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Starlike objects that move strangely in the sky

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posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 04:06 PM
I found this thread interesting and it has made me want to look outside at the sky more. I have noticed that the stars do shimmer (something to do with the atmosphere) but I don't recall ever seeing anything like the OP is describing. I have seen a few shooting stars and the planes round here tend to be very low.

However, I remember as a child watching the stars moving in strange ways and my friend and I talked about it at school alot - I was about 7 or 8 at the time. We found those round circles on the grass (like the rings of mushrooms) and talked about UFO's. That was a long time ago and this thread reminded me of this.

We are going camping in August, so will be able to do alot of star gazing. There is something about being in the middle of a field in the early hours, I just hope the rain keeps away!

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 05:17 PM

Originally posted by devareous
I have Been looking at and found a very intresting set of 14 page ebook/blog whatever u wana call it.It deals with what we have up in space and things unknown as well.The guy takes pics with his telescope tracking space debri at first,then dicided to catalog sattilits and actuly look at them.Anyway the relation besides sattiltes to this thread is he also talk about spaceships ether erthbuild/or other,but he talks about them uncloaking when they enter the atmospher and causeing a blue flash.
it a very intresting bit of info,started out as a space trash cataloger,and found more then he bargined for lol.

Any take a look , Name is space Machines Vol.1~14
Space Machines Vol.1~14 Link

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that whole section of garbage by John Leonard Walson is just that, total garbage. all of those photos ar bunk. He tried to pass them off as huge alien space craft orbitting our planet but has never shown the prrof... i think the final verdict was that they are just satalites and debris that he tried to get money for by calling them ufo's

Any way, we went out last night and looked at the sky for about 45 minutes to an hour and did not see anything. There has been a lot of fires recently and the smoke is causing a pretty nasty haze in the sky. Its also reflecting a lot of ambient city light so i could barely make out the big dipper, and couldn't see the little dipper or polaris at all.

I'll try again for some time tonight depending on the smoke... I had this feeling today while i was at work that i would see another one soon... i hope it was premonition!

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 12:47 PM
I actualy was posting it for the space junk,sattilite refrence's and pics,as to teh ufo speculations he makes that wasnt even the intresting stuff.I just liek seeign all the space junk lol

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 12:34 AM
Another update
I still see the star-like UFO's moving about but I can't get them on film for some reason, hard time focusing on them.

However something else seems to be happening.
There seems to be these blinking Red/White UFO's randomly showing up all over Toronto my friends and I have been seeing them every where and talked about them before and having filmed them.

Now tonight I see them again and filmed more from my balcony I have 2 of them close to each other , they are over top a couple buildings and they randomly disappear and show up sides of the sky.
At first I thought they were just stars but they are way too close to earth and my camera can't even film stars because they are too far.

Now tonight while filming these red/white UFOs again a starlike UFO appeared near on top of the building right beside me, so I started to aim my camera and tripod to it and as I'm looking at it with my eye to estimate where to aim my camera the UFO moved a little wobble then zapped away, I was #ting bricks because I felt like it saw me and knew I was about to film it.
I'm #ting bricks tonight I dunno how well im going to be able to sleep after seeing that.

So I now have a total of about 100 mins of UFOs on tape and I can't wait to show you guys.
I'm stuck having to buy firewire adapters and some other crap just so I can upload it and show you guys, its truly amazing the amount of footage of UFOs I have just from my baloney.
You guys will see it soon I have played it back for my friends to see and they are shocked my camera even picked it up. And they were even more shocked to see the Red/White UFOs when zoomed in are not red at all but they are a like a shimmering spinning ball of white light and spinning around it is rainbow colors. And they are not perfectly ball shaped, just round with stuff sticking out of it. hard to explain but you will see soon as I get all this uploaded.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 11:18 AM
In the last 3 days, there are no less than 7 reports where "star-like" is referred to on the mufon "last 20 reports page". The report submitted yesterday (2008-07-09).....with the date of the event being 1979-07-15, location: CA, an almost exact description of my sighting of Nebraska. He/she uses the word zig-zag, which is what mine did. The difference is that during my sighting, multiple lights were visible at once...and one was clearly a "mothership".

