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ATS Member shots has passed away

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posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 09:42 PM
Although I didn't get to know the member Shots like I have some other members my thoughts still go out to Shots family and friends . It is never easy to lose a loved one .

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 09:45 PM
Poor guy. LGD is rough. My thoughts go out to him and his family.

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 09:46 PM
Thanks, jsobecky, for sharing this sad news with us. I never knew he was so ill. Wow, I remember shots being...well, shots
Truly a loss for us all.

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 09:47 PM
A member missed.

Deepest condolences to his family.

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 11:50 PM
*raises his glass*

May the Lord Bless and Keep you,
May the spirits of loved ones greet you,
whilst the road was harsh and barren,
The lord has made your place in heaven.

go forth with grace shots.

Blessings and condolences to the family.


posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 02:45 AM
Miss ya shots.

To his family, should you find this thread, I want you to know how important shots was to us. He spent so much of his time here doing what he loved, debating, and he enjoyed the interactions with all of the other members. He was a member that I only had talked to a few times, but they were all good meetings. I sincerely miss him, more than anyone here can know.

See ya around shots, and tell George Carlin that I said hi.


posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 04:30 AM
I can say that I remember having the pleasure of talking with shots in a few topics in the past. I did not know him personally, but no matter anyone's political differences, any one who believes enough in the message and purpose of a community such as ATS to make a positive contribution, as shots did, is someone I respect and admire.

It is sad not only that we have lost such a valued member, but a critical thinker and intelligent human being. God knows we can't possibly have too many.

My condolences go out to shots' family and friends, as well as all ATS members who knew him well.

Rest in Peace, man. We'll carry on the fight for you!

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 04:38 AM
Rest in peace Shots. My thoughts are with your family. I hope they will be able to see how many people were touched by your presence here.

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 04:58 AM
I never knew him but I'd like to send my condolences to his family and friends.

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 06:46 AM
Im not logged in but my username is

I have been a member for a while now, not from the beginning, but have seen many chnages on ATS and many come and go, some literally and some with their veiws.

I can say in all honesty though that Shots always stood by his principles and beleifs, but only after really exploring the subject, he certainly was no-ones parrot.

I can honestly say that even though i never met Shots I felt sad at this news, that both our community and his freinds and more importantly his family no only have memories of this great man, though the memories I am sure are rich and positivie enough to last a lifetime of those of us still here.

You will be greatly missed Shots, thank you for your debating skills, and I hope your not too bored now that being Omni Present and all the truth is now within your experience!

Having experienced a NDE myself a few years ago I know he is not alone, he is happy and bathed in Love, we mourn for our loss not his gain.

Kind Regards,


ps maybe becky r one of the Mods could emial his family with a link to this thread, im sure it will mean much to them and widen their understanding of how much he touched peoples hearts, that they may not know about!

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 07:10 AM
It has been a long, long time since I have seen Shots around ATS, sadly sometimes you don't really realize a prominent ATS member drops off the boards until after a while.

We didn't agree on much, to tell you the truth .. but that does not mean respect was not there. ATS has lost a great contributor..

May you have peace on your journey friend.

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 08:10 AM
You know a place has become a permanent part of your life when a death amongst the members hurts on a personal level.

Shots, you will be missed. May your next life be as free as your mind.

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 10:58 AM
Oh man...

All I can think of is that the ravages of that terrible disease have no hold over our man Shots any longer. He was one of a kind and I will miss him.

May he find the cosmic winds at his back and the sails of his new ship filled with wonder as he travels to the other side of life.


posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 11:21 AM
reply to post by Springer

Amen, Mark...amen.

No more pain, and the final adventure begins.

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 11:25 AM
My thoughts and prayers go out to you shots and your family.

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 12:03 PM
Didn't know the guy, but R.I.P

My thoughts to his friends and family and fellow ATS'ers who knew him.


posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 12:21 PM
To fully understand the voice no longer with us, here is a list of all the threads authored by shots:

