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What If you are all wrong?

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posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 05:34 PM
Ok first I would like to say this is my first post here at ATS after lurking for about 3 years. Ive come to say Im sick and tried of these "We hate American" and the 9/11 truthers, because to me neither have good enough proof for their story's. I'll probly get flamed for this but i dont care.

What if you are all wrong? Have any of you ever thought that? Or did you blindly go against the story because you (keep in mind "you" as in your own head) cant explain something or it doent make sense to you. Just because of that doent mean your right...however it doent mean your right... The only part of the 9/11 thing that bugged me was building 7, the rest seemed (again in my POV) understandable and logical. I have done research (not just on the internet mind you, like local libary to read up on engineering and such, you know to understand what it would take to knock a building down) on buildings and such afterwards I can to the conclusion that if a building is hit by a plane it would case enough damage to the interior of the building to make it weak... then the fires could have weakend what was left of the steel frame (mind you it doesnt have to melt to break just get hot enought to bend and snap) and the weight of the rest of the buildings broke them and it fell.

I dont want to start a disagreement or anything so please dont just say im wrong and all the tipical jazz Ive seen here. This is my opionion and I believe it is right. Im not say yours is wrong, Im just sick of hearing people (truthers) saying the same stuff over again trying to prove their point and convert others to their cause.

In regards to the War on Iraq, I must say everyone (including Pres. Bush) was mislead in to believing that Saddam had WMDs...However my cousin (who served for over 4 years in the marines) went over their and told me that there was evidence that Weapons of a large amount were moved from various warehouses etc. Im not going to try and poke to many holes in his story because he is a patriot for serving his country, even thought he disagreed with the war, until they wnet into those buildings and saw for himself. Also my brother-in-law is a navy coreman and fights to proect his country from any threat. He is has 2 tours of duty left. He tells me how much clamer things have gotten over the past few years over there since the begining of the war. The Surge worked. And neither of them go around and kill the Iraqies for fun. In fact my brother shares his rations with the childern and gives them candy to help them find unexploded IEDs.

Now I stated all of that because it is a real exprince with the war that hits home. The media is always feeding the (from what i can precive is) lefty and hardcore lefty hate, and some hardcore right hate.

Moving on, I would like to explain to people that War is apart of human nature and always will be. History is like an endless waltz, the three beats of War, Peace and Revoltion will continue on forever. That statment is absoulte truth in its whole. You can't change people and you can't and shouldnt even try to impose your will on others. All it does is feed hate. I understand that some of you are not statisifed with the results you get, but deal with it, if there is a big NWO plan we wont be able to stop it until it happens, and until then we will never know about it, like JFK we are never going to know because Oswald was killed before he could stand trail. Whatever happened to "innicent until proven guilty". Dont you get it yet? Everything will be unraveled when the time is right. Until then dont go around making a**'s out if yourselves and just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride that is called life. Nothing is Prefect not you not me and not anyone.

Don't hate someone because there opionion is different than yours and dont hate your own country just because you dont agree with the administarion, just vote in the next election and hopefully your candidate will when.

Until then Peace

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 05:40 PM
People are confused in the sleeping of their own minds thinking they can understand the reasons of others as if they can understand the throught of another. In truth most people don't even lightly grasp their own thinking processes. Thus they paint a "reality" of the "world" and the way they think others should see it and believe they understand "what's going on". This is a trick to keep them blinded from the reality of the truth. They are slaves to something much darker then anything within the illusions of the fake world they paint.

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 05:47 PM
OK if that is true who is keeping us blind? Last time I checked internet was free and chuckfull of info, real and not. Also do you have proof of this? because im more likely to believe that the aleins are controlling us than we are blind to the truth.

oh yeah and umm what about free will?

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posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 05:58 PM
reply to post by RX83GP02

The truth is you keep your selves blind by thinking you see. Only by the understanding that all physical understanding is an illusion do you start to see through the truth of the (spiritual/energy) world underneath. Only then can you start to seek true understanding in the physical world. With the phyiscal sight blinders on you'll never know the truth. This "evil" darkened world is the one YOU've created within your own mind's sight.

"They" are not the evil ones, it is that which lies within each and everyone of YOU.

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 05:59 PM
I believe in the old times, people would say "I'd eat my hat".

I assure you i won't be eating my hat.

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 06:05 PM
Hey RX,

Interesting post. I also have look in to this in detail. I agree that most poeple on this subjuct are very pro conspiracy. I am one of them. I'm not going to sit here a bash you or go on with some witty rhetoric.

There are so many tings that don't add up. You've read them, as have I.

When you look the whole and the way it was handled, it promotes fear and lack of trust in the government. That's all I have to say.

I think that you should reevaluate your data.

Take care.

