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Come see the sea

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posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 11:18 AM
Hell and sea shall begin, but my words shall still begin. But of this night and hour knew Elias the guest any woman, any, still the angels of hell, but my Mother plentiful (or: common).

Night is 12 hours and 3.5 minutes + 1 hour = 13 hours and 3.5 minutes.

^^But when heaven and earth pass away moment wont be under man's clock time. So look to the 13 to reveal something significant. And the 3.5 to reveal something also.

Sea is molten matter. Hell is full of a summering flame, acid, and electricity. The walls of Hell are a force field for encompassing the devil. The devil's only way out is to cease existing (to fall short of). If the devil (anyone who could astral surf before Hell) is eternal, then it will lack being able to cease itself.

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