'Superbug' Found At Schools Across U.S.
New Jersey Students Told To Create 'Catchy' Plantation, Illustrating Why Slave Labor Is Good
Post Complaint: jpm1602... Done...
Americans love freedom and choice, so why does our government keep taking it away?
San Antonio Apartment Complexes are Refusing to Rent to People with Tattoos and Body Art
Lake Havasu teen becomes sixth 2007 victim of brain-eating amoeba
Marines Barred From Filming Commercial on Streets of San Francisco
Expanding Police state:Fla. Student's Allergy Leads To Peanut Butter Ban
Illegal Immigrants Chase False Hope to Canada
ACLU sues to block the city's release of names of residents who obtain a permit to hire day laborer
Post Complaint: thatblissguy... Done...
Muslim Brotherhood's Papers Detail Plan To Seize U.S.
Post Complaint: hybridx
Latest Bin Laden Video May Be Forgery
US Obtains Bin Laden Video then Millitant Websites Become Unaccesible
(United Kingdom) Police Can Shoot Children With Stun Guns
Submitting news (Done)
Mexican President Blasts U.S. For Deportations; Promises To Fight For Immigrant Rights
Chavez vows revenge for Falklands war
Post Complaint: acmeartifacts [DONE]
SC Pipe Bomb Students Indicted (Video Update: CAIR Calls Them 'Victims')
DOT Delays Allowing Mexican Trucks on US Roads
Post Complaint: 11 11
Google Sky Gives ATS Members Close-Up View of the Universe
Hugo Chavez To Make Himself President For Life
Mexico Accused Of Framing Border Agent
Post Complaint: ptica (Aliens and UFOs Mod)
Judge Took It Upon Himself to Rule It's Too Hot To Play
Homeland Security Set for a Crackdown on Illegal Hiring
Muslims Protest Over Pet Food Factory That Could 'Rain Down' Pork
Post Complaint: Boondock78... Done...
Post Complaint: the sloth (handled]
Unruly Schoolboys Charged as Sex Offenders
Italian Police Uncover A Bomb School For Terrorists After Raiding A Mosque
Lufkin TX: Pilgrim's Pride Starts To Fire 800 Illegal Workers
Steam or transformer explosion in NYC
Landmark Warrant Ruling Stuns Canadian Border Guards
Routine Domestic Disturbance Stand Off Turned Out To Be Terrorist Suspects
FBI: Iraqis Being Smuggled Across the Rio Grande
3/4 Million Chinese Villagers Allegedly Poisoned By Pollution
Inmates Doing Work Illegals Won't Because They Are Afraid Of Colorado's New Law
Activist Group Considers 'Red-Light Cam' Lawsuits
The Growing Dangers Of Trade China Is Getting Worse
Post Complaint: drblow
Flying Humanoids or ETs Filmed Over Mexican Skies
Blair Set To Clinch Job As World's Man In The Middle East
Chavez Tells Venezuelan Soldiers to Prepare for War With U.S.
Law Firm's "How Not To Hire Americans" Video Sparks Firestorm
Global Warming: New Solution By Scientist Is Trillions Of Orbiting Mirrors
Military Warns Personnel Don't Go to Mexico while Senate Pushes Open Borders
Muslims Won't Fund Footbaths Leaders Cite ACLU's Decision Not To Oppose Use Of Public Money
ATS needs a spell check feature googles no longer works on ATS
Undercover Team Exposes Network Of 400 to 500 Radical, Anti-U.S. Islamic Centers
EU Bosses Attempt to Sneak Constitution into Effect
PC MOD Ban Pin-Ups On RAF Jets - In Case They Offend Women
War Protester Who Lied About Actions In Iraq Now Admits Faking Forms
Officials: Turkish troops hunting Kurds in Iraq
CNN: New Loch Ness Monster Video
Manitoba Chiefs Want Cellphone Revenue For Using First Nations Airspace
Does anyone Know what happened to Joyscape Blogs?
CDC Scrambles To Locate 80 Passengers Who May Be Carrying Deadly Form of TB
UK: Police To Get New 'Stop And Question' Powers
Alert Students Tip Police To Pot Selling Ice Cream Truck
Spy Files 'Link Chirac To Secret £30m Japanese Bank Account'
BBC Reporter Exposes Britain's Top Supermarket Chains
Midwest Readies For Emergence Of 17-Year Cicadas
'Flying Saucer' Police Spy Camera Takes To The Skies (w/pics)
Illegal Immigrants Question Senate Deal
Is it me or is ATS Lagging big time
Teachers Stage Fake Gun Attack on Kids
Texas Town Approves Ban On Renting to Illegal Migrants
Proof Food Additives 'ARE' as Bad as we Feared
Could a MOD have a fw words with this member
