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NWO engineering the Australia-Wide Drought

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posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 05:20 AM
Hi all,

this goes out to all members but especially those fellow Australian members who have been putting up with this ever so long drought we've been having and seeing the effects of it.

I like many others have witnessed the changing weather atleast in my part of the country, that being Victoria, especially when it comes to the traditional "cold fronts" that used to hit us pretty regularly throughout the 80's and 90's, that being after a period of warm weather we were almost guaranteed a decent downpour afterwards.

The city Melbourne was even reknowned for being known as the wet capital for whenever one visited from interstate it was mostly raining.

These days, rain is few and far between and water restrictions are biting hard, especially for those in rural areas who need to get water shipped into their townships to survive.

Our cold fronts now are dry, few and far between. I have realised more often incidences of chem trail spraying taking place high above Melbourne (cant speak for other state capitals) and it all makes me think that this drought is being engineered.

Well, heres a very good wrtieup that goes along with my theories which I know you will find interesting.

Australia: Canberra Resident Links Engineered Droughts to Wipe Out of Private Farming (June 23, 2008)

Your suspicions about the long-term droughts in Australia are correct (

I have observed and witnessed some very unusual and intense activities in the Australian sky for the last 5 years and I will try to explain as clearly as possible the results of my research and observations. The drought Australians are experiencing is not local or regional but definitely national. It covers the whole continent. It is a huge full-scale secret operation which involves hundreds of airplanes; a criminal act of the highest order. It is a multi-billion dollar operation and it is absolutely mind boggling the number of planes they operate to manipulate the weather and the high price of petrol/diesel or kerosene is certainly not an issue for them (who pays and who benefits?). We are being fumigated deliberately like mere rabbits in a hole to create the illusion of a permanent drought affecting Australia in the name of ‘national security’.

The 5-year+ long drought is being manipulated and controlled by the government, the military (so, what’s new?) and the multinationals and started roughly after the visit of George Bush in October 2003.

Around February/March 2004 I fell upon your site by accident and it is at the same time (April 2004) that Chemtrails started to appear above Canberra (and which haven’t stopped since). However I am aware that chemtrails had been identified as early as 2000 in other Australian states.

Here is a picture of a plane from Nasa website which is the exact replica of what can be seen in the Australian sky at any time of the day all year around: (

They are all silvery in colour with a red tail and of different sizes. This plane in the picture is not a commercial airplane and this is not a contrail. This trail is far too long to be an ordinary contrail. A contrail is no longer than 5 or 6 times the length of the entire plane and will disappear almost instantly or within 10 seconds. The trail on that picture is roughly 30 times the length of the plane and much thicker in substance to be just sheer condensation.

The substance that comes out of this plane (and the ones I witness constantly) is definitely of a chemical nature and its flow can be turned on and off at will. The length of the trail can be regulated to make it shorter or longer; its density thicker or thinner to give the appearance of a commercial plane with a contrail. In other words, any chemical trail will expand and become a chemtrail and vice versa. It is also obvious that sometimes their tank(s) run out of chemicals and suddenly they swap tanks. A slight dent in the continuity of the even spray reveals an empty tank. Often in the evening the thick spray thins out suddenly and the tiny plane disappears, going back to its base with empty tanks.

The density and thickness of the trail will vary with the density and texture of the clouds they want to target. When the chemicals slowly fall and hit the clouds, these clouds start dissolving, disintegrating slowly just to become mere puffs of smoke. The residue left behind will give a hazy look in the air, the landscape is no longer sharp and clear, it is as if we are caught in a bushfire. Then DOR settles in. The wind drops, the trees become still, not a leaf moves, the town becomes a ghost town with no life and where everything stands still. The wind has been “tamed”. Then for days on end not a breath of wind will be felt.

Although all clouds will disappear, they will keep spraying tons and tons of chemicals all day long to prevent any new formation of clouds. Then to maintain a permanent cloudless sky and to sustain a permanent state of belief that we are in a drought-like environment, airplanes will keep on spraying a thin line of spray, almost imperceptible but still visible to the keen eye. They will spray as long as some clouds remain.

Every single evening, without exception, they make sure that the sky becomes cloudless but they will keep on spraying relentlessly until 10:00 pm to prevent any formation of moisture during the night. Their blinking lights and their regular constant flights cannot be mistaken, mainly when they fly close to a full moon and their chemicals shine on a black background. Needless to say these chemicals can also affect and modify the atmospheric pressure.