Satellites don't zig-zag. Multiple satellites don't perform incredible maneuvers around one another. Where's all the "well respected" ...Ummmm....."UFO Researchers"?????. These reports are becoming VERY common. I saw one again very early this morning.(4:15 CDT) It didn't go over the horizon, and slowly fade. It went UP, and out of sight. The light slowed down, then ever so slowly, got smaller and smaller, til it was gone....therefore, I could only surmise it was going up, and away from earth.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 03:56 AM
reply to post by justjoemusic
I'm guessing this forum is based in Europe somewhere but I have also seem the same thing and I live in the Northeastern, US. For the past five nights at about 3 a.m. the night sky has been very clear and I have witnessed distant objects move swiftly throughout the sky, no colors other than a white/yellow though. It completely freaks me out to know I'll never know what they are, not that I can prove that statement

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 12:55 PM
reply to post by buds84

Haha great stuff, I can't wait also. Take you time, there's no rush, right? lol

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 02:02 PM
I hope Joe is well he hasn't posted in here for a while now...

Anyway the night sky came alive for me a few nights ago I posted about them in this thread because I thought perhaps it was an eye condition, but here's what I wrote.

I have these weird floaters also, only started seeing them about a year ago and it was only when I looked up at the sky in the daytime so I put it down to the light and being too sensitive or something. However I only see these floaters in the sky, I can look anywhere else and not see them, also the other night I was looking up at the stars whilst smoking it was somewhat cloudy and all of a sudden for no reason the sky came alive with the floaters except this time they weren't floating but flashing like little lightning storms inside the clouds. When I went outside later on for another smoke I did not see them. I can also sometimes see what I'd call energy waves which are black or grey and sort of wave across my vision

While I'd like to put it down to a medical explanation the recent night time sighting of these things has somewhat worried me and doesn't seem to fit with what I first had nor does it fit with the medical descriptions around these floaters as I haven't seen them at night since the first time

It could be these stars or it could have just been these eye floater things however it's strange it's not happened before or since, but it really was like the clouds & the stars were alive with all the little flashing going on was so surreal

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 04:15 PM
I have been watching these things for almost a year now. I would talk about it on different sites and it would just be ignored or was brushed off as being satellites or me seeing things. I couldn't understand why these things were not being noticed by anyone. It has increased twice as much here (fla/ala line) and they seem to be closer. I have been reading that it was time to start slowly letting humans know that aliens exist and are all around us. Maybe they are trying to get the message across, because it seems like they are trying to be seen. I still think they have a purpose for where they are positioned every night. Just a guess. Somethings up and these things are not hiding anymore. I guess time will tell.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 04:23 PM
I have a thread dealing with a very, very out of the box concept:

Aliens Might Be Moving Stars to Communicate With Us

You've got to love the audacity of this idea. In a recent article at Discover Magazine, virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier (you know, the guy with the dreadlocks) proposes that we get working on repositioning nearby stars to form geometric patterns - or at least start looking for places that it's already been done by aliens.

Move stars around into patterns? That's pretty crazy stuff. Sure, but there isn't any physical reason why it isn't possible; it happens all the time when galaxies collide. Of course, a spray of stars hurled into intergalactic space at random is different from a great big peace sign.

In order to actually move a star requires a gravitational tractor, and engineers are already planning this kind of a mission for a threat closer to home: asteroids. By flying a spacecraft near an asteroid, and fighting against the gravity pulling it down, you can actually pull the asteroid off course. Over a long period of time, you can move the asteroid enough in its orbit to prevent it from striking the Earth.

So scale that idea up. Send out a fleet of these spacecraft to tinker with the orbits of Kuiper Belt objects. These objects could rain into the inner Solar System and prod the Sun's motion through the galaxy. Over a long period of time (a really really long period of time), you could impart enough of a velocity change to drive your star anywhere you wanted it to go.