LiveScience - Ceiling Height Alters How You Think
Sub-tropical Storms Being Named to Fuel Global Warming Alarmism
Razor Blade Found in Hamburger Patty 'Cracker Barrel'
Feds Probe Moore's Film Trip to Cuba
Iraqi Parliament Wants to Sue al-Jazeera TV
France: Royal Concedes to Sarkozy Minutes After Polls Closed
Feds: Millions Have Eaten Chickens Fed Tainted Pet Food
Ga. Schools May Teach Bible Classes
Did Schwarzenegger Demolish Bay Bridge Interchange?
Protesters And Military See Red As Islamist Heads For The Presidency
SCOTUS: High-Speed Chase Suspects can't Sue Police
Kansas City Police Worry About 'Catering' to Islamic Rituals at Airport
UK: Schoolgirl Goes to Court Over Chastity Ring
Rapper: I Wouldn't Help Police Catch A Serial Killer
Environmental Groups Want Oil Shale Development Slowed Down
Scientists: Radiation From Cellphones Are to Blame for Bee Deaths
SCOTUS: Justices Uphold Abortion Procedure Ban
Pravda: Imus Fired After He Threatened to Reveal 9/11 secrets
Ovr Sized Images
Principal Sues Students Who Posted Fake Profiles of Him on MySpace
Planting New Trees May Contribute to Global Warming
School Made Girl Remove Jesus Magnet - PTO Then Bans Photos
Some Hospitals Call 911 to Save Their Patients
UK captives tell of ill treatment
US Judge Rules Constitution Does not Gurantee Travel within States
House Trashed after Cruel Craigslist Hoax
Three Yale Students Arrested for Burning American Flag
Iran 'to release British sailors'
Hydrogen: More polluting than petroleum?
The Hurricanes Are Gone, but the Cars May Remain Dealer Rip-off?
Supreme Court Rules against Bush in Global Warming Case
Supreme Court Denies Appeal from Gitmo Detainees
Some British Teachers Dropping the Holocaust From Their History Lessons
Blind Teenager Kicked Off Bus in Calgary
Report Claims Tuskegee Airman Lost 25 Bombers to Enemy Fire
Sunnis Vowing To Drive Al-Qaeda Out Of Iraq
Mother Is Accused Of Doing The Unthinkable To Get Free Food
Spanish Police Clamp Down on Illegal Immigrants From Bolivia
US House Silent on British Hostage Crisis - Why?
Looking for Millsile Witnesses TWA Flight 800
Major Opposition for Mexican trucks in U.S. 'Should US Limit Them'?
Parents Want to use Cattle Prod on Son
Scientists Create a Sheep that's 15% Human
German Court Takes Custody of 5 Homeschoolers
Florida: City to Seize Homes Over a $5 Parking Ticket
School Policy Prohibits Use Of MySpace Site at Home & School
German Citizens Outraged over Judges Ruling that allows Muslims to Beat Wives.
Hispanics Leaders Upset by Shock Radio Stunt
Unable to subscribe to threads
Scientific Evidence Suggests Puerto Rican Woman is an Extraterrestrial-Human Hybrid
Men Claim Immunity From U.S. Laws
Hardline Clerics Urging Muslims to Evade Taxes in Australia
Guantanamo : Detainee Confesses to 911 Participation
MPSL/St Paul: Muslim workers at Target refuse to handle pork
Profile Comments For: shots
Court Rules Burning Pot Smell Does Not Justify Police Entry
Secrets Revealed Behind Supervolcano Eruption
Sci/Fi: Have Time Machines Arrived?
Video: The Great Glabal Warming Swindle
Students Facing Charges of 'Desecration of Allah'
Priests to Purify Mayan Site after Bush Visit
Chavez countering Bush tour with 'cry of rebellion'
Australia: Hilali and Four other Clerics Gagged by Muslim leaders
Florida Plays Out Drill For Mass Exodus from Cuba
France Bans Citizen Journalists from Reporting Violence
Dollar Coins Missing 'In God We Trust' Mistake or Conspriacy?
System Glich or hicupps needs looking into
New 'Safest Ever' British Passport Hacked in Just Four Hours
Inmates Will Replace Migrants in Colorado Fields
New Documentary Claim: 'Global Warming Is Lies'
Police arrest 170 in Copenhagen protests
Food Police: Girl Scouts Want You To Die
Tables Turned on Fahrenheit 9/11's Maker
Cherokee Nation Ejects Slave Descendants
Bush's Ranch House 'Far More Eco-Friendly' Than Gore's
Former Canadian DM: UFO Science Key to Halting Climate Change
Does Communism Work After All?
Workers Strike After Airbus Announces Job Cuts
Germany Resurrects EU Constitution