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 06:07 PM
reply to post by Incarnated

I have NO idea what you are trying to say. Sounds like a bunch of religous mombo jumbo to me. I agree that evil is what you make it and all... However i dont recall talking about evil...just hate and anger... However we must remember that the idea of good and evil is just that and not in anyway real, because its a matter of your POV.

posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 09:38 AM
Uh....America is evil. Do you watch the news? I mean that's a fact, America is evil. Just based on that comment of yours, your post has lost all credibility to me.

posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 09:40 AM
To the OP, one thing: NOPE!!!!

not a one liner.... and do your research over again... this time with unbiased eyes... then come back and try again!


People die in the hundreds of thousands around the world yearly for your comfort. Can you live with that on your conscience constantly?

Or are you one of those manifest destiny types that thinks God has truly blessed us with his support for our endeavors?

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posted on Jul, 22 2008 @ 04:37 PM
reply to post by dunwichwitch

Doesnt matter what i think. And yes I dont care about others for the most part. its called SURIVAL OF THE FITTEST. also... dont just attack me, give me a valid point because just saying NOPE makes you sound igronate.

posted on Jul, 22 2008 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by Soulstone

How can a country be evil? I thougt it was the people in it that could have the potenal for evil... A country is just dirt and water.

posted on Jul, 22 2008 @ 04:46 PM

Originally posted by RX83GP02
reply to post by dunwichwitch

Doesnt matter what i think. And yes I dont care about others for the most part. its called SURIVAL OF THE FITTEST. also... dont just attack me, give me a valid point because just saying NOPE makes you sound igronate.

I think you've summed up everything against you in a few lines.

IF YOU don't care about anyone else.... then why would your higher ups care about you?

In one part you write about family members defending your country with pride, yet you believe that the events of 9/11 are the true with the official theory.

So, that proves to me at least, the people defending your country aren't doing there jobs properly, if the official story is to be believed.
Your country can barely defend itself against a handful of people with box cutters.


coming back to what you've just said.... SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.... if the elites at the top wanted a war, then what do a few thousand american lives matter in the bigger picture?

They got a war, and quite possibly a never ending one at that.

Do some research, that's all i politely suggest.

posted on Jul, 22 2008 @ 04:57 PM
Think about something for a brief moment. Survival of the fittest, you say? When you die, is that you surviving with your fitness? No. Your whole perception of this reality is gone.

Speaking of perception... who else views your world but you? By you not caring about most people other than yourself (seems to be a popular trend these daydreams) aren't you really not caring about a large part of your experience?

In other words, if you are the only one you know for 100 percent is experiencing this (which you can't deny. You can say it seems like there are "others" experiencing this, but that is only what you choose to perceive. You can't jump inside anyone's mind and know that they are another), what isn't you? And by not caring for others, like I said... this is YOUR experience... you are not caring for a large portion of yourself.

Wake up, my friend. America is the ultimate tool for enslaving your true self. It may feel quite comfortable, but you could die tomorrow, and that comfort would be no more. You'd have to start all over again. So why not start all over again while you are still alive in this body and realize that you are wanting everything besides what your true self wants?

This is where you will find truth. Inside. Not here. You come here for possible inspiration, but you don't take anything for fact until you yourself experience the REALIZATION, not the belief. You assume everyone on here simply believes in things. Beleif is a little too hollow of a thought for me.

By the way.... a country is not the people, nor is it the Earth it sits on. It is an idea, purely a concept of the government of elitists who think they know what's best for the people who happen to be lucky/unlucky enough to be born within the government imposed borders and are forced to take the government imposed citizenship. There is nothing "of the people" about government. To govern means to rule "over the people".

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posted on Jul, 22 2008 @ 05:19 PM
I don't have a CT formulated for what happened but through research I have come to the conclusion that the media and government versions of 911 are also false.

The very best possibility the OS has to being true is that the story is incomplete and that the government exibited legendary incompetence on that day.

That is entirely unacceptable to me, and that is the best case scenario.

posted on Jul, 22 2008 @ 05:45 PM

posted on Jul, 22 2008 @ 05:50 PM
I think that WMD were placed there by our people for "us" to find.

then someone else, not wanting us to have "proof" for the war, moved them on us.

*cough cough, Iran*

that is my feelings on WMD.

posted on Jul, 22 2008 @ 05:56 PM
i don't think the country in and of itself is evil. i think most ppl are ignorant to how they have been weaving their web for a long time. i stay out of the 9/11 threads for the most part. we have what we have on that and it is time to look at some more "out there" facts that ppl can see and understand.

for instance, we are not american (state) citizens. we are federal citizens, i.e. subjects (slaves).

official gov't site: they are open about it too. we are federal citizens

this is thanks in part to the 14th ammendment.

here are some sites that can help to explain it. then go look around at gov't sites (i mean all over) and you start to notice things that are now in a different light.

and there is a link after this person's letter

here is a great letter written by a woman who is angry and has every right to be bc she learned the deceipt that is being fed to us by the spoonfuls.

learn how you have been hooked in and how you are being raped. then maybe some anger rise up in ya.

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