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100 years on, mystery shrouds massive 'cosmic impact' in Russia

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posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 08:14 AM

100 years on, mystery shrouds massive 'cosmic impact' in Russia

PARIS (AFP) - A hundred years ago this week, a gigantic explosion ripped open the dawn sky above the swampy taiga forest of western Siberia, leaving a scientific riddle that endures to this day. ADVERTISEMENT

A dazzling light pierced the heavens, preceding a shock wave with the power of a thousand atomic bombs which flattened 80 million trees in a swathe of more than 2,000 square kilometres (800 square miles).

Evenki nomads recounted how the blast tossed homes and animals into the air. In Irkutsk, 1,500 kilometres (950 miles) away, seismic sensors registered what was initially deemed to be an earthquake. The fireball was so great that a day later, Londoners could read their newspapers under the night sky.
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 08:14 AM
For you yourself to speculate on
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 08:41 AM
Well done OP, I remember watching a documentary about this on TV, a very interesting article indeed, was this the one where the trees were scortched into a ring and nothing grows around the circle of the blast?

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posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 08:46 AM
Whats shocking to me is that they had seismic sensors 100 years ago!

It could very well be a future scientific experiment produced through time manipulation. After time travel portals are invented, a new mini super-nuke is created. But by this time the earth is so populated that it cannot be tested in that future time. So they test it through a time portal into a remote uninhabited region in the past. Somewhere where there are trees to gauge the blast. The desert or over an ocean wouldn't work because there could be no visible trace left for people to report. So they test the blast in the past, then check their history books to see if anything happened.

Hey this is a conspiracy forum right!

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 08:49 AM
The Tunguska incident is indeed intruiging.

I'm sure there is tons of info here at ATS on it.

I just thought it was prudent to get the actual name out.

BTW how is this breaking news?

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posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 08:52 AM

Alien craft crash lands, self-destructs.

The End.

posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 02:26 PM
reply to post by PROCYON_HatesRIGEL_Orion

Wow haven't heard about that before.

Just been reading your other thread.

So any ideas on what caused the explosion?

posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 02:36 PM
The real question doesn't seem so much what entered Earth's atmosphere, but how often do such things happen?

It may be worse than you think.

Are we in danger now from another such event? How bad would it be? What if it were over Atlanta, USA instead of a forest in Siberia?

There's much to think about, and comment on when one looks at this idea.

posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 04:05 PM

Originally posted by NGC2736
The real question doesn't seem so much what entered Earth's atmosphere, but how often do such things happen?

a hundred year old story make breaking news and I get slapped for one barely 2 days old?

I thought maybe someone had found something new

But I did notice one thing in the report...

" Lake Cheko does not have the typical round shape of an impact crater, and no extraterrestrial material has been found, which means "there's got to be a terrestrial explanation," Wolfgang Kundt, a physicist at Germany's Bonn University told the British weekly.

He believes the Tunguska Event was caused by a massive escape of 10 million tonnes of methane-rich gas deep within Earth's crust. Evidence of a similar apocalyptic release can be found on the Blake Ridge on the seabed off Norway, a "pockmark" of 700 sq. kms (280 sq. miles), Kundt said."

Siberia has 78 percent of the Russia's oil and 84 percent of its natural gas.... what if a huge natural leak of gas got set off by a spark... bet he is on to something here...

Or we could go with the Alien spacecraft that vaporized without a trace

One way to tell would be to see the angle of the fallen trees were they pushed down and out or pushed up and out? Don't know if there are any records on that

posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 06:21 PM
EDIT Just skip my entire post and proceed to the link below at the bottom

The explosion registered on seismic stations across Eurasia, measuring 5.0 on the Richter scale in some areas, and produced fluctuations in atmospheric pressure strong enough to be detected by the recently invented barographs in Britain. Over the next few weeks, night skies were aglow such that one could read in their light, sometimes called "bright nights." In the United States, the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and the Mount Wilson Observatory observed a decrease in atmospheric transparency that lasted for several months.

Blast patterns

The curious effect of the Tunguska explosion on the trees near ground zero was replicated during atmospheric nuclear tests in the 1950s and 1960s. These effects are caused by the shock wave produced by large explosions. The trees directly below the explosion are stripped as the blast wave moves vertically downward, while trees further away are felled because the blast wave is travelling closer to the horizontal when it reaches them.

Soviet experiments performed in the mid-1960s, with model forests (made of matches) and small explosive charges slid downward on wires, produced butterfly-shaped blast patterns strikingly similar to the pattern found at the Tunguska site. The experiments suggested that the object had approached at an angle of roughly 30 degrees from the ground and 115 degrees from north and had exploded in mid-air.

There is another possible - if wildly improbable - cause of the mysterious event at Tunguska in 1908 (7 September, p 14). One of Nikola Tesla's great projects was the wireless transformation of energy over large distances. He believed that this could be harnessed in war to destroy incoming attacks from over 300 kilometres away.

Tesla built his "death ray" at Wardencliffe on Long Island, and it is a possible that he tested it one night in 1908. The story goes something like this. At the time, Robert Peary was trekking to the North Pole and Tesla asked him to look out for unusual activity. On the evening of 30 June 1908, Tesla aimed his death ray towards the Arctic and turned it on. Tesla then watched the newspapers and sent telegrams to Peary, but heard about nothing unusual in the Arctic.

However, he did hear about the unexplainable event in Tunguska, and was thankful no one was killed, as it was clear to him that his death ray had overshot. He then dismantled his machine, as he felt it was too dangerous to keep it. See for the full story.

And 115 degrees from north isn't exactly much off course if you presume a straight line from New York state to the area of Russia and in my opinion 'despite the circumstantial nature of this, i believe this was a fact a 'test' that go a bit out of hand.


PS: ( as much as so much information can be) I had this page open but i only realised how good of a sourced summary it is after i posted. It just goes to show that if you can't find your pet theory in well laid out and sourced form online your either either crazy/paranoid or not looking hard enough.

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posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 06:26 PM
Meh I personally believe that Earth had an explosive fart of methane.

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