Newsweek: Is Tehran Targeting New York?
Chavez Seeks to Support a Rising Dominican Political Figure in 2008
U.N. Data Shows U.S. Greener than EU
Mexico's 'Migrant Mountain'
Miami Church Brands Members With '666' Tattoos
Possible Move Of Liquor Store Brings Protest From Local Mosque
Police Protect Girls Forced to Convert to Islam
UK Muslims: 'Ban' Un-Islamic Schools
Look at what Greenpeace is doing to the youth of the world!
Court Rules Guantanamo Bay Detainees may not Challenge their Detention
China Bans Year of the Pig Ads - Have They Gone Bonkers?
Spanking Bill Would Shield Schools
'Radiant UFO' Reported over Iran
CA Assemblywoman Introduces No Spanking Bill
Unabridged YouTube: “Undercover Mosque” Expose Online
Can you explain why we see UFO's but very seldom hear them?
Port Of Maimi Locked Down (Possible terror Alert)
Mysterious Metallic Object Baffles NJ Police
MPLS: Airport Officials Balk When Asked To Furnish Private Prayer Room For Muslims Only
Illegal Migrants Will Now Use High Tech GPS Devices Thanks To The Mexican Government
Leaked Video of Actual Hanging of Saddam
Democratic Lawmakers Want To Seize Unused Gift Card Funds For State Uses
Saddam Hussein looses Appeal Death Immeninent
Yet Another E-Coli Outbreak - This Time In New Jersey
GM (Hy Wire) Concept car Runs on Sea water
Member calling another stupid
Saddam Trained Insurgents History Channel
Trojan Exploit Alert
Here's Proof Big Brother wants to Rule Your Life
Judge Rules Couple Can Not Smoke In Their Own Home
Just What is wrong with the People that run our School systems
School Bus Driver Fired for "flipping off" Bush
Danish Newspaper Wins Mohammad Cartoon Lawsuit
Could a Mod step in an tone this thread down please
SCOTUS: AZ Voters Must Show ID To Vote November 7th
Russia Deploys aircraft to Monitor NK ??
Outrage Over Children Reciting The Pledge Of Allegiance To The Mexican Flag
Abusive member
Cha Ching ACLU Sues on Behalf of Nurse Over obscene Bumper-Sticker
Wisconsin Legislator Wants To Arm School Teachers
British Airways Christian Employee Sues over Religious Discrimination
Muslim Cabdrivers in Minneapolis & Melbourne Refuse to Carry Alcohol-Toting Fares
(submission) Breaking News: Multi Engine aircraft Hits NY Hi Rise Apartment
Is It Possible that NK Is bluffing?
Radical Students Mob Minuteman Founder at Columbia University (W/Video)
Breaking News - UN Headquarters Goes on High Alert after Receiving Terrorist Threats
Radical Baptists from Kansas Say They will Picket Amish Funerals in PA
Breaking News: Turkish Airliner Sent Hijacking SOS
Canadian Border Guards Flee Posts After 'Dangerous' Traveler Warning
What is with the Digg this Gif?
Warning: Teaching Parents The Signs of Terrorism Can Get You Labled "An Enemy of Islam"
Did you Vote in your Primary Election if not why not
Glenn Beck calls for Individuals to Debunk 911 Conspiracies
Screams Of Torture Ring Out As Iraqis Resume Control Of Abu Ghraib
Lets discuss Path to 911 as it happens on TV
Half Ton of Bomb Material Allegedly Stored a Few Miles from the White House
(pending) Half Ton of Bomb Material Allegedly Stored a Few Miles from the White House
House Democrats Demand Accuracy in ABC 9/11 Docu-Drama
No Amnesty for Osama info Wrong -- Blog misquoted General
White Extremists use Terror Video to Threaten Muslims
Breaking News:No. 2 al-Qaida leader in Iraq arrested He then Names 20 more
Bush gets Assassinated in New TV Docu-Drama
NJ Planned Terrorist Attack With US Government Involvement?
US Changes Catch & Release Program to Catch and Remove with Some Exceptions for Illegal Immigrants
Why does the World Tolerate Special Interest Groups
US Companies explore foreign health-care
News Anchors tipped off to British/US plot??
9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes
9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes
Question for board Staff
Saddam: I Am Not A Common Criminal - I Demand To Be Shot Not Hung
400,000 Muslims in Texas Equal 400 potential Terrorists
New Problems with Airbus A380 Fuselage
Is This Lobster Real or Photochopped?