As a result of continuous spray the chemicals absorb the humidity and the moisture in the air, removing the barrier, which protects us from the ultra violet. Consequently the chemicals raise the temperature a few degrees but also create the intense heat (almost unbearable) of the sun, even in winter due to the lack of humidity in the air. Right now it is winter in Canberra and we are experiencing a very mild winter compared to what we used to have in the past. It has nothing to do with the bogus climate change but with the innumerable planes and their constant spewing. One just has to look up and observe the strange things happening there.

Generally the spray will start at 6:30 am (or at least this is the time they can be spotted over Canberra) until 10:00 pm everyday. It is not unusual to see 6 or 8 airplanes spewing at any one time in the sky from horizon to horizon, either flying parallel at different altitudes or following each other in a ‘comb’ formation. They spray along the coast to block any clouds coming from the open sea and prevent the clouds from penetrating further inland. Needless to say that when they spray, they spray both directions, continuously crossing each other. When they tend to follow each other, an interval of 10 or 15 minutes separate them. Some planes contravene any rules and regulations by flying outside of their prescribed flight corridors when large clouds are coming. These planes cannot be commercial planes. Australia has a population of 21 million and therefore does not justify or support the huge quantity of airplanes involved.

When a large front is about to reach Australia, the chemtrails start appearing en masse, generally before a full or new moon when the pull of the moon’s energy is felt more strongly. This website gives us a good indication of what type of weather to expect (although it provides the weather pattern of 12 hours ago, it gives a rough idea): (, any prospect of heavy rain is quickly aborted to the great surprise of the weatherman.

posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 05:25 AM

A couple of years ago I travelled around Australia and witnessed the same type of spraying happening in Victoria (state), Northern Territory or all along the coast of Queensland. It does not matter where I was located, I continuously witnessed the large bands of chemtrails, the same long trails coming out of these planes, the same breaking down of the clouds and the same intense heat, and the drought ravaging the landscape. (What a great opportunity to bust microwave towers along the way!!)

It was at that time that I read an article (was it from ZS Livingstone?) which said that there were 5 large continents in the upper levels of the stratosphere that HAARP could easily manipulate and direct towards any destination where they could create a hurricane on demand. What about the clouds, the moisture, the humidity or the water they are “hijacking” from the Australian sky and robbing the Australian people of. Where does it go? Is it also “hijacked” and transported to drown Burma? Or floods Indonesia with torrential rains creating deadly landslides? Just a thought.

Not surprisingly CSIRO (The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), which is the scientific ‘guru’ of Australia, keep very quiet about this phenomenon. No mention of chemtrails in the media or on TV. Nobody seems to even see or notice them. The so-called ‘academic world’ does not mention a thing about it. How many Australian politicians are implicated in this diabolic plan and receive generous salaries, bonuses or perks to keep their mouths shut. Strangely enough 2 state premiers resigned last year, feeling the urge to be suddenly close to their families and to decide it was time to see their children grow. Are some politicians still endowed with consciousness and refuse to be part of this monstrous agenda?

From the literature spreading rapidly around, thanks to the Internet or Youtube, we learn that the chemtrails phenomenon consists of 3 main reasons: 1) weather modification; 2) to save us from global warming; 3) to save us from terrorism (not to mention others connected to ELF and microwave towers or to suppress our spiritual expansion). The 3rd reason would be the excuse for this intensive spraying or at least offered to the politicians and the air traffic control people to allow those planes to ‘patrol’ the sky by the hundreds against terrorism and at the same time spraying continuously to create this make believe drought (who are the real terrorists?).

A few years ago the Australian government started to give retirement packages to some senior CSIRO scientists, mainly to those who were opposed to new techniques concerning the domain of agriculture. The more conservative scientists resisted any change while the government was pushing for a new approach such as bio-engineered crops or at least to promote the use of genetically modified seeds provided by Monsanto thanks to the ‘free trade agreement’.

Dan Price, a food expert on the White House’s National Security Council mentioned not so long ago that “a number of bio-engineered crops have shown themselves to increase yields through their drought resistance and pest resistance”. It is interesting to note that as David Icke so often mentions in his books (problem/reaction/solution) they are providing the world, and in this instance Australia, with a solution that has been carefully planned, prepared and engineered in Monsanto’s laboratories a long long time ago for a problem, which is crippling the world now?

Who is bankrupting the Australian farming industry? Who is forcing the Australian farmers off their land, who is forcing them to sell their farms and their land at a ridiculous price and who is going to buy their farms and their land at a ridiculous price due to this endless drought? Who is pushing the Australian farmers to desperation and to force them to buy and use GM seeds? And who is unabatedly spraying chemicals into the Australian sky to create this permanent state of drought? Up until now, from what I have heard, only one state is resisting the use of GM seeds. And while there is no water, there is no crop, and with no crop there is no food and no food means a food crisis. Whose interest is it to persistently destroy Australian agriculture, Australian industry and at the same time the entire Australian economy?