With this technique, and a few million years to time to kill, you could line up stars into a formation that shows an intelligence was behind it. The more stars you put into formation, the better your message will be.

It is very fringe...but the source is Discovery Magazine.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 04:43 PM
We saw two this weekend. We were out sky watching last night and after about an hour and a half of looking we saw one at 10:05 Pacific time and another one right behind it at 10:10.

To be honest i'm not sure if it was one or two becasue the first one we saw was moving southwest to northeast and 5 minutes later we saw an identical light moving northeast to southwest. The light was much brighter than a star, probably the brightest one of the 4 total that we've witnessed. I'm having the same problem as buds though becasue i snapped 6 pics and all of them didnt turn out any good. Just black screen. I think the probalem is that i'm using a digi cam.

If it was two different ufo's there paths woiuld have intersected right above me so it makes me think that it may have been the same one coming back. Very interesting though was how it disappeared. It was nearly 12:00 oclock dead above us when it just dissapeared... then it flicked back on for a moment and then it was gone.

Sorry i didnt post this last night but after we were done pointing in the sky and saying how much we couldnt believe that we saw two in a matter of 5 minutes apart from each other i layed down and feel asleep. So i just got home from work and there you have it.

Does any one whose seen one of these things have IR filter for their camera???? I'm curious to weather these things would leave a signature or if they would even show up.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 04:55 PM
This was the type that we saw while moving over the weekend of the 4th.

At one point there were 3 of them lined up diagonally staying in place and blinking and getting larger then smaller then they decided to move around and change formation the lower 2 switched positions then the middle one decided to move on and just took off to the south and kept going.
They were on both sides of us but I could only see those on our east side.. the kids saw the ones on the other side. all were very high in the sky would stay stationary for long periods of time then changing positions.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 05:07 PM
I often spend the darkest hours of a clear night outside with my head facing my mistress the sky... I log a lot of hours doing this every week...more then most I would wager

I have never seen any "Alien" space craft to my knowledge... IE craft that are visible, do crazy things like stop and zoom off...etc

I have seen thousands of shooting stars... tens of thousands of sat cross overs... Asteroid flybys and the like... And all of that is more then enough to make the time I am spending worth it..

Especially because I suspect that very often I am the only one paying attention in my immediate area.. hence why I call it my mistress.

I am certain that I can say 95% of what I see is normal.

The other 5% is very strange indeed.. which are the spice to the night.

I cannot call them Alien space craft.. and I don't even want to call them UFO's... as that has a very CHEAP and DULL definition IMO..

I have seen some of what you describe, and more...

Can't say its Aliens or what... just interesting and sometimes scary.

Very often I will call my wife out when I see something very spectacular.. only to have her come out see it for a tiny second and then have it vanish.

So when you have the experiance ... enjoy it. Perhaps one day you and I will find out more.

You are going to have to bring your own lube though .. I cant share that!

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 06:01 PM
I had an odd experience last night at 11:15 Central Time, USA. It was in the vicinty of The Big Dipper, as usual. This time however, I did what a previous poster recommended and brought my binoculars with me. (great idea btw). Before using them, I sat gazing for several minutes familiarizing my eyes to the night sky. I didn't see anything moving. After awhile, I brought the glasses to my eye. Immediately, an object was in view, moving from NE to SW in the viewfinder. I mean, literally, the second I saw stars , there it was. I actually took me by surprise the speed I saw one. Yellowish, and extremely bright, thru the glasses. It could be seen moving past other stars, so I know it was moving for sure. I followed it for maybe 10 seconds, assuming it was a satellite. I lowered the glasses to get an approximate speed in comparison to nearby stars, but couldn't find it. Nowhere to be seen with the naked eye. I found it curious because it was so bright thru the glasses, I figured it would jump right out at me when viewing without the glasses. I live with very little light pollution. I brought the glasses back to my eye, but could not find it again. No big deal, you might think, but what I find odd, I never found another anomoly for the next hour.

