the world for a while is still is on top, just like Russia despite fighting all over the world for 60 years is now the good guys, yeah lol, they have changed

What a Joke... You think your smarter as a people than Americans? Guess again, your buying the goods from China that pay for America to fight this fight. Your buying the Oil from Russia that is building the reactor that gives us the excuse to flatten Iran and you were doing it when we went into Iraq, Your driving the cars that run on the Oil and the Saudis who want Iran gone supply it and your leaders adhere to their wishes... Your eating the food we grow on our plains that pay for these bombs, you own in England a great many of the buildings we have our meetings in, and own many of the transportation systems we use to suply the world with our propaganda...

All of you are as much a part of this as any American is...

The only difference is at least some of us don't lie about, we support it, back the NWO... are on the winning side and happy to be there, I'm not a's About world government, it's about power it's about the cultures of the nations of the 1st world... I am not going to sit there and pretend I don't like my big Starbucks Frappacino and my SUV and curse my governemt or any of yours for the power they have...

Nor will I sit In Europe and bag the states or G Bush like he's the cause.. China is paying for this, Europe is Paying for this, your leaders are commanding our leaders to use the weapons they built and it's not for our personal gain alone...

Your as much a part of the problem, even being on the Internet as we are, who's ships laid these lines? What companies take your Isp profits? Who owns them, where do your tax dollars go, where do you get your oil from?

When you stop Benefitting from the NWO... then complain... Until then your leaders are and your country are Part of the NWO and so are You

If it releases some guilt to bash us... go ahead, but then get a life and look at how much of our country your country owns and think about who's giving the orders and who's working with who...

Until You open your eyes, your as bad as us and worse because your a hypocrite...

Me, if my country is going to war, for conquest for power... I'm not too Stupid to know it, I just make a concious choice and my choice is to support it, because there has been and always will be war and maybe, maybe if I liked the opposing culture, had something to gain from it I would look at the moral end of it... but no, I don't like the culture involved, it's not about how stupid my culture is... that culture would never let me get high at all...or look at a pretty girl, it's not going to win any wars, it has no chance of the material life I enjoy and it's a mean repressive way to live...

So choose? I choose the side I happen to live on and the people I look like mainly because we are going to win...

and i'm glad the UN will win, US, Russia, China England, France (EU) Japan/Germany India seeking new seats... and your on our side even if you bitch through the whole war... you work and pay taxes to your governement..your funding this, drive your car your funding this... period, sit on this internet your fighting Iran right now, because the words don't mean S&^% compared to the 30.00 your sending to a major company who's owners support the global elite... every day, every month you pay your internet bill, yiou use your cell phone, you use oil... your playing the same Game...

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posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 05:33 AM

Originally posted by neformore
Just a suggestion, but maybe the posters who are attacking the OP ought to actually read the whole of his post, instead of acting like the kind of people he refers to in it.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou...

My point entirely.

I think most people just read the first half and settled on attacking me (which is fine), but I do suggest to those people to re-read it and realise I wasn't bashing americans in any real sense or form, I was actually making a comparison between the way some americans treat and act towards other countries they know little or nothing about.


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