Delete Duplicate submission
Seven Blasts Rock Indian Commuter Train Network
Is there a Glitch in ATS??
ATS Logo Upside down????
NYT Retaliates against Cheney and Rumsfeld
US Supreme Court Blocks Guantanamo Bay Military Tribunals
FBI Agents Arrest At Least 5 Suspected Terrorists in Miami
Why didn't the Da Vinci Code predict this
Captured Terrorist Confesses to Beheading hundreds
Please delete
New Video Footage of Flight 77 Hitting Pentagon Released
University Professor says he can extract Oil from Pig Manure
Feds Arrest 4 Employers and 76 Illegal Workers in Kentucky
Secret British Study Concludes There Are No Signs of UFOs or Aliens
New Add Screwing up ATS Screen
Zacarias Moussaoui Wants a New Trial and says he Lied
Moussaoui's Mother: The British Made my Son A Terrorist
Help Wanted - Volunteers Needed to Crack Judges Code
British Court's 71-Page Ruling On Da Vinci Code Has Hidden Code (Can ATS Crack it)
Latino Activists Record US anthem in Spanish?
POLITICS: Over 1,000 Arrested In Largest Immigration Raid In U.S. History
Why Should Mexico get Double set of Standards?
Hundreds of Workers Fired for Attending Immigration Rallies
Afghans Raid Taliban Hideout; 41 Rebels Die
Boering Outselling Airbus
Iranian Leader Says Israel will be Annihilated
Clinton-CIA gave Iran Plans To Build Faulty Nukes and Plan Backfired.
Do Americans Want Laws Like This?
(pending) (OP/ED) America Needs Better Laws Then This
Lets discuss Iraqs German, French, Syria connection
ATS: Newly Translated Documents Reveal Saddam Had To Have Terrorist Ties
Israel Indicts Two Al Qaida Agents Suspected of forming cells in Israel
Are Iraqi Insurgents getting Desperate?
Possible Board problem with times???
US Launches Largest Air Raid In Iraq Since 2003
Government backed Group of Iraqi's claims they killed 4 Top al-Qaida leaders
Nigeria Releases more Prisoners
Russian and Iranian Nuclear Talks Fail
Supreme Court Deals Set Back to Abortion Clinics
Al-Qaida's Leader in Saudi Arabia Killed
University of Iran Training Suicide Bombers
US Muslim leaders Object to Mohammed sculpture on top US court
Big boy Flying saucer style sandwiches
Joke Family Tradition
Islamic nations Mad over Publication of Cartoons of Mohammad
Yummy fast Peanut Brittle
Here is my caramel recipe
NEWS: Funeral Home Body Parts Scandal Spreading In US
Why is there no way to edit Content tagging?
TA-INDIVIDUALS: Australian Police Tapes Reveal Terrorist Plots To Attack Australia
Do you want to play a Grinch
SCI/TECH: Cloning Pioneer to Withdraw Stem Cell Paper Because Samples Were Faked
SCI/TECH: Scientists Say Alaska's Augustine Volcano Showing Signs Of Erupting
NEWS: American Red Cross President Resigns Over Handling Of Katrina/Rita
SCI/TECH: Virgin Galactic to Build Underground Spaceport in N.M.
Modes Please delete
ATS: Family Accuses Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Of Covering Up Murder
NEWS: Comedian Richard Pryor Dies at Age 65
NEWS: Toledo Police Ready for Neo-Nazi Group's Return
NEWS: Nigerian Airliner Crashes Killing Over 56
NEWS: US Air Marshal Shoots Passenger on Flight from Columbia
Ordering Pizza in 2008
NEWS: Boston City Officials Say It Is A 'Holiday' Not 'Christmas Tree'
NEWS: Exiled Iranian Says Iran Hiding Nuclear Missiles
TA-INDIVIDUALS: Failed Suicide Bomber Confesses on Live Jordananian TV
NEWS: Six Arizona Motels Accused of Aiding Illegal Immigrants
POLITICS: Senate Bars Detainees From Filing Lawsuits
NEWS: Blast shakes hotel in capital of Jordan
NEWS: Pirates Attack Cruise Ship Off Somalia
TA-INDIVIDUALS: British Arrests of 3 Suspected Terrorists Linked to Possible Attacks on Washington
NEWS: Paris Riots Spread To Twenty Suburbs
ABUSE CRISIS: Charges Dropped Against British Soldiers
What is with Submissions?
NEWS: Arrest Of Saddam's Nephew Revels That Saddam's Family Is Funding Insurgents
NEWS: Witness to Testify Against Saddam Sunday
NEWS: Mother Accused of Throwing Kids Into SF Bay
POLITICS: Texas Court Issues Warrant for DeLay
Should we have a forum for Saddams Trial
WAR: Baltimore Tunnels Closed Due To Terror Threat - 4 Suspects Arrested
