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Obama-for change or just a same-0

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posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 03:38 PM
I am not an Obama hater nor do i fear him. What I am looking to find out is if he is really in favor of change or just another same-o politician. In my view, a person who wants real change would be talking about drastic changes. I don't seem to get that from either candidate. I am tired of voting for the worst of two evils and am more tired of voting for candidates that promise changes in Washington but never deliver.

Drastic changes that I think Obama, or any candidate claiming they are for change, should be talking about are:

National Debt- don't just tell me your going to fix it. Give me details how and by when.
Taxes-Tell me how you plan to simplify the tax system, tax Americans fairly, and ensure that the Government doesn't waste our money so poorly.
Infrastructure-Tell me how you plan to update/ modernize Americas infrastructure which is quickly deteriorating.
Oil DependenceTell me how you will resolve this issue besides saying more drilling or restating that we need to invest in alternatives fuels. Common sense tells us this. I want specifics
Jobs-Tell me your plan how to bring jobs back to America and ensure that companies stay in America
Health Care-Don't reinvent the wheel or give a bankrupt Medicare system. Tell me why the federal health care plan you have is not good enough for me. At the same time explain to me why the federal pension can't replace the social security pension. In addition tell me how you plan to shore up the private pensions that are on the verge of collapsing.
Immigration-Tell me how you plan to protect all the borders, not just south, and what you really plan to do with the illegals that are already here.
Education- Tell me how you will invest in education to better prepare Americans for the jobs of the futures. What steps will you take to improve our current fiasco?
Environment-tell me how you will make America greener and keep companies (jobs) here at the same time. What is to stop these companies from leaving to another country with less restrictions on the environment?
Wall Street- What are your plans for Wall Street and Corporate America? Many good people have lost their life savings over the years due to fraud, under and over-reporting of companies, and point blank greedy individuals and businesses. Americans are starting to lose faith in the system.

Merely saying I am for change is cheap. I think a person who is for change is one who is willing to go against all odds, place all bets, and confront all individuals or businesses who lobby for their own self-interest rather than the interest of the American people. I realize that not all groups will be pleased. However, a candidate that is willing to stand up for what is right rather than go with the flow is the type of candidate we need. I am tired of candidates that try to please each group rather than America as a whole.

Could anyone tell me if Obama, or McCain for that matter, has went into details about any of the above mentioned issues? I know they have talked about a health care plan, but other than that all I hear or read about is vague policies. In addition to the mud slinging they both promised not to do.

If you care to add to the list feel free to do so. I know issues are being talked about but i want more detail. If you know where i can read up on those details let me know.

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 04:30 PM
reply to post by jam321

That's a lot of information to ask for.
But here. You should find everything you're looking for in there.

Obama's Blueprint for Change

And look here under "Issues" Obama's Change

You might also want to read a thread I started here:

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 04:37 PM
I dont have anything to add (at the moment) but I have to say I agree. I really don't want to hear about "This is what is wrong". We all know what is wrong. We have our own things going on that are affected by what is wrong. I say if you (candidate, not OP) are going to tell me what is wrong, give me a "This is what I am going to do to fix it". If I don't see it fixed (by that pre-destined day) we can vote on whether we (the people of this country) still want you up in that house.

You know, I can give you that grace period of "Hey I said it will be done December 31, but it's going to take me until Febraury 2". But you get one. Just like a credit card. You can be a little late, and we will understand, but after a few strikes.. you're out.

Anyway.. my two cents.. maybe a little off of what you were looking for OP.

The Eagle

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 11:27 AM
reply to post by Benevolent Heretic

Thanks for the links. I am in the process of doing some research on what he proposes. So far I haven't figured out how he intends to pay for the databases and initiatives he proposes but I need to read further. I looked over your post and agree that change comes in increments.

I guess my biggest question would be this... Why does any candidate wait until they are running for President to reveal their plans on how to fix the problems America faces? I would have admired them more if they had fought to pass their proposals during the time that they served in Congress. Then they could run on things they have done for America rather than what they plan to do for America. History has proven that only a slim margin of proposals made by Presidents are realized. I guess this could be one of the reasons many people don't believe that Obama is for change. He very well could be sincere about change. Only time will tell.

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