A ‘free market’ in grain will certainly destroy the Australian economy while the severe drought will undermine ‘food security’ and create a ‘food crisis’. This food crisis will accelerate global famine to achieve the long cherished plan of the New World Order.

So who else here has seen proof of weather modification in Australia?

I have seen a sharp increase in chemtrail activity above Melbourne, especially this year and all that I can gather from it is that it seems to be pretty intense the few days coming up to expected rainfall. Like they are trying to either push the rain fronts south into Bass Staright or to diminish them before they get to the city.

Many times the wetaher beareau has forecast rain and all we get is a few sporadic droplets and the very dark clouds pass overhead, like they have some sort of lining that doesnt allow it to rain.

aswell as this, has anybody else realised how windy this year has been?

The amount of gale force windy days has expotentially increased over all other years.

It really does seem that "they" are trying to turn Victoria into a desert, more wind, less rain, drying the whole place out.

Id like to hear your thoughts on all this, surely I cant be the only one seeing this going on

posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 06:59 AM
I live in Sydney and have been seeing the chemtrail planes daily for a long time. Also on TV they are frequently in the background. The spraying is occurring in other countries also including the US, Canada and Europe. The Germans got a media response stating that the trails were military and not harmful to health. US citizens have managed to get samples analysed and found various viruses, fungi, aluminium and barium and other harmful elements. Sounds like a population reduction measure to me. Also agree with the weather affect. The puppeteers want to convince the naysayers that their global warming fairytale is accurate. More particles in the atmoshere will inevitably blanket and therefore add to warming aka greenhouse affect. I have also read that it may relate to the HAARP program and therefore weather control. Also that it changes the earth's magnetic fields and apart from HAARP usages could also link with the ISS and a clandestine military space based weapons system. There's a lot of theories out there. Some years ago there was talk of the Earth's magnetic field going to zero and that this would cause a lot of people to lose their self control and that European powerbrokers were going to be supplied with some kind of belt to help them maintain a normal field around more heard relating to this, but it does make you wonder.
The really amazing thing is people don't seem to notice until you point it out. How weird is that. As if they are so self absorbed that they have stopped noticing reality at all. Maybe what you mentioned re-stopping spiritual growth is a part of it. The NWO knows it will fail if the people advance spiritually.

posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 07:23 AM
I've seen these chemtrails in brisbane with my own eyes. The planes seem to be unmarked?

I have been reading about the chemtrails for a while and believe they are part of the plan to steal water and force us to be "rescued" from drought by the "heroes" who can sell the GM food.

The global warming idea is probably linked to it. Those responsible for manipulating the weather in this way can say that it is due to man's activity that the planet is experiencing the dry weather and that we should all pay a tax for harming the planet.

The question now is what can we do to get more information on who are allowing these planes to fly around like this and stop this madness.

If this is illegal, can we sue the company damaging the environment for losses? How do you prove this? Lets stop just talking about it and raise awareness of it. If people just sit there doing nothing they can continue to rape the environment and blame it on industrialised living. Already you are seeing the propaganda in movies, in the news, in papers etc. Take the offensive.

posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 07:23 AM
Here in Adelaide is the same as you described. I filmed this one in May. The last two weeks or so though, there have been none I've noticed, but it has been very windy the whole time. We're getting a lot more showers and even rain this winter, where as the last two winters we had hardly any at all.

posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 07:29 AM
Here's a link in the news about china's weather modification program that you might be interested in:

Not really new but perhaps we can try to fight the drought using whatever technology others have to create rain?

The farmers who are sufferring need to pressure the government to stop allowing these people to destroy the economy. If the government is being bribed to turn a blind eye we can force them to watch these chemtrails through video footage of the chemtrails that people are seeing all over the skies and get them to admit that there are planes flying around in the skies that have no business being there.

But if you just stay on a conspiracy site talking to other members this is not going to do anything. It's been going on for years and the media just assumes nothing is wrong. We need to be more pro-active.

1. find out the name of the company paying for all this.
2. sue them for the damages
3. pressure the politicians to reveal the true purpose of the spreading of the chemicals that is resulting in water shortages and hold these corrupt people accountable for their actions so that it can't happen again as a lesson to any others thinking about accepting bribes from the Monsanto's who want to control the supply of food.