POLITICS: Justice Thomas Blocks Inmate's Abortion Request
NEWS: Man Charged With Zapping Stepchild With Dog Collar
Looking for work? Consider Al Qaeda...
POLITICS: DeLay Legal Team Asks That Indictments Be Set Aside
POLITICS: House Passes Bill to Build Refineries
NEWS: Earthquake Rocks El Salvador - Guatemala
NEWS: First Three Cases of Bird Flu Found in Europe
POLITICS: U.S. Supreme Court Hears Arguments over Assisted Suicide Law
POLITICS: Grand Jury Indicts DeLay on New Charge of Money Laundering
WAR: Human Rights Groups Label Insurgents As War Criminals
NEWS: Bali Bombings Leave 24 Dead - 95 Injured
NEWS: FBI Warns Citizens To Beware Of 'Jury Duty' Phone Scams
Why is Bush going to Colorado to Monitor Rita
NEWS: Jesse Jackson Must Face Civil Trial for Assault and Civil Rights Violations
NEWS: Levee Breaks in New Orleans Ninth Ward
NEWS: New Orleans Suspends Reopening of City Because of TS Rita
NEWS: Milwaukee Background Checks Offend NAACP
NEWS: Phony British Dentist Put 600 Patients 'At Risk'
WAR: Britains HS Wants Detention Without Charge
NEWS: Second Riot Breakouts In Belfast In Less Than 24 Hours
NEWS: Safety Violations Alleged Against American Airlines
NEWS: New Orleans Man Charged For Shooting At Helicopter
NEWS: Police Shoot 8 on New Orleans Bridge
NEWS: Jerry Lewis To Raise Hurricane Funds During Telethon
NEWS: France and Belgium Ban Airlines
NEWS: Boeing 737 Crashes while Attempting an Emergency Landing in Peru
Swiss Plane Crashes near Italian Border (moved from ATSNN)
Just curious do we have any French or German members on ATS
ATS: What Big Oil Companies Do Not Want You to Know
NEWS: Israeli Forces Storm Gaza Strip Synagogue
WAR: Four Arrested Under The Terrorism Act At Manchester Airport
Alert Cabdriver Helps Capture Fugitive Couple From TN (moved from ATSNN)
WAR: Lebanon Detains Radical Cleric Omar Bakri
WAR: U.S. Finds Iranian Weapons in Iraq
NEWS: Tunisian Airliner Crashes off Polermo Italy
NEWS: U.K. to Institute New Deportation Measures
POLITICS: NY State Legislator Calls For NYPD To Use Profiling In War Against Terror
Discovery to air Documentary on the Comet Collison
TA-ORGANIZATIONS: Pakistani President to Expel 1,400 Religious Pupils
Very Funny Video of Girl Parking
NEWS: Two New Cases of Mad Cow Found - One in US - One in France
NEWS: Major fire breaks out on Bombay Oil Platform
NEWS: Jordanian Plane Crashes Near Israel
Explosions kill 20 in Egypt Resorts (Update)
(War) (Breaking News)London Police Nab 2 Men in Latest Bombings (Update)
Delete it is a repeat
Delete dupilcate story
Forty Pilots Arrested for Flying with Serious Illnesses
Pakistan Detains 25 in London Bomb probe Raids
TA-INDIVIDUALS: Top German Court rules EU Arrest Warrant Invalid
TA-INDIVIDUALS: London Bombing Mastermind Captured in Cairo
NEWS: World Leaders Pledge United Front against Terror after London Blasts
(submission) (terrorism) (Breaking) Six Blasts Rock London Killing At Least two
POLITICS: Judge Orders Jail for N.Y. Times Reporter
NEWS: Head of Top Mexican Drug Cartel Arrested
(News) Calif. Cracks Down on Human Smuggling Rings
SCI/TECH: Watch Deep Impact's Comet Collision Via Live Webcast
POLITICS: Congress Demands Mexico Extradite Criminals!
Delete repeat
POLITICS: New Stamps Renew Racial Tensions with Mexico
POLITICS: Lawmakers Seek Curbs on Seizure of Property
NEWS: US Supreme Court splits on Display of Ten Commandments
WAR: Illegal Immigrants Accessed Nuclear Weapons Grade Facility
NEWS: Britain's Happy Hour ends with 'Martial Law'
POLITICS: NY Plans 'DWI' Plates for Repeat Offenders
NEWS: Two PETA Employees Arrested For Animal Cruelty
ABUSE CRISIS: African Children 'Sent to Britain for Ritual Sacrifices'
POLITICS: Shinnecock Indians lay Claim to Valuable NY Land
NEWS: Schiavo Autopsy Clears Husband of Wrongdoing
ATS: Michael Jackson Jury Reaches not Guilty Verdict
NEWS: Maryland Boy Wearing Bolo Tie Denied Diploma
NEWS: USDA Announces a New Case of Mad-Cow Disease
Feds Charge Father, Son With al-Qaida Link (moved from ATSNN)
POLITICS: Blair Cracking Down on British 'Hoodies'
