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Another way to think of what's ahead

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posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 12:58 PM
Well, lately I've been having quite the turn in opinion of what's to come.

I have seen the accusations made at other posters for wanting a collapse of the dollar, for wanting war to go on as planned by those in power.
For wanting the American economy to crash.

It kind of seems like maybe America is not alone. England being a socialist country, how would they handle a collapse?? I have been wondering about this one for a while. Are the English less likely to end up starving and homeless if there is a potential collapse?

Well, to get to my point of this thread, there's been people accusing others of WANTING all of this bad to come.

I know that I am NOT the only one saying BRING IT ON. The collapse is the only thing that could potentially save us from where we are heading at this point in time.
I understand that those of you with kids want to continue with this status quo, so you can continue to live in perpetual slavery to keep them fed and housed.
I hate to say it, but I think that is SELFISH thinking! Those in power are leading us to suffering, and YOU are encouraging it!

I wish that things would hurry up and just happen already. We can never be free until TSHTF.

In every talk about a potential survival situation, it comes up that neighbours will be fighting and killing each other.
What can we be doing NOW to convince our neighbourhood not to kill each other, and instead to work together when this all goes down?

Our reaction if something like this happens, HAS to be different than what those in power want us to do. They expect us to kill each other and do the dirty work for them. How can we change this???

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