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Hello, nice site!

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posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 09:55 PM
Well I'm new here, I think I vaguely recall visiting this site in the last couple of years a couple of times, but just in passing. Now I'm here to stay. There is some great stuff here, and from the looks of it, some very bright folks. I hope I can contribute or at least interact in the future here, I hope my stay is a long one. Question for you folks:

Is hypnotic regression bunk? I have a lingering mistrust of psychiatrists and those of that ilk in general, and I really don't know much about regression. I find it hard to believe anyone can just speak some words to me, and I'll drift off into a peaceful slumber, where I will suddenly recall things I couldn't remember in my concious state. I only ask because of an experience when I was very young, that I barely recall, and if there was any way to see if there was any more to it, I'd like to find out. It is UFO related, and there probably is nothing there, but I'd like to find out, if possible, if there is more.

For future reference on these boards, in case you run into me:

I do believe that there is alien visitation. Some UFOs are imo, indeed vehicles not of terrestrial orgin.

I think that a LOT of the sightings, a LOT of the abduction cases, and pretty much all of the more out-in-left-field theories are bunk. Bases where lizards eat us? No.. I don't think so. I think many of the cases of abduction are fabricated.

I am at odds against those who fabricate these sorts of stories really, I think it detracts from serious study. As long as these sorts of reports feed the media, the government and media are going to have little trouble maintaining an air of "See how ridiculous this all is?"

My favorite researcher by far, is Stanton Friedman. He mirrors my own mindset as far as this sort of stuff goes. He does not mindlessly take anyting he hears for granted. He won't acknowledge that something may be true, until it can receive serious study. I love his books, and how he has approached the UFO issue over the last 20 + years.

I have never witnessed a UFO myself as far as I know (except for the question regarding regression, that was a very odd experience, that I'll share if anyone cares to hear it). If I saw a dot on the horizon, I would be excited, but would first assume it was explainable. i.e. I don't jump to conclusions that just because it is mysterious, means it's paranormal, a ufo, etc.

Ghosthunters is a horrible show. I hope they never make a show about UFOs in the same sort of fashion, it would send study back years.

Anyway, thanks for letting my post my blather on your boards, and I hope to have a long, happy, slightly controversial stay here!

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 10:51 PM
I have to disagree with you, Ghosthunters (Taps) is a very, very, very good show.

Unlike most Ghost Hunting shows they use equipment and don't send some loony psychic in to find ghosts. They have a lot of great video aswell.

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 11:09 PM
welcome my friend,actually i have to tell you that there is a show called ufo hunters,really nothing much to watch in my opinion,but why do you say ghosthunters is horrible?i have actually seen ghosts,and ill tell you it will make EVERY hair stand on end.i have also seen ufo's,and like you i dont jump to conclusions,if it flies overhead in a straight line its a ufo its an airplane,what i saw was at about 500 feet,so i had a real good look.and one time a few weeks ago my wife,my children and myself were out looking at stars,on a crisp spring night,and i made out two glowing objects,it looked like follow the leader,i jumped up and said what is that,then i heard "sqwuak" it was a friggin bird following another least i can admit it

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 11:11 PM
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Welcome to ATS. You might have wanted to post this in the Introductions Forum:

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Anyway, see you around!

posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 12:42 AM
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posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 12:50 AM
Welcome to ATS. You should find a lot of things to interest you here.

And here's some links to assist you in learning about us:

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posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 01:48 AM
Oops, I just realized there was a jillion more boards once I scrolled down. Apologies for posting this on the wrong one!

As far as ghost hunters goes, I believe them to be utter frauds, which imo, discredits the subject matter. I was severely dissapointed after the first season, and from what I have heard, it really hasn't improved. They see more in haunted sites in one visit, than folks that live there see in months. The lighthouse episode was terrible (with the moving chairs). You could actually see someone move in the glass reflection just before the chair moved. The prison episode was equally bad. They should probably not wear sneakers whilst pretending to be ghosts.

Of course, if it was accurate and true, they'd probably not have lasted one season, since they'd have a fraction of the "evidence" they actually produced. And that isn't good entertainment.

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