NEWS: Judge Gives Offenders Option of Church
NEWS: 'Dr. Death' Inquiry to Examine 67 Deaths
WAR: Congressman Tancredo Calls for Border Official to Resign
Congressman Tancredo Calls for Border Official to Resign
WAR: U.S. Calls Operation Matador a Success
Americans cash in on Cold Brides feet
SCI/TECH: Salmon Farm Escapees Threaten Wild Cousins
NASA Engineers Try to Free Mars Rover From Sand Dune (moved from ATSNN)
SCI/TECH: Let the Gaming Wars Begin - Again
SCI/TECH: Threat to U.S. Pine Trees Found in N.Y.
Wendy's Chili Case was a Husband-Wife Conspiracy (moved from ATSNN)
(submission) (ats) Wendy's Chili Case was a Husband/Wife Conspiracy
White House, Capitol Briefly Evacuated (Update) (moved from ATSNN)
NEWS: California Lawmaker Wants State Police Force to Patrol Border with Mexico
MODS please delete already posted.
SCI/TECH: AOL Treats Fla. Emergency E-Mails As Spam
POLITICS: 'Desperate Housewife' Laura Grabs Stage from Bush
We want FredT- We want Banshee
For Sale Used Popemobile, $12,790 (moved from ATSNN)
Government to Pay Refugee Denied Asylum (moved from ATSNN)
Anyone else noticed this Glitch on Submissions
Anyone heard from FredT lately?
Did anyone See Dateline NBC on the 20th of April?
??? for MODS
NEWS: British Suspect Convicted for Attempting to Sell Missiles in US
NEWS: Texas School Board Adds Bible Class
TA-INDIVIDUALS: Spain's top Qaeda Suspect Condemns 9/11
(business) Toyota to Make Cars in Russia (moved from ATSNN)
Update on Handcuffing of 5 Year old with Videos
NEWS: Students Rewarded for Tattling at School
(news) FBI Indicts 14 Alleged Mob Figures in Chicago
Is ATS running Slow for you
WAR: Afghan on U.S. Drug Kingpin List Arrested
SCI/TECH: Airbus A380 to Fly on Wednesday
BUSINESS: Daimler May Export Chrysler Cars From China
NEWS: AOL Monitor Accused of Luring 15-Year-Old
Movement spreads for civilian patrols on U.S.-Mexico border
AZ Minutemen May Expand to other Border States
NEWS: At least 13 Die in Paris Hotel Blaze
NEWS: Unlicensed GM Rice May Be In UK Food Chain
POLITICS: France Could Derail EU Constitution
NEWS: New Twist in Wendy's Finger Fiasco
MODS Delete already posted
Mods Please delete already posted
TERRORISM: Feds Nab 57 Illegal Immigrants in Risk-Sensitive Jobs
Question regarding submission of stories
Arizona bill to let police arrest and deport immigrants
NEWS: Russian Rockets to Launch from French South American base
(News) Gasoline labeled as Premium is not always High-Octane (moved from ATSNN)
SCI/TECH: ALERT- E-mail Scam directs users to bogus Windows update
NEWS: Indonesia Quake Spurs Rush to High Ground
Immigrant lied about being detained by AZ Minutemen
BUSINESS: MG Rover, Begins Bankruptcy Proceedings
Who is the secret Cardinal?
Question about the Bar Think?
SCI/TECH: Small Crack Delays Space Shuttle Launch
AZ Gen says Army solders may not help Minuteman
Alert Mods are back lets give them lots of applause
Delete wrong forum
NEWS: 500 more Agents on the way to AZ Border
Syrians caught; in U.S. illegally
NEWS: Juvenile arrested in Red Lake School Shooting
Breaking News Tsunami Alert For Indonesia and Surrounding Nations (moved from ATSNN)
MODS send to trash please already posted
Is it just me or is ATS lagging bigtime today?
NEWS: Registered Sex Offender Admits Killing Fla. Girl
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Robert Blake Acquitted of Murder (from ATSNN)
POLITICS: Senate backs Alaska Oil Drilling
NEWS: At Least 8 Dead in WI Hotel Shooting
NEWS: Courthouse Shooter Brian Nichols is in Custody
NEWS: US Customs Agent found Dead in Atlanta
BUSINESS: 2005 Thunderbird to Be the Last for Ford
NEWS: Shooting at Atlanta Courthouse, Judge & Two Others Dead
BUSINESS: Black Newspapers push Kohl's boycott over lack of Advertising
NEWS: Supreme Court Considers American Disability Laws on Foreign Ships
NEWS: Schiavo Parents Seek Divorce for Daughter
Bob Lazar and area 51 Hsty Chl to air
NEWS: The Ten Commandments Reach the Supreme Court
BUSINESS: Wal-Mart can't shake its Little Town Blues, NYC plan foiled
NEWS: Wichita Police Arrest BTK Serial Killer