Now there is a lot of people in high places that do want to reduce the human population. Lets take Prince Philip as an example:

prince philip wants to be a deadly virus

This is one of the most dangerous people on earth.
Prophets of doom would be wise to keep a close eye on this one.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

[edit on 2-7-2008 by Snake Plisskin]

posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 09:15 AM

...thats INSANE!

a walking Dead Virus??? that sounds so like...Old Snake in MGS4...
you would know what i am talking about if you do know the story of MGS4.
although i know Old Snake didn't want to be a Virus...but this PRINCE!!!

...Total INSANITY!!!

i wonder how many "prongs" they have on that "spear" they are using on us. know the common phrase "3-prongs spear attack" --> implying its a 3 hit attack.

[edit on 2-7-2008 by rasunin]

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 05:14 AM
All this talk about the buy back of the water rights in the Murray-Darling Basin, I beleive is tied yup with all this weather modification/drought business.

Just today all over the news, they are talking about the federal government buying back all the water rights of the farmers -

He said irrigators should be offered cheques in the buyback well above the market value for water, in an effort to encourage them to upgrade their infrastructure.

How is buying back water rights at a higher rate going to help the famers?

You are taking away their ability and permission to use the water from the river....yeah, there isnt much water there at the moment but that is because of this induced drought!

Think about it, the government buys back the water, the farmers crops die because he cannot irrigate, gets forced off the land or commits suicide in frustration and depression, when all the farmers are off the land, there will be food shortages like we see in some countries now around the world.

Then the government will come up with a "plan" to correct the weather through "new found" technologies via the CSIRO, and then they'll make it rain again.


They will contract out thier newly reclaimed farms with contract farmers and tell them to plant Genetically Modified Crops for whatever NWO purpose to feed to the population.

we wont know whats in it and we wont have a choice.

I wouldnt be surprised if they start spraying in the skies to kill backyard vegetable gardens before they engineer a small famine, to back us into a corner where we will accept whatever they give us.

Basic NWO form of control, starve the population until they succumb or turn around. No war needed, no bloodshed (other than food riots).

I honestly dont beleive this to be the realms of fantasy but could easily become relaity within a short space of time.

Heres a good read in regards to NWO Plan's.....makes you think-

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 05:49 AM
mother earth can not be controlled, There is no group of mad scientist controlling the weather... there is no group of people huddled in a room.. snickering about how there gonna control the people by making them all suffer.. including there own friends and families. Earth goes through cycles of weather all the time... and its mother earth doing it. We have the same stories over here,, about how the people being flooded out in the midwest of the united states.. blaming it on government,,,or secret societies,, its quite laughable really.. these cycles have been going on since the beginning of time, and as much as we wish we could control the weather ... it just cant be done.. We have our droughts in certain parts of the united states,, at the same time in other parts were having floods.. wild fires... mud slides... earth quakes.. tornados,,, and now hurricane season is coming.. think about it,, do you really think we can control all that???? Man likes to think we can do anything... but were a long way off from managing any weather...

posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 11:13 AM
I'm from Rural Vic, and was commenting to some motel guests the other day about the drastic change in weather over the last 10 years...
We've been on stage 3 water restrictions since I can remember and moved into stage 4 over the 07/08 summer. We had a couple of good downpours towards the end of summer/early autumn so we were able to move back to stage 3 for winter.

It's been so long since we had decent thunder/lightning storms in summer, a week long spell of rain in winter, proper hail storms and frozen puddles..
I remember during winter at primary school in the early 90's almost every recess & lunch time was spent indoors watching the hail & rain - not so much now.

I haven't noticed any chemtrail activity in my area - however that could be because i wasn't taking much notice - star & flag for you for opening my eyes a little!

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 05:42 AM

thats is exactly my memories of a child aswell, days upons days of constant rain, frozen puddles in the mornings at school where we'd slide over them,

cold front after a week of 100degrees F (40deg Celcius) that had intense lightning, thunder, hail and rain......

what happened to it all, the grass was constantly green back then, now even the roots are drying out!

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 06:50 AM

From the article you posted:

When the chemicals slowly fall and hit the clouds, these clouds start dissolving, disintegrating slowly just to become mere puffs of smoke. The residue left behind will give a hazy look in the air, the landscape is no longer sharp and clear, it is as if we are caught in a bushfire. Then DOR settles in. The wind drops, the trees become still, not a leaf moves

Then you write:

Many times the wetaher beareau has forecast rain and all we get is a few sporadic droplets and the very dark clouds pass overhead, like they have some sort of lining that doesnt allow it to rain. aswell as this, has anybody else realised how windy this year has been?

