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Has any one ever seen this?

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posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 08:23 AM
Came across this just wanted to know if anyone had seen it before and or if anyone had more info............

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posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 08:28 AM

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 08:29 AM
I see nothing but a plain post.


Edit it and add whatever it was you missed.

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 08:42 AM
reply to post by Ceara

sorry ppl its my first thread, i think i fixed it,try now

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 08:45 AM
still wrong link i'll keep trying,sorry

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 09:10 AM
Im sorry ppl the link wont work, i'll try and fix it,once again sorry

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 09:12 AM
What a Bozo

Having fun are we

Think man think!!

just type the "URL"

and "we will figure it out" ok?

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posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 12:35 PM
give the guy a break ruff.

not everyone knows how to post links etc.

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 03:34 PM
Hey there, we have all had technical difficulties in the past. Please just post the URL. No worries, if it is a video or photo I can make it viewable (with out everyone having to click a link) for you

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 06:09 PM
Wow!! that's the strangest thing I've ever seen.
Well, ya see, I'm not saying that I've been everywhere
and I've done everything, but I do know it's a pretty
amazing planet we live on here, and a man would
have to be some kind of FOOL to think we're alone
in THIS universe.

What do you think they're doin'? I hope the one
in the middle washed his hands after.

It just goes to show, the capacity a human really has.

[edit on 1-7-2008 by IronMan]

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 10:21 PM

Originally posted by RUFFREADY
What a Bozo

Easy there, lets show a little patience while this member figures this out. I remember a time when I couldn't even post a hyperlink.

It's all good man.

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