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TA-INDIVIDUALS: Iraqi Forces Capture Key Al-Zarqawi Aide
BUSINESS: Boeing gets order for Seventy 737-800's from Ryanair
ATS: US Border Patrol caught Releasing Immigrants at Bus Station.
NEWS: Supreme Court to Rule on Right to seize Private Property
NEWS: EU Unveils Laws that Protect Airline Passenger Rights
NEWS: Army Investigating Ordnance found in Driveway Material
Is the Super Volcano Beneath Yellowstone Ready to Blow?
NEWS: Miller Man Sacked For Drinking Bud.
Unionized Wal-Mart to Close
Where Theres Smoke, It Wouldn Lead to Firing
NEWS: Droopy Drawers Bill seeks end to Overexposure of Underwear
NEWS: W.R. Grace Indicted Over Mines Asbestos
NEWS: Flawed Wisconsin Quarters Found
SCI/TECH: NASA Finds Smallest Body With Potential for Planetary System
NEWS: Former Priest Convicted of Child Rape in Mass.
NEWS: U.S. Forces Storm House, Free Egyptians in Iraq
NEWS: PA Man Sues Trooper over Finger Ticket
Ed finally decides to take a vacation.
VOTE: Judge Allows Challenge in Washington Vote
WAR: Iraqi Police Chief Threatens Militant Crackdown
NEWS: No Sex? No Pizza? What Is This, a Prison?
Sen. Clinton Collapses During Appearance (moved from ATSNN)
WAR: British C-130 Hercules Crashes in Iraq, At Least 10 Dead
What are your thoughts on time travel to the future?
NEWS: Mexico threatens Arizona over Anti-Illegals Measure
Does the new server appear slow to you?
Saudi Suicide Bomber Claims Zarqawi was Captured, Then Released
Iraqi Forces Seize Top Zarqawi Aide in Iraq (from ATSNN)
Volcanic eruptions, not astroids caused mass extinction on Earth
Rice approved by Senate foriegn relations CMTY
NEWS: U.S. plans high-tech system to monitor seas
NEWS: Notorious Taxis Take Mayor for a Ride
NEWS: Cattle cull may be needed: Klein
Earn Easy Cash in Your Spare Time (Not Spam)
TERRORISM: German police swoop on suspected Islamist Terror Network
Harry The Nazi creates uproar (moved from ATSNN)
TERRORISM: Radiation-proof RVs to Launch soon in U.S.
CBS ousts 4 over Bush Guard story
NEWS: New York Subway Driver faces demotion in turban row
NEWS: Man Sues Reality TV show for $2.5 Million over Rat-eating Episode
Science of Tsunamis on Discovery tonight
FBI: No terror link in lasers aimed at aircraft
NEWS: Former Presidents Bush Snr and Clinton Lead U.S Tsunami Appeal
Modern Movie theater?
Mujahedin Cross Syrian Border (On the way out?)
some Gift Cards are not what they seem
Saddam Hussein Has Been Allowed To See His Lawyers for the First Time (moved from ATSNN)
Barney is looking for Ms Beasle at the White House
Scott Person Trial feedback
Yo MODS got a questions for ya
Why are there no Wankel Engines new conspriacy theory
UN unveils sweeping blueprint for reform (moved from ATSNN)
question on using serarch functons
KADOS to the staff of ATS
"United Nations Declares War On America" (from ATSNN)

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 12:41 PM
Oh dear..

Talk about a bolt from the blue...

I had wondered where he had got to, me and him used to spar quite frequently on ATS, but thats not to say I didn't respect his views as the debates were always constructive.

Sad news indeed...

Didn't realise it was the same disease Prof hawking had, that must be tough on all concerned.


posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 12:57 PM
I'm kind of curious. Are the three amigos considering a special status for our departed members?

I just thought it would be neat to honor them in some way. The armband is a really nice tribute, but it will come down eventually. A member status reflecting the fact that shots knows it all now would be kind of cool.


posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 01:20 PM
A journey of continuing wonders to you shots... you will be missed in this life.

I had the pleasure of joining shots on a couple instances of denying ignorance here and am fond of the experiences. In my time with him I saw that he was a good man and contributor.

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