The amount of gale force windy days has expotentially increased over all other years.

It really does seem that "they" are trying to turn Victoria into a desert, more wind, less rain, drying the whole place out.

It kind of contradicts the stories doesn't it?

After reading the story i decided to have a look at some yearly rainfall charts.
Specifically 2000 to 2007, due to the story mentioning these chemtrails were supposed to have started at this time and have been consistently appearing to date.

Click to enlarge




I don't see a consistent drop off in rainfall at all. In any of these cities, yeah theres been some dry years and theres been some wet years.

Sorry but i don't buy it. The facts speak for themselves.

[edit on 5-7-2008 by Chadwickus]

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 07:01 AM
Some more rainfall graphs. Click to enlarge

1957 - 2007.




posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 05:39 AM
Don't worry mate - there is no such thing as chemtrails. They are just a mass hallucination, no worries eh?

Just ask OzWeatherman, he'll tell you. What you are seeing is just soje sort of cloud that forms naturally. Yup, nothing to worry about, just a few ice crystal that's all, maybe some moisture but just not enough to rain.

I am sure you think chemtrails exist, I used to aswell. Then I met Ozweatherman and he told me no, you are wrong they are not real so now I know I was wrong all along.

Even when I see them now, I just think "Dummy, Those are just some form of cloud, move along nothing to see here" and then everything is ok.

Seriously, if you are stil worried about some chemtrails over your area, just email Oz. He will tell you that you are just seeing a trick of light and shadow, an anomalous cloud formation and that there is definitely no such thing as chemtrails.

He knows, he is our Resident Expert, and he even works for the government doing meteorological work. So trust him. He knows his stuff and you won't believe your lying eyes after he gets through with you. He literally kows everything about weather, his tag even says so- sort of
I think he will be here soon - Live, on this thread.

That oughtta set you persons straight. When the actual weatherman shows up...

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 05:56 AM
reply to post by TruthTellist

There is no where in my post where I say chemtrails or contrails aren't real.

All I'm saying, with hard facts, is that they don't seem to be effecting rainfall in any of the large Australian cities.

So take your sarcasm and misguided conspiracy theories elsewhere.

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 06:03 AM
reply to post by Chadwickus

What conspiracy? There is no such thing as chemtrails. I used to think they existed, but now I know better.

Witches used to be blamed for bad weather, crop failures and droughts - maybe they did it

(just joking, I don't believe in witches)

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 06:07 AM
reply to post by TruthTellist

Oh witches are very real! Theres one down the road from me, shes an evil, evil woman I tell ya!

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 06:22 AM

Originally posted by Chadwickus
reply to post by TruthTellist

Oh witches are very real! Theres one down the road from me, shes an evil, evil woman I tell ya!

- at least contribute something to the topic... please.

Such as the fact that no laws exist in Australia pertaining to civilian weather modification/rainmaking.

That is to say, if you had enough money you could make it rain all day on your farm, or a city you want screw around with. If you have the cash, you can do it.

But that rain has to come from somewhere, and normally ,according to Ozweatherman, the area can be depleted of water for a period of time depending on the weather in the surrounding area and relative moisture content.

You can do the same thing in north America. In fact, farmers Co ops here in Ontario often pool there money and hire planes to release dry ice, silver iodide etc in order to seed clouds. It is more cost effective to do it this way, as the rainfall is not entirely predictable, and this ensures a relative degree of accuracy. Some times neighboring farms get it for free

So there, if you have the money you can pay people to fly around seeding rainclouds, or spraying oxides into the air to prevent rainfall. It is your dime afterall

So when the Government says they are not engaged in "Chemtrailing" they could be telling the truth. Any Rothschild, Rockefeller or person willing to dish out the money can make it rain whenever they want (weather permitting).

Any member of Bilderberg could make it rain anywhere they want. There is something to think about.

Don't believe me Google "Cloud seeding" Look at these links also:

Weather Modification, Inc.

North American Weather "Consultants"

The truth is frightening.

[edit on 6-7-2008 by TruthTellist]

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 07:39 AM
reply to post by TruthTellist

de-railing the thread? Like you going on about cloud seeding, don't see how this relates to the topic at hand. It is the EXACT opposite to whats being discussed here.

Now run along and tell your keeper Ozweatherman that you keep putting words in his mouth.

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 07:42 AM
reply to post by Chadwickus

You can pay companies to seed clouds or you can pay them to spray oxides so that it doesn't rain...

I'd say that info pertains to this thread very much so.

Feel free to Slander away... but at least contribute some pertinent information.

Thank you.

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