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Patterns in Life

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posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 05:08 PM
Hello everyone,

As we know, most of everything in life happens in cycles. As these cycles progress and things grow and evolve, patterns begin to develop. Through these patterns, everything in a sense becomes "synced up" to each other.

One pattern that connects everything is the spiral. This patterns has been found in various growth patterns in life. Even by taking the source of it and translating it into mathematics (the Fibonacci Sequence), many other things are found with this pattern. For example, certain proportions of our bodies are found to exhibit the proportions found in the spiral. Even in things we humans create, the Golden Mean Ration can be found. Ancient architects, musicians, painters, etc...

Because this has turned up in so many things, this must have a deeper connection with some of the patterns in our life.

First let's take a look at this spiral...

As you can see it grows further and further outward, as it rotates around the x and y axis. But this is just the illusion of time. From a side view, couldn't this just be a standard sine wave?

As you can see, the sine wave is just a two dimensional look at a side view of a spiral. By looking at the picture you're just looking at the spiral from a stationary point, while time is applied to the "sine wave".

Anyway, that's just looking more into the basic geometries that make up this pattern. When putting the pattern through a graph, it makes one revolution traveling through each of the four directions on a graph. The four directions being (-X,-Y), (-X+Y), (+X,-Y), and (+X,+Y).

Now taking this and applying it to growth patterns, many things that grow and evolve do the same thing. As time progresses, the four directions, or sections of the coordinate plane grow towards one direction. Because there are four divisions, each separation or evolution occurs in four parts, or four different ways. Take a look at all the things that grow in life, or that we humans have invented, and they usually occur in four ways.

After the fourth division, each separation begins to grow a certain way. Then as they each grow individually, they come across more separations and are divided again into four. This happens over and over, and repeats as time continues.

These four divisions are found everywhere in nature. Easy examples are the four seasons the Earth goes through, the four times of day as Earth rotates. Now each of these examples have an absolute negative, an absolute positive, and then two "middle" pieces. Examples can be shown everywhere in nature, from the different evolution of species, the way at which things grow, anything that grows is divided by time into four.

Now the interesting part...Could all of these patterns combine to create one patten with each of the four patterns inside it? So each of the four divisions are just a piece to the final puzzle. Each separate piece will get closer and closer to reaching that one final picture, but will never reach it without combining with the other three patterns.

Our senses are an example of this. We have grown/evolved to have various senses, but maybe these will all combine to create one sense that connects all. This is where things like synesthesia come in. Synesthesia is just blurring the line between two senses. This is why those experiencing it can "hear colors" or "see sounds", because they are all connected to one another.

Now the same thing can happen with everything in nature. Every division or separation will combine creating one final pattern, in which all things depend on.

Through each single pattern we will get closer and closer to the final image, but never reach it. Technology, as an example, get's us further and further towards evolving to the next step, but the more and more it improves, the smaller and smaller it makes each step we take towards getting closer.

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 05:56 PM
reply to post by Shadowshocker163

Well stated post, Shadow.
You can prove mathematically that everything in life decomposes into harmonic patterns. This was actually proven by Fourier, who showed that you can multiply any time function by a sine wave and a cosine wave, and the result shows the harmonic content at that frequency.

In particular, for any function of TIME, you can find a corresponding function showing the frequency components -- it is called the Fourier Transform.


What Fourier shows us is that, although you can decompose something into harmonic content, that content can be VERY complicated -- much more involved than anything you discuss in your post. But, you can definitely learn a lot by looking at harmonic content -- such as what are the fundamental frequencies, and subfrequencies for any event.

So I think you have definitely stated a very real truth -- life is filled with periodic patterns. In fact -- life is ONLY periodic patterns.


One of the really bizarre conclusions you can draw from Fourier is about free will and fate -- you are trapped in a pattern that you cannot escape from. If you try to change your harmonic content, all you are doing is following some very distant harmonic that governs your decision, or perhaps a harmonic that only exists in your future.

Its all very philosophical and metaphysical. I am convinced it forms the basis for astrology (although I would never trust an astrologer without question.)


Finally, I like what you say about approaching perfection, but not being able to achieve it. Fourier analysis requires an infinite amount of calculations to get correct -- you can't calculate perfection -- but you can get close enough for practicality.

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