In the entire hour I would say I raised the glasses to my eye around 20 times. Never spotted another object. Statistically speaking, I found it significant that the VERY first time I looked through them, there was an object. I mean, there it was, before even having to scan side to side. I looked up.....and there it was. What are the odds of looking randomly into the night sky with binoculars, looking at nothing in particular, only to view an object, big and bright the second you bring it to your face? I would say the odds are spectacularly low, given the size of the sky, and the size of an orbiting satellite. Million to one? More?

Probably no big deal...maybe I should just go to Vegas.

Anyway, that's my story. Tonight will be clear. I will be out at 11:00 CDT ...looking towards the Big Dipper. Maybe someone who reads this and is interested can do the same at the same time. It would be significant to verify sightings from different geographic locations.

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 05:56 PM
You know what i find very amusing. IF there are alien beings and IF disclosure happends, in the future we would be looking at these forum threads like: Look at how people then started to notice things is the sky, boy did they know so little back then.

Just my 2 cents

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 01:33 PM

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 05:41 PM
OK next time someone sees one of these object can they quickly check out this website just to rule out/in satellites.

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 06:20 PM
A new sighting of these objects: Last night at approximately 0200-0230, over Birmingham, UK.

I live right next to Birmingham Intl Airport. At about 0215 I opened the back door to let my cat in, I strolled out into the garden to have a brief scan of the night sky as I often do, not in any sense to check for UFOs, just because I enjoy peering into the vastness of the Universe. Just before I gazed skywards a thought popped into my head along the lines of "I'm 21, have never seen any UFOs, even though I Belive in them, I hope I will see one sometime ". It seems odd, but it did feel as if the thought was almost implanted into my head at that specific moment. I regarded it as just a weird coincidence until I read some of the posts on this thread; a few people seem to have reported the same strange sensation.

As I turned my head upwards, I immediately locked on to a bright, illuminous object; slightly brighter than a star, moving from East to West. I then saw another, and another, and another, all moving in what appeared to be a lose formation. In all I counted about 15 of them, some of the lights would fade out, then a minute or two later fade back into view. It was pretty awe inspiring. I watched them pass over for about 5-10 minutes, till they disappeared into the Horizon.

Something also of note: after a minute or two of watching these strange lights pass over, the police helicopter stationed at the airport took off; it remained stationary, hovering over the airport at a height I would estimate of around 5,000 ft. The normal behavior for these choppers is too fly off over my house into the city onto an assignment, but this one just stayed stationary over the airport, appearing to be observing the same lights as me, it then landed again after the lights had disappeared. This could be a co-incidence, but it could also suggest the airport was also tracking the 15 objects in the sky (They appeared to be very high up, at very least above 30,000 ft) and sent the Helicopter to investigate with its FLIR. Interesting anyway.

I checked Heavens Above after the sighting and there were no Satellites passing over my area at the time; the ISS was over Northern Africa/Southern Europe. Even if there were Satellites passing over at that time, the odds of seeing a cluster of 15 of them with the naked eye would be vast I imagine.

I am trying to view the same objects tonight to see if they come back, but it is very cloudy at the moment; I am hoping things clear up.

It's weird, now I have seen my first UFO after 21 years of waiting, I feel like I could easily spot one, or more again. Before I had spotted a UFO it seemed like an outside chance that I would ever seen one, now I am almost stupidly confident of spotting a group of them again. I have been meditating for the first time in my life the past two weeks, maybe that has something to do with it; once again not specifically to spot/attract Aliens, but it could possibly be an unintended, but cool side-effect of opening up my consciousness more.

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 06:23 PM
reply to post by yeebsy

Most of us seeing these have ruled out satellites.
Simply because they know that satellites don't move at fast speeds and they stay on their path most of which are in geostationary orbit anyways.
The movement of a satellite is very slow when it needs to move. There are no gas stations in space, and satellites are not made to move around the planet at any high speed.
Most Satellites need refueling every 10 years.

[edit on 16-7-2008 by buds84]

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 02:10 AM
How the heck can you